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2019 Pigskin Pick'em Standings and Picks

2019 Bud Light Auen Distributing KDSN Pigskin Pick'em 


The Final Show was Nov. 21st.

PigSkin Pickem is an entertaining insight show of the top NFL and college match ups for each week. Can you out guess our ecpert panel? You can be a guest picker on Pig Skin Pickem by signing up to win at Prime Times Lounge and Food Court, Good To Go Furniture Showroom and Matress Outlet, Silverline Truck Wash and Mobile Concrete, Hawley Insurance, Brian Sieren of 1st choice Commodities, Your Denison HyVee & HyVee Wine and Spirits, Smith's Concrete and Crawford County Memorial Hospital. 

2019 Standings 

Pig Skin Pickem Results:           
# Pickers College Pro  Last Week  Yearly Total Points Back
1 HyVee Bob Townsend 4-1 5-0 9W 1L 88W 32L 107pts  
 2 HyVee Brandon 4-1 3-2 7W 3L 87W 33L 102pts -5pt


Radio Ran 4-1 4-1 8W 2L 80W 40L 99pts -8pts
  Smith Concrete-Brian Smith 5-0 4-1 9W 1L 81W 39L 99pts  
  Guest Picker- Randy Anthofer 4-1 5-0 9W 1L 80W 40L 99pts  
 6 Hawley Insurance 4-1 3-2 7W 3L 79W 41L 98pts  -9pts
 7 CCMH Crew 5-0 4-1 9W 1L 77W 43L 96pts  -11pts
 8 Silverline Mobile Concrete 5-0 4-1 9W 1L 81W 39L 95pts  -12pts
 9 Mike Earl 2-3 2-3 4W 6L 69W 51L 93pts  -14pts
10 1st Choice  Commodities 4-1 2-3 6W 4L 76W 44L 87pts  -20pts
11 J3 4-1 4-1 8W 2L 72W 48L 86pts -21pts

Last Year's 2018 Bosses Week Results  

1.      Beer Can Alley- Teddy Hawley                  9-1 11pts 

2.      Prime Times Lounge & Food Court            8-2 10pts  -1pts 

3.     Lambert Family Chiropractic                      7-3 9pts    -2pts

4.     CCMH                                                      6-4 8pts    -3pt 

           Auen Distributing                                      6-4 8pts  

          6. Boeck Agri Services                                  5-5 7pts    -4pts 

            KDSN                                                      5-5 7pts    

            Hy-Vee Matt                                            5-5 7pts

         9.Good to Go                                              4-6 6pts    -5pts 

       10.1st Choice Commodities Brian Sieren         6-4 3pts    -38pts 

            Smiths Concrete                                      6-4 3pts     

       12. Hawley Insurance                                   4-6 1pts     -10pts


2019 Final Week and Bosses Show games to be picked on Nov. 21st at 6pm. 


 Silverline Mobile Concrete

Trevor Johnson

 Hawley Insurance Jace Hawley

Radio Ran


Hy-Vee Store Manager



Bob Townsend


CCMH Crew 

 Nate N.

1st Choice Commodites

Brian Sieren

Mike Earl

Smith Concrete Brian Smith


Guest Picker 

Randy Anthofer



Kansas @ Iowa St.

Illinois @ #20 Iowa  Iowa  Iowa  Iowa  Iowa  Iowa  Iowa Iowa  Illinois  Iowa  Iowa  Iowa    
#19 Texas @ #13 Baylor  Baylor  Texas  Baylor  Baylor  Baylor  Baylor Baylor   Baylor  Baylor  Texas  Baylor    
SMU @ #23 Navy  Navy  Navy  Navy  Navy  Navy  Navy Navy  SMU  Navy  Navy  Navy    
Nebraska @ Maryland  Nebraska  Nebraska  Maryland  Maryland  Maryland  Nebraska Maryland  Maryland  Nebraska  Nebraska  Maryland    
Colts @ Texans  Texans  Texans  Texans  Texans  Texans  Colts Colts  Colts  Texans  Texans  Texans    

Cowboys @ Patriots

 Pats  Pats  Pats  Pats  Pats  Pats Pats  Pats  Pats  Cowboys  Pats    
 Seahawks @ Eagles  Seahawks  Philly  Seahawks  Seahawks  Seahawks  Seahawks Philly  Seahawks  Seahawks  Seahawks  Seahawks  
 Packers @ 49ers  Packers  Packers  49ers  Packers  49ers  49ers 49ers  Packers  Packers  49ers  49ers    
 Ravens @ Rams  Ravens  Ravens  Rams  Rams  Ravens  Ravens Rams  Rams  Ravens  Ravens  Ravens    


BLUE Highlight =Sliverline Truck Wash & Concrete Lock Pick = +3 or -3

Games Don Huffman Bill Bruce & Erin Muck JC Van Ginkel Putt Roger Bock
 Kansas @ Iowa St.  ISU  ISU  ISU  ISU  ISU
 Illinois @ #20 Iowa  Iowa  Iowa  Iowa  Iowa  Iowa
 #19 Texas @ #13 Baylor  Baylor  Baylor  Baylor  Baylor  Texas
 SMU @ #23 Navy  Navy  Navy  SMU  Navy  Navy
 Nebraska @ Maryland  Nebraska  Nebraska  Nebraska  Maryland  Maryland
 Colts @ Texans  Texans  Colts  Texans  Texans  Texans
 Cowboys @ Patriots  Pats  Pats  Pats  Pats  Pats
 Seahawks @ Eagles  Seahawks  Seahawks  Seahawks  Seahawks  Seahawks
 Packers @ 49ers  Packers  49ers  49ers  49ers  Packers
 Ravens @ Rams  Ravens  Rams  Ravens  Ravens  Ravens


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