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2018 Pigskin Pick'em Standings and Picks

2018 KDSN Auen Distributing Bud Light Pigskin Pick'em Week 3


PigSkin Pick'em 

This weeks Guest Picker is Brandon Brotherton picked from Hy-Vee

Pig Skin is Thursday September 20th at 6pm.

2018 Final Standings 

Pig Skin Pickem Results:           
# Pickers College Pro  Last Week  Yearly Total Points Back
1st CCMH Crew  3-2  4-0  7W 2L  16W 4L 19pts   
2nd Teddy Hawley-Beer Can Alley  4-1  2-2  6W 3L  13W 6L 17pts  -2pts


Matt Hildebrand-Hy-Vee  2-3  4-0  6W 3L  13W 6L 17pts  
4th Mike Earl- KDSN  4-1  3-1  7W 2L  12W 7L 16pts  -3pts
  RadioRan- KDSN  4-1  1-3  5W 4L  12W 7L 16pts  
  Bob Townsend- Hy-Vee   3-2  3-1  6W 3L

 12W 7L 16pts

  1st Choice Commodites- Brian Sieren  3-2  3-1  6W 3L  12W 7L 16pts  
8th  Matt Riessen/Rory Degan-Boeck Agril Services  3-2  3-1  6W 3L  11W 8L 15pts -4pts
   Dr.Derek Lambert-Lambert Family Chiro  3-2  1-3  4W 5L  11W 8L 15pts  
10th  Brian Smith- Smith Concrete  3-2  1-3  4W 5L  9W 10L 13pts -6pts
11th  Jace Hawley- Hawley Insurnace   3-2  1-3  4W 5L  8W 11L 12pts  -7pts
12th  Guest Picker- Trevor Johnson  4-1  0-4   4W 5L  13W 6L 10pts  -9pts
13th  J3- KDSN  4-1  0-4  4W 5L  7W 12L 1pts  -18pts


2018 Week 3 Show Picks




 Boeck Agri Services

Matt Riessen & Rory Degan

 Hawley Insurnace Jace Hawley

Radio Ran



Matt Hildebrand  


Bob Townsend


CCMH Crew Nate Nelison

1st Choice Commodites

Brian Sieren

Mike Earl

Smith Concrete Brian Smith


Guest Picker Brandon Brotherton

Beer Can Alley 

Teddy Hawley

Lambert Family Chiropractic

Dr. Derek Lambert

 Akron @ Iowa St.

 IA St.  IA St.  IA St.  IA St.  IA St.  IA St.  IA St.    IA St.  IA St.  IA St.  IA St.  IA St.

 Wisconsin @ Iowa

 IA  Wis  IA  Wis  IA   IA   IA    IA  Wis  Wis  IA   IA

FL @ Tennessee 

 FL  FL  Tenn  FL  FL  FL  Tenn    FL  FL  Tenn  Tenn  Tenn
 TCU @ Texas  TCU  Texas  TCU  TCU  TCU  TCU  TCU    Texas  TCU  TCU  TCU  TCU

Stanford @ Oregon 

 Stan  Oregon  Stan  Stan  Stan  Stan  Stan    Oregon  Oregon  Oregon  Stan  Stan

 Jets @ Browns

 Borwns  Browns  Browns  Browns   Browns  Browns  Jets    Browns  Jets  Jets  Browns  Browns

 Raiders @ Dolphins

 Dolp  Dolp  Dolp  Dolp  Dolp  Raiders  Dolp    Raiders  Dolp  Dolp  Dolphins  Dopl

 Saints @ Falcons

 Fal  Fal  Fal  Fal  Saints  Fal  Fal    Fal  Saints  Saints  Fal  Fal
 Packers @ Redskins  Packers  Packers  Redskins  Packers  Packers  Packers  Redskins    Redskins  Packers  Packers  Packers  Packers

 Pitts @ Bucs

 Bucs  Pitt  Bucs  Pitt  Bucs  Bucs  Bucs    Bucs  Pitt  Bucs  Pitt  Bucs


BLUE Highlight = Lambert Family Chiropractic Lock Pick = +3 or -3

General Contest Rules

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