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Saturday, January 22, 2022

2022 IWCOA Girls State Wrestling Tournament Final Results

State Team Scores
Top 10
1 Waverly-Shell Rock 219.0
2 Colfax-Mingo 159.0
3 Osage 135.0
4 Bettendorf 133.0
5 Decorah 124.0
6 Charles City 115.0
7 Lewis Central 114.0
7 Spencer 114.0
9 Mid-Prairie 98.0
10 Vinton-Shellsburg 90.0

East Sac County's Olivia Villegas went 5-2 over the 2 days. 

1st Place – Jillian Worthen of Union, LaPorte City
2nd Place – Gable Hemann of Osage
3rd Place – Maya Humlicek of Lewis Central
4th Place – Mariah Michels of Saint Ansgar
5th Place – Hillary Trainor of Sumner-Fredericksburg
6th Place – Ava Kennedy of Treynor
7th Place – Gabi Robertson of Mid-Prairie
8th Place – Lily Webster of Colfax-Mingo
1st Place Match
Jillian Worthen (Union, LaPorte City) 18-0, Fr. over Gable Hemann (Osage) 22-5, Fr. (Dec 3-0)
3rd Place Match
Maya Humlicek (Lewis Central) 21-6, Fr. over Mariah Michels (Saint Ansgar) 16-7, Fr. (Dec 10-3)
5th Place Match
Hillary Trainor (Sumner-Fredericksburg) 19-10, So. over Ava Kennedy (Treynor) 10-4, Fr. (MD 12-3)
7th Place Match
Gabi Robertson (Mid-Prairie) 15-8, So. over Lily Webster (Colfax-Mingo) 13-9, Fr. (Dec 6-2)

1st Place – Molly Allen of Underwood
2nd Place – Hannah Davis of Council Bluffs Abraham Lincoln
3rd Place – Bree Swenson of Vinton-Shellsburg
4th Place – Mia Kurth of Waukon
5th Place – Hannah Beintema of Bettendorf
6th Place – Ava McNeal of Lewis Central
7th Place – Reese Berns of Central Community, Elkader
8th Place – Alexis Alexander of Chariton
1st Place Match
Molly Allen (Underwood) 9-0, Fr. over Hannah Davis (Council Bluffs Abraham Lincoln) 20-2, Sr. (MD 12-1)
3rd Place Match
Bree Swenson (Vinton-Shellsburg) 20-6, So. over Mia Kurth (Waukon) 16-9, So. (Fall 4:46)
5th Place Match
Hannah Beintema (Bettendorf) 13-7, Sr. over Ava McNeal (Lewis Central) 22-10, Jr. (Fall 3:44)
7th Place Match
Reese Berns (Central Community, Elkader) 17-7, Fr. over Alexis Alexander (Chariton) 11-5, Jr. (Fall 2:57)

1st Place – Reanah Utterback of Sigourney-Keota
2nd Place – Jalynn Goodale of Osage
3rd Place – Adyson Lundquist of Southwest Valley
4th Place – Jada Daily of Davenport West
5th Place – Hannah Reel of Dubuque Senior
6th Place – Kaitlynn Schuler of Pocahontas Area
7th Place – Hope Chiattello of Cedar Falls
8th Place – Isabelle Johnson of Bettendorf
1st Place Match
Reanah Utterback (Sigourney-Keota) 5-0, Fr. over Jalynn Goodale (Osage) 24-3, Jr. (Fall 3:12)
3rd Place Match
Adyson Lundquist (Southwest Valley) 25-2, Jr. over Jada Daily (Davenport West) 12-8, So. (Fall 1:59)
5th Place Match
Hannah Reel (Dubuque Senior) 17-11, Jr. over Kaitlynn Schuler (Pocahontas Area) 12-4, Jr. (Dec 8-2)
7th Place Match
Hope Chiattello (Cedar Falls) 31-12, Jr. over Isabelle Johnson (Bettendorf) 10-9, Sr. (Fall 1:04)

1st Place – Eva Diaz of Waverly-Shell Rock
2nd Place – Jasmine Luedtke of Ottumwa
3rd Place – Caitlin Reiter of Pleasant Valley
4th Place – Layla Ewing of Moravia
5th Place – Adison Musser of North Cedar, Stanwood
6th Place – Khylie Wainwright of North Scott
7th Place – Abby Blint of Mount Pleasant
8th Place – Maddie Plotz of Mount Vernon
1st Place Match
Eva Diaz (Waverly-Shell Rock) 23-1, Sr. over Jasmine Luedtke (Ottumwa) 9-1, So. (Dec 1-0)
3rd Place Match
Caitlin Reiter (Pleasant Valley) 26-3, So. over Layla Ewing (Moravia) 10-2, Fr. (Dec 7-5)
5th Place Match
Adison Musser (North Cedar, Stanwood) 20-3, So. over Khylie Wainwright (North Scott) 19-11, Jr. (Fall 1:29)
7th Place Match
Abby Blint (Mount Pleasant) 16-6, Sr. over Maddie Plotz (Mount Vernon) 14-11, Sr. (Fall 2:10)

1st Place – Hannah Rogers of Wilton
2nd Place – Maddie Black of Eddyville-Blakesburg-Fremont
3rd Place – Mariah Webster of Colfax-Mingo
4th Place – Destiny Krum of East Buchanan
5th Place – Lila Walding of Sergeant Bluff-Luton
6th Place – Kadence Pape of Mfl MarMac
7th Place – Olivia Rogalla of Assumption, Davenport
8th Place – Bailey Brady of LeMars
1st Place Match
Hannah Rogers (Wilton) 25-7, So. over Maddie Black (Eddyville-Blakesburg-Fremont) 11-3, Sr. (Fall 1:57)
3rd Place Match
Mariah Webster (Colfax-Mingo) 18-3, Sr. over Destiny Krum (East Buchanan) 33-6, Fr. (SV-1 8-6)
5th Place Match
Lila Walding (Sergeant Bluff-Luton) 22-7, Jr. over Kadence Pape (Mfl MarMac) 19-7, Jr. (Fall 3:19)
7th Place Match
Olivia Rogalla (Assumption, Davenport) 17-4, Fr. over Bailey Brady (LeMars) 5-4, Jr. (MD 8-0)

120 Silver
1st Place – Teagan Schreiber of Clear Creek-Amana – Silver
2nd Place – Anna Hitchcock of Bettendorf – Silver
3rd Place – Breanna Johnson of Spencer – Silver
4th Place – Celia Dauphinais of Ames – Silver
5th Place – Ava McIntire of Humboldt – Silver
6th Place – Bailee Craun of Oelwein – Silver
7th Place – Stevy Griffin of Sioux Central – Silver
8th Place – Aubrie Kingsburry of Tripoli – Silver
1st Place Match
Teagan Schreiber (Clear Creek-Amana – Silver) 13-4, Sr. over Anna Hitchcock (Bettendorf – Silver) 4-3, Fr. (Fall 3:33)
3rd Place Match
Breanna Johnson (Spencer – Silver) 11-6, Fr. over Celia Dauphinais (Ames – Silver) 3-10, So. (Fall 1:25)
5th Place Match
Ava McIntire (Humboldt – Silver) 3-9, So. over Bailee Craun (Oelwein – Silver) 3-9, So. (Fall 0:28)
7th Place Match
Stevy Griffin (Sioux Central – Silver) 2-5, So. over Aubrie Kingsburry (Tripoli – Silver) 6-7, Jr. (Fall 2:51)

1st Place – Ella Schmit of Bettendorf
2nd Place – Rylee Vercande of Williamsburg
3rd Place – Sophie Barnes of Lewis Central
4th Place – Mackenzie Childers of Prairie, Cedar Rapids
5th Place – Josephine Wearmouth of Martensdale-St Marys
6th Place – Ava Scranton of Anamosa
7th Place – Bailey Cox of NH/TV
8th Place – Danica Linn of Colfax-Mingo
1st Place Match
Ella Schmit (Bettendorf) 16-0, Sr. over Rylee Vercande (Williamsburg) 19-2, Sr. (Fall 2:55)
3rd Place Match
Sophie Barnes (Lewis Central) 24-1, Jr. over Mackenzie Childers (Prairie, Cedar Rapids) 24-6, Fr. (Fall 1:01)
5th Place Match
Josephine Wearmouth (Martensdale-St Marys) 5-2, Sr. over Ava Scranton (Anamosa) 21-8, Jr. (M. For.)
7th Place Match
Bailey Cox (NH/TV) 13-8, Jr. over Danica Linn (Colfax-Mingo) 18-4, Sr. (Fall 3:47)

125 Silver
1st Place – Addy Appelhans of Anamosa – Silver
2nd Place – Emily Lundvall of Glenwood – Silver
3rd Place – Hadley Boshart of Gilbert – Silver
4th Place – Haley Descourouez of Clear Creek-Amana – Silver
5th Place – Rhi Youmans of Osage – Silver
6th Place – Carly Baumgartner of Linn-Mar – Silver
7th Place – Piper Bartmess of Ames – Silver
8th Place – Lexi Roberts of Humboldt – Silver
1st Place Match
Addy Appelhans (Anamosa – Silver) 15-6, Fr. over Emily Lundvall (Glenwood – Silver) 0-1, So. (Fall 0:27)
3rd Place Match
Hadley Boshart (Gilbert – Silver) 7-7, Jr. over Haley Descourouez (Clear Creek-Amana – Silver) 3-5, Fr. (Fall 0:51)
5th Place Match
Rhi Youmans (Osage – Silver) 1-14, Fr. over Carly Baumgartner (Linn-Mar – Silver) 4-15, So. (Fall 0:49)
7th Place Match
Piper Bartmess (Ames – Silver) 0-13, Jr. over Lexi Roberts (Humboldt – Silver) 3-14, So. (Fall 1:16)

1st Place – Lilly Luft of Charles City
2nd Place – Macy Smith of Waverly-Shell Rock
3rd Place – Maeley Elsbury of South Tama County
4th Place – Ashlynn Miller of North Cedar, Stanwood
5th Place – Bronwyn Brenneman of Mid-Prairie
6th Place – Kylie Doty of Colfax-Mingo
7th Place – Tatum Shepherd of Ridge View
8th Place – Alexys Petersen of Bettendorf
1st Place Match
Lilly Luft (Charles City) 24-2, Jr. over Macy Smith (Waverly-Shell Rock) 10-1, Sr. (Dec 9-3)
3rd Place Match
Maeley Elsbury (South Tama County) 17-2, So. over Ashlynn Miller (North Cedar, Stanwood) 21-6, Sr. (Fall 5:40)
5th Place Match
Bronwyn Brenneman (Mid-Prairie) 19-9, Sr. over Kylie Doty (Colfax-Mingo) 19-6, Sr. (Dec 5-4)
7th Place Match
Tatum Shepherd (Ridge View) 5-2, So. over Alexys Petersen (Bettendorf) 18-5, So. (Fall 3:32)

1st Place – Alexis Ross of Fort Dodge
2nd Place – Sarah Lewis of Centerville
3rd Place – Moorea Brown of Center Point-Urbana
4th Place – Anna Sondall of Boone
5th Place – Kailey Hervol of Waverly-Shell Rock
6th Place – Tierney Perkins of Crestwood, Cresco
7th Place – Jazmyn Knutson of Valley, West Des Moines
8th Place – Rachel Bane of Vinton-Shellsburg
1st Place Match
Alexis Ross (Fort Dodge) 27-0, Jr. over Sarah Lewis (Centerville) 10-2, Jr. (Dec 3-0)
3rd Place Match
Moorea Brown (Center Point-Urbana) 20-5, Jr. over Anna Sondall (Boone) 21-5, Sr. (Dec 7-0)
5th Place Match
Kailey Hervol (Waverly-Shell Rock) 13-5, Sr. over Tierney Perkins (Crestwood, Cresco) 20-5, Jr. (M. For.)
7th Place Match
Jazmyn Knutson (Valley, West Des Moines) 14-4, Sr. over Rachel Bane (Vinton-Shellsburg) 11-17, Sr. (Fall 2:27)

1st Place – Emma Peach of Iowa Valley, Marengo
2nd Place – Annika Behrends of Waverly-Shell Rock
3rd Place – Lexi Byrne of Cedar Rapids Kennedy
4th Place – Mahri Manz of Lewis Central
5th Place – Kiara Djoumessi of Waverly-Shell Rock
6th Place – Meridian Snitker of Waukon
7th Place – Chloe Etten of BGM- Brooklyn
8th Place – Dana Cleveland of Ankeny Centennial
1st Place Match
Emma Peach (Iowa Valley, Marengo) 21-0, Fr. over Annika Behrends (Waverly-Shell Rock) 5-1, Sr. (Fall 5:53)
3rd Place Match
Lexi Byrne (Cedar Rapids Kennedy) 19-1, Sr. over Mahri Manz (Lewis Central) 28-5, Fr. (Dec 3-0)
5th Place Match
Kiara Djoumessi (Waverly-Shell Rock) 16-3, So. over Meridian Snitker (Waukon) 17-7, Sr. (Fall 0:45)
7th Place Match
Chloe Etten (BGM- Brooklyn) 10-4, Jr. over Dana Cleveland (Ankeny Centennial) 11-9, So. (Fall 4:47)

1st Place – Alana Duggan of Wahlert, Dubuque
2nd Place – Tatum Wolford of Wapello
3rd Place – Haidyn Snyder of Waverly-Shell Rock
4th Place – Aubrey Chapman of Osage
5th Place – Niah Smith of Davenport West
6th Place – Espie Almazan of Lewis Central
7th Place – Kayte Yaw of Des Moines East
8th Place – Emma Barker of Iowa City, West
1st Place Match
Alana Duggan (Wahlert, Dubuque) 15-6, Sr. over Tatum Wolford (Wapello) 12-2, So. (Dec 6-3)
3rd Place Match
Haidyn Snyder (Waverly-Shell Rock) 27-2, Jr. over Aubrey Chapman (Osage) 18-10, Fr. (Fall 0:23)
5th Place Match
Niah Smith (Davenport West) 22-8, Sr. over Espie Almazan (Lewis Central) 21-7, So. (Dec 2-1)
7th Place Match
Kayte Yaw (Des Moines East) 14-3, Jr. over Emma Barker (Iowa City, West) 10-6, Sr. (Fall 4:36)

1st Place – Isabella Deeds of Ridge View
2nd Place – Aine Moffit of Pleasant Valley
3rd Place – Jannell Avila of Iowa City, West
4th Place – Bailey Weeks of Vinton-Shellsburg
5th Place – Maggie Schroeder of Colfax-Mingo
6th Place – Keeley Kehrli of East Buchanan
7th Place – Sophie Degner of Algona
8th Place – Josie Jecklin of Epworth, Western Dubuque
1st Place Match
Isabella Deeds (Ridge View) 6-0, So. over Aine Moffit (Pleasant Valley) 19-3, Sr. (Dec 6-3)
3rd Place Match
Jannell Avila (Iowa City, West) 12-1, Jr. over Bailey Weeks (Vinton-Shellsburg) 22-6, Sr. (Fall 3:02)
5th Place Match
Maggie Schroeder (Colfax-Mingo) 21-4, Sr. over Keeley Kehrli (East Buchanan) 26-3, Jr. (Fall 2:46)
7th Place Match
Sophie Degner (Algona) 5-2, Sr. over Josie Jecklin (Epworth, Western Dubuque) 14-9, Jr. (Fall 2:00)

1st Place – Naomi Simon of Decorah
2nd Place – Bella Porcelli of Southeast Polk
3rd Place – Samantha Spielbauer of Clayton Ridge
4th Place – Katie Schlosser of Colfax-Mingo
5th Place – Libby Dix of Mount Vernon
6th Place – Leah Grimm of Osage
7th Place – Maria Elizondo of Humboldt
8th Place – Jessie Hutchinson of Newton
1st Place Match
Naomi Simon (Decorah) 25-0, So. over Bella Porcelli (Southeast Polk) 10-1, So. (Fall 3:57)
3rd Place Match
Samantha Spielbauer (Clayton Ridge) 17-3, Jr. over Katie Schlosser (Colfax-Mingo) 20-3, Sr. (Fall 0:36)
5th Place Match
Libby Dix (Mount Vernon) 18-5, Fr. over Leah Grimm (Osage) 19-7, Jr. (Fall 2:39)
7th Place Match
Maria Elizondo (Humboldt) 18-3, Sr. over Jessie Hutchinson (Newton) 7-6, Jr. (Fall 3:04)

1st Place – Jana Terwee of West Lyon
2nd Place – Mackenzie Arends of Nevada
3rd Place – Rachel Eddy of Independence
4th Place – Isabella Canada of AHSTW
5th Place – Grace Gray of Ankeny Centennial
6th Place – Chelsea Mickles of Perry
7th Place – Ella Brown of Cedar Rapids Kennedy
8th Place – Bayley Hawkins of Muscatine
1st Place Match
Jana Terwee (West Lyon) 20-0, So. over Mackenzie Arends (Nevada) 4-1, Fr. (TB-1 3-2)
3rd Place Match
Rachel Eddy (Independence) 15-1, Jr. over Isabella Canada (AHSTW) 12-2, Jr. (Fall 4:39)
5th Place Match
Grace Gray (Ankeny Centennial) 11-4, Sr. over Chelsea Mickles (Perry) 4-3, Fr. (Fall 1:01)
7th Place Match
Ella Brown (Cedar Rapids Kennedy) 14-2, Fr. over Bayley Hawkins (Muscatine) 7-8, Sr. (For.)

1st Place – Savannah Sistad of Creston
2nd Place – Jocelyn Buffum of Missouri Valley
3rd Place – Madison Hinrichs of Waverly-Shell Rock
4th Place – Clara Carpenter of Boone
5th Place – Alyson Krum of East Buchanan
6th Place – Halley Beaudet of Dallas Center-Grimes
7th Place – Reese Baxter of Perry
8th Place – Bralyyn Wagler of WACO, Wayland
1st Place Match
Savannah Sistad (Creston) 4-0, So. over Jocelyn Buffum (Missouri Valley) 11-3, Fr. (Dec 3-0)
3rd Place Match
Madison Hinrichs (Waverly-Shell Rock) 21-6, So. over Clara Carpenter (Boone) 9-10, Jr. (Dec 1-0)
5th Place Match
Alyson Krum (East Buchanan) 22-3, So. over Halley Beaudet (Dallas Center-Grimes) 5-4, Fr. (Fall 1:30)
7th Place Match
Reese Baxter (Perry) 3-2, Fr. over Bralyyn Wagler (WACO, Wayland) 5-14, Jr. (Fall 0:26)

1st Place – Olivia Huckfelt of Spencer
2nd Place – Rylee Coyle of Humboldt
3rd Place – Ava Thompson of Charles City
4th Place – Rose Rother of West Fork, Sheffield
5th Place – Hannah Illg-Keith of Sioux Central
6th Place – Addisson Hershberger of Crestwood, Cresco
7th Place – Madelyn Hartz of West Branch
8th Place – Miranda Ginn of Dallas Center-Grimes
1st Place Match
Olivia Huckfelt (Spencer) 14-0, So. over Rylee Coyle (Humboldt) 6-4, So. (Fall 2:35)
3rd Place Match
Ava Thompson (Charles City) 16-4, So. over Rose Rother (West Fork, Sheffield) 4-14, Jr. (Fall 5:50)
5th Place Match
Hannah Illg-Keith (Sioux Central) 10-4, Jr. over Addisson Hershberger (Crestwood, Cresco) 8-10, Sr. (Fall 2:45)
7th Place Match
Madelyn Hartz (West Branch) 6-4, Sr. over Miranda Ginn (Dallas Center-Grimes) 3-4, Fr. (Fall 2:09)


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