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Quarantine Quest for Adventure! Take home kits

Date: 6/8/2020 - 07/27/2020

We announce, with heavy hearts, that we WILL NOT hold
our Summer Day Camps, as usual, this year. We apologize for the inconvenience
but the safety of your children, our guests, and our staff is our primary concern
right now. Thank you for understanding and trust us, we are missing all of you!!
In place of our face to face camps, we are going to try to host a virtual camp with
our take-home camp kits! These kits are geared for preschool through 2nd grade.
It’s going to be an interesting project for all of us.
Starting the second week in June, we will have a take-home kit every Monday
until the end of July. There will be 7 camp kits in total. The registration fee for the
camp kits will be $45. (About $6.43 a week)
Each Monday until the end of July you will drive out to the park office and pick up
your kit for the week. It will give your child something to look forward to
every Monday! On Tuesday the Nature Center will have a video on a
private Facebook page on the topic for the week. We will give you
ideas and activities you can do with your child regarding each topic.
There will be activities for home and some that will get you out at the
park. It is important during this time to get outside with your child
as much as possible. Almost everything for the activities will
be provided in your kit. We hope these kits will help you grow your
child’s knowledge of the outdoors (as well as your own).
You must call Jodi at the park office to register for the camp kits. There are only
so many available. She will email out the registration form and you can send it
back in with your check. Then on Monday, June 8th you will drive out to the park
to pick up the first kit. The kits will be on a table outside the office with your name
on it. The program will go for 7 weeks until the end of July.
If you are interested, have any questions or want to register please call
263-2748 for more information. We hope to still be seeing some of
you virtually!!

Johnson Propane
Johnson Propane
Johnson Propane