Friday, July 16, 2021

Monarch Girls held their basketball game this week

The Monarchs held their 9th-12th grade camp this week. They had 29 girls in grades 9-12 attend. Here are their team and individual award winners.

Monarch Shooting League Champions: Tsunami: Quinlan Bygness, Olivia Meyer, Hannah Harris, Sophie Sonnichsen, Chloe Mendenhall, Taylor Totten.

Make it Take it League Champions: Suns: Sophie Sonnichsen, Lauryn Turin, Whitlee Auen, Taylor Totten

Fast Break League Champions: Pink: Lauren Herrig, Chloe Mendenhall, Tayla Brodersen, Addison Inman, Olivia Meyer

Defensive Stud League Champions: Texas: Lauryn Turin, Mayah Slater, Hannah Slater, Whitlee Auen

Shark Tank Champion: Cambri Brodersen

Speed Dribble Champion: Cambri Brodersen

Free Throw Champion: Kiana Schulz

Hot Shot Champion: Olivia Meyer

3 Point Champion: Cambri Brodersen

1 on 1 Champion: Kiana Schulz


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