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State Track and Field Coverage

State Track and Field Coverage

 2021 State Co-Ed Track & Field Meet 

Drake Stadium, Des Moines, Iowa May 20-22


KDSN Report Schedule

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Dates:     May 20th                               May 21st                               May 22nd           

                8:05am                                 9:05am                                 9:05am

                9:05am                                 11:30am                               10:30am

                11:30am                                1:30pm                                11:30am

                 1:30pm                                 2:50pm                                 12:30pm

                  2:50pm                                 3:50pm                                 1:30pm

                  3:50pm                                 4:50pm                                 2:30pm

                  4:50pm                                 6:05pm                                 3:30pm

                   6:05pm                                 6:50pm                                 4:30pm

                   6:50pm                                 7:50pm                                 5:30pm

                   7:50pm                                                                              6:30pm 



Saturday, May 22nd

Boys 800 Sprint Medly 2A (9:20 am)


Boys 800 Sprint Medley 3A (9:30 am)

Boys Shuttle Hurdle Relay Final 2A


Boys 100 Meter Dash Final 2A

Cooper Dejean-OABCIG-1st-11.16

Boys 100 Meter Dash Final 3A

Aidan Hall-Harlan-6th-11.43

Boys 110 Meter Hurdles Final 2A

Sid Schaaf-Treynor-2nd-14.83

Boys 200 Meter Dash Final 2A

Cooper Dejean-OABCIG-2nd-22.12

Boys 200 Meter Dash Final 3A

Aidan Hall-Harlan-8th-23.14

Boys 1600 Meter Run 2A

Cole Dooley-Treynor-11th-4:32.74 

Boys 4x100 Meter Relay Final 2A


Boys 4x400 Meter Relay Final 2A




Boys 800 Meter Run 1A (3:00 pm)
Nathon Colewell-Woodbine-13th-2:03.97

Boys 110 Meter High Hurdles

Cooper Kock-2nd-15.16

Boys 1600 Meter Run 1A (4:50 pm)
Quentin Dryer- IKM-Manning-4th-4:34.13
Pat Heffernan-Boyer Valley-12th-4:45.69
Landon Bendgen-Woodbine-19th-4:53.14

Girls 800 Meter Sprint Medley Relay 2A (9:00 am)

 Girls 800 Meter Sprint Medley Relay 3A (9:10 am)

Girls Shuttle Hurdle Relay Final 2A 

Ridge View-3rd-1:09.15


Girls 100 Meter Dash Final 2A

Anna Winterrowd-OABCIG-4th-12.74

Girls 100 Meter Hurdles Final 2A

Holly Hoepner-AHSTW-15.89

Girls 200 Meter Dash Final 2A

Anna Winterrowd-OABCIG-7th-26.74

Girls 1500 Meter Run 2A

Emma Schroeder-East Sac County-24th-5:35.43

Girls 1500 Meter Run 3A

Brecken Van Baale-Harlan-7th-4:53.73

2A Girls 4x100 Meter Relay Final


1A Girls 4x400 Meter Relay Final

West Monona-1st-4:08.3

3A Girls 4x400 Meter Relay Final


 Girls 800m Run 3A (9:50 am)
Kaia Bieker-Harlan-5th-2:17.04
Liv Freund-Harlan-16th-2:24.53

Girls 1500 Meter Run 1A

Peyton Pogge-Tri-Center-1st-4:56.68

Girls 1500 Meter Run 2A (11:55 am)
Emma Schroeder-East Sac County

Girls 1500 Meter Run 3A (12:02pm)
Brecken Van Baale-Harlan

Girls 800 Sprint Medley 1A (2:00 pm)
IKM Manning-24th-1:57.56

Girls 800 Meter Run 1A (2:40 pm)
Peyton Pogge-Tri Center-1st-2:19.2

Nicole Sherer-2:35.26

Girls Shuttle Hurdle Relay 1A 


Nicole Sherer- Girls 1500 Meter Run 1A (5:05 pm)
Courtney Sporrer- Logan-Magnolia Woodbine

 Thursday, May 20th:
Boys Long Jump 2A (9:00 am)
Cooper DeJean-OABCIG, Final, finished 1st, 23-07.50
Cole Corey-South Central Calhoun, Final, finished 17th, 20-00.50
Earnie Clayton-Ridgeview, Final, finished 13th, 20-03.75

Boys 200 Meter Dash 2A (11:00 am)
Cooper Dejean-OABCIG, Prelims, finished 5th, 22.64 qualified 
Jesse Coleman-Ridge View, Prelims, finished 24th, 24.13
Sean Callaghan- Missouri Valley, Prelims, finished 16th, 23.66 

Boys 200 Meter Dash 3A (11:10 am)
Aidan Hall-Harlan, Prelims, finished 6th- 22.78q

Boys Shot Put 2A (11:30 am)
Justin Rupnow- East Sac County, Final, finished 13th, 46-05.50

Boys Discus Throw 3A (11:30 am)
Will McLaughlin-Harlan, Final, finished 8th, 150-02

Boys 4x800 Meter Relay 2A (12:10pm)
Ridgeview, Final, finished 24th, 9:05.08

Boys 100 Meter Dash 2A (1:05 pm)
Cooper Dejean- OABCIG, Prelims, finished 1st, 10.98 qualified
Jesse Coleman- Ridge View, Prelims, finished 19th, 11.73
Kolton Knop-OABCIG, Prelims, finished 20th, 11.76
Brody Deitering-Ridge View, Prelims, finished 14th, 11.62


Boys 100 Meter Dash 3A (1:12 pm)
Aidan Hall-Harlan, prelims, finished 3rd, 11.27q

Boys 400 Meter Dash 2A(1:40pm)
Tyler Schmitt-East Sac County, Final, Lane line violation, would have finished 13th

Boys 400 Meter Dash 3A (1:50 pm)
Michael Erlmeier-Harlan, Final, finished 9th, 50.67

Boys Long Jump 1A (2:00 pm)
Will Ragaller-ArWeVa, Final, finished 17th, 19-01.00

Boys 4x110 Meter Shuttle Hurdle 2A (2:00 pm)
Ridgeview, Prelims, finished 16th, 1:04.65
OABCIG, Prelims, finished 18th, 1:06.25

Boys 4x100 Meter Shuttle Hurdle 1A (3:30 pm)
ArWeVa, Final, finished 14th, 1:05.99                                                                                                     

Boys Shot Put 1A (4:30 pm)
Layne Pryor- Woodbine, Final, finished 2nd, 57-07.25
Tre Melby- Logan-Magnolia, Final, finished 20th, 41-9.75
Dylan Hoefer-Woodbine, Final, finished 5th, 48-09.50

Boys 3200 Meter Run 1A (4:40 pm)
Pat Heffernan-Boyer Valley, Final, finished 11th, 10:17.25
Quentin Dryer- IKM-Manning, Final, finished 8th, 10:04.37

Boys 3200 Meter Run 2A

Jacob Greving- Kuemper, Final, finished 22nd - 10:53.39

Boys 200 Meter Dash 1A (5:30 pm)
Layne Pryor-Woodbine, Prelims, finished 16th, 23.41
Brad Bellis-West Monona, Prelims, finished 15th, 
Erik Gau- Woodbine, Prelims, finished 21st, 23.82

Boys 4x800 Meter Relay 1A (6:40 pm)
IKM-Manning, Final, finished 20th, 8:47.85

Boys 100 Meter Dash 1A (7:45 pm)
Amos Rasmussen- IKM Manning, Final, finished 16th, 11.60
Layne Pryor- Woodbine, Final, DNS

Girls Shot Put 2A (9:00 am)
Addie Hickey-OABCIG, Finals, finished 23nd- 32-9.75
Jadyn Huisman-Treynor, Finals, finished 22nd- 33-5.5

Girls 4x100 Meter Shuttle Hurdle Relay 2A (9:00 am)
Treynor, Final, finished 7th, 1:10.16 qualified
Ridgeview, Final, finished 4th, 1:09.65 qualified

Girls Discus Throw 3A (9:00 am)
Lauren Andersen-Harlan, Finals, finished 22nd- 90-05
Brooke Goshorn-Harlan, Finals, finished 24th- 86-11

Girls 4x100 Meter Shuttle Hurdle Relay 3A (9:20 am)
Harlan, Final, finished 23rd, 1:14.29
Denison-Schleswig,final,  finished 17th, 1:12.48

Girls 3000 Meter Run 2A (9:40 am)
Jaycie Vohs-Ridgeview, Final- Finished 18th,11:44:37

Girls 200 Meter Dash 2A (10:40 am)
Cora Comer-AHSTW, Prelims, finished 17th, 26.96
Brooke Jergens-East Sac County, Prelims, finished 21st, 27.67
Anna Winterrowd-OABCIG, Prelims, finished 4th, 26.27 qualified

Girls 200 Meter Dash 3A (10:50 am)
Hannah Jorgensen-Carroll, Prelims- Finished 16th, 26.83

Girls 4x800 Meter Relay 2A (11:20am)
Ridgeview-Final, finished 16th, 10:23.30

Girls Long Jump 2A (11:30 am)
Shae Dutler-Ridgeview-19th- 15-01

Girls 400 Meter Hurdles 2A (11:40 am)
Holly Hoepner-AHSTW
Anna Winterrod-OABCIG

Girls 4x800 Meter Run 3A (11:45am)
Harlan, Final, finished 3rd, 9:40.24

Girls 100 Meter Dash 2A (12:50 pm)
Rachel Kinsella-Treynor, Prelims, finished 13th, 13.20
Brooke Jergens-East Sac County, Prelims, finished 22nd, 13.43
Anna Winterrowd-OABCIG, Prelims, finished 2nd, 12.82, qualified

Girls 100m Dash 3A (12:57 pm)
Shay Sinnard-Carroll, Prelims, finished 9th, 13.04-not qualified

Girls 400 Meter Dash 2A (1:20 pm)
Abby Winterrod-OABCIG, final, finished 23rd, 1:04.88

Girls Shot Put 1A (3:30 pm)
Jadeyn Smith-ArWeVa, Final, finished 9th, 36-07.75

Girls 3000 Meter Run 1A (4:10 pm)
Morgan Hanson- IKM Manning, Final, finished 23rd, 12:12.61

Girls 4x800 Meter Relay 1A (5:50 pm)
West Monona-4th- 10.05.49

Girls Long Jump 1A (6:00 pm)
Kora Obrecht- ArWeVa, Final, finished 16th, 14-07.50

Girls 400 Meter Dash 1A (7:50 pm)
Bianca Cadwell- IKM Manning, Final, finished 19th, 1:04.25

Girls 4x100 Meter Shuttle Hurdle 1A (8:30 pm)
ArWeVa, Prelims, finished 6th, 1:11.65, qualified


Girls Shuttle Hurdle Relay 3A

Harlan- Prelims, finished 23rd, 1:14.29

Denison-Schleswig, Prelims, finished 17th, 1:12.48


Girls High Jump 3A

Shae Dutler- Ridgeview, Final, finished 19th, 15-01.00



Friday, May 21st:
Boys High Jump 2A (9:00 am)
Will Forbes-MVAOCOU, Final, finished 22nd, 5-9
Beckett DeJean- OABCIG, Final, finished 17th, 5-11

Boys Long Jump 3A (9:00 am)
Michael Erlmeier-Harlan, Final, finished 20th, 19-03.50

Boys Long Jump 3A (9:00 am)
Evan Turin-Denison Schleswig, Final, finished 22nd, 19-07

 Boys 110 Meter Hurdles 2A (9:40 am)
Jacob Brinkman-Ridge View, Prelims, finished 13th, 15.85

Boys 4x200 Meter Relay 2A (10:20am)
OABCIG, Final, finished 19th, 1:34.31

Boys 4x200 Meter Relay 3A (10:35 am)

Boys 400 Meter Hurdles 2A (11:20 am)
C.J Frank-East Sac County, Final, finished 21st, 58.99

Boys Shot Put 3A (11:30 am)
Nate Gallup-Denison Schleswig, Final, finished 19th, 45-03.00

Boys 4x100 Meter Relay 2A (1:00pm)
OABCIG, prelims, finished 1st, 42.80 qualified
Ridgeview, Prelims, finished 15th, 44.67

Boys 4x100 Meter Relay 3A (1:10pm)
Harlan, Prelims, finished 13th, 44.24

Boys High Jump 1A (2:00 pm)
Cooper Kock-ArWeVa-10- 6-01.00- video interview on facebook & twitter

Boys 4x400 Meter Relay 3A (2:15 pm)
Harlan, Prelims, finished 23rd, 3:37.46

Boys 110 Meter Hurdles 1A Prelims (4:10 pm)
Brad Bellis-West Monona-prelims 3rd fastest 15.51q- qualified
Cooper Kock-Ar-WeVa-prelims 7th fastest 15.88q- qualified

Boys Discus Throw 1A (4:30 pm)
Layne Pryor-Woodbine- 1st State Champ- 182-09 - video interview on facebook & twitter
Tre Melby-Logan Magnolia- 11th Tre Melby- 144-10- video interview on facebook & twitter
Dylan Hoefer-Woodbine- 5th place- 153-10- video interview on facebook & twitter

Boys 400 Meter Hurdles 1A (5:50 pm)

Kenny Cutler- Colo-Nesco- 6th 56.85- Steven Cutlers little brother

Hunter Hansen- West Harrison- 8th- 58.13 - video interview on facebook & twitter
Micah Farrens-West Monona- 9th- 58.16

Boys Distance Medley 1A (6:30 pm)
IKM-Manning- 10th- 3:44.59 -Drew Doyel, Amos Rasmussen, Conner Keller, Quentin Dreyer

Boys 4x100 Meter Relay 1A Prelims (7:30 pm)
Woodbine-Prelims- 12th fastest 45.09 did not qualified

Boys 4x400 Meter Relay 1A (8:30 pm)
West Monona

Girls Discus Throw 2A (9:00 am)
Stella Umphreys-Treynor, Final, finished 9th, 118-08
Katie Pickhinke-Ridgeview, Final, finished 2nd, 130-10

Girls Distance Medley Relay 3A (9:20 am)
Harlan-6th- 4:14.65

Girls 100 Meter Hurdles 2A (10:00 am)
Holly Hoepner-AHSTW, Prelims, finished 5th, 15.72, qualified
Rowan Jensen-Ridgeview, Prelims, finished 9th, 16.19
Tatum Sheperd-Ridgeview, Prelims, finished 24th, 18.31

Girls 100 Meter Hurdles 3A Prelims (10:10 am)
Claire Miller-Denison-Schleswig, Prelims, finished 15th, 16.78

Girls 4x200 Meter Relay 2A (10:50am)
Treynor, Final, finished 8th, 1:45.55

Girls 4x200 Meter Relay 3A (11:05am)
Harlan, Final, finished 22nd, 1:50.31
Carroll, Final, finished 15th, 1:47.66

Girls Long Jump 3A (11:30)
Ashley Hall-Harlan, Final, finished 17th, 15-11.75
Shay Sinnard-Carroll, Final, finished 5th, 17-05.50

Girls 4x100 Meter Relay 2A (12:40pm)
OABCIG, Prelims, finished 6th, 61.36, qualified
Ridgeview, Prelims, finished 11th, 51.71
AHSTW, prelims, finished 16th, 52.13
East Sac County, prelims, finished 19th, 52.26

Girls 4x100 Meter Relay 3A (12:50pm)
Carroll, Prelims, finished 16th, 51.04

Girls 4x400 Meter Relay 3A (1:40pm)
Harlan, Prelims, finished 4th, 4:06.11 qualified 

Girls Discus Throw 1A (3:00 pm)

Addy Johnson- Westwood- 12th - 107-03

Jamie Plowman- Woodbine- 23rd- 91-00-see video interview on facebook & twitter

Girls Distance Medley 1A (3:30 pm)

Audubon- Placed 4th 4:18.29

West Monona-Placed 8th 4:21.67
Logan-Magnolia- 15th 4:29.01- see video interview on facebook & twitter

Girls 4x200 Meter Relay 1A (5:20pm)
West Monona- 18th- 1:52.74

Girls High Jump 1A (6:00pm)
Maclayn Houston-West Harrison-10th- 4-10
Alexa Ahrenholtz- IKM-Manning-7th- 5-00

Girls 400 Meter Hurdles 1A (6:10pm)
Maggie Ragaller- ArWeVa-15th- 1:11.66- video interview on facebook and twitter
Lauren Malone- Boyer Valley-6th-1:09.03

Girls 4x100 Meter Relay 1A Prelims (7:10pm)
ArWeVa- Prelims- 20th fastest- 53.37- Hannah Kraus, Jamie Hausman, Kora Obrecht, Jadeyn Smith- did not qualified

Girls 4x400 Meter Relay 1A Prilims (7:50pm)
West Monona-Prilims-1st fastest time- 4:10.45 qualified







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