Monday, August 31, 2020

Monday headlines! 08/31/2020

-Tomorrow there will be a Denison city council meeting at the council chambers. Notable items include: Motion to approve resolution approving contract & bone for the N. 20th St. project, ordinance amending chapter 122-- regarding peddlers, solicitors, & transient merchants, and a motion to approve quote for library HVAC system.


-The Sac City city council will be taking advantage of a loan from the Iowa DNR's State Revolving Fund to finance a portion of their $2.28 million dollar sewer project that is scheduled to begin next year. According to Administrator Jamie Lawrence, the council approved a resolution at their meeting last week to pursue a zero-percent interest loan for up to $380,000. Lawrence also tells KCIM Carroll reporters that the program has already been accepted for funding through the USDA Rural Development grant program.


Lawrence adds that this will not affect the overall cost, but it will help the city same money on interest by eliminating the need to borrow funds for engineering and design costs. Lawrence says the work they have planned will be rather extensive.


While a full construction schedule is yet to be finalized, Lawrence told reporters that residents should expect work to begin this coming spring and the project should be completed in October of 2021.


-The Norelius Community Library in Denison and their Board of Trustees has enthusiastically announced that the technology upgrades they have been looking forward to are complete. The library is now host to fiber optics and their internet speeds have increased significantly and have five public access computers available for socially distanced use and free wifi.


-The Calhoun County Sheriff's Office shared through their Facebook page that Calhoun County Emergency Management Coordinator Shane Voith issued a burn ban throughout the county that began at noon today and will go on until further notice.


-A duplex in Le Mars suffered $20,000 worth of damage and one man was transported to the hospital after burning in the fire. He was on the front lawn when officials arrived. The individual's condition is not known. The fire was determined accidental but most likely caused by a cooking accident with a flash fire that ignited nearby combustibles which resulted in the individual being burned. The duplex unit where the fire occurred has also been deemed to not be currently livable. Firefighters from Le Mars and Orange City were on the scene for more than an hour, and also arriving was the Plymouth County Sheriff's Office and MidAmerican Energy workers.

-As COVID19 cases per capita in Iowa are rising for the time being, here is a look at local COVID19 statistics: Crawford County is now at 832 total positives, while 715 have recovered, Crawford County has had just 3 deaths due to the virus. Audubon County who has just 1 death is still at a low amount of cases with 41 and 27 having recovered. Carroll County, who was in the top 5 highest positivity rates within two weeks- last week, is now the 6th highest positive rate in Iowa. They have 387 positive individuals and 197 recoveries with 2 deaths. Greene County is another county with a solo death, they have had 54 positive cases with 38 recoveries. Harrison County has one death due to covid19 but has 147 positive cases and 117 recoveries. Ida County has no deaths, 40 positive cases and 29 recoveries. Monona County has a had 92 of their 107 positive cases recover and just 1 death. Shelby County has had 205 of their 215 positive cases recover with 1 death. Sac County has no deaths and has seen recoveries in 82 of their 114 positive cases. That is a look at Covid19 statistics in the listening area.

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