Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Local counties experience new challenges with virus

-Yesterday, Crawford County recorded its 5th death at the hands of COVID19. Crawford County has had a total of 1022 cases, while 806 people have since recovered. Other nearby counties include:

Audubon who has had 70 positive cases and 1 death but 35 people have since recovered from the virus. Carroll County is up to 644 cases with 325 of those reaching recovery and the county have had 5 deaths. Greene County is under 100 positive cases as they have saw 94 positives, 51 recoveries, and 0 deaths, Harrison County has totaled 189 cases, 155 recoveries, and 2 deaths. Ida County has no deaths, 106 county residents have tested, but 39 have since recovered. Monona County has a solo death, the number of residents who've tested positive is 142 and the number of residents who've recovered is 105. Sac County has zero deaths, while 222 people have tested positive and 104 have recovered. Shelby County has had one death due to the virus, 250 have tested positive but 232 of those people have since recovered. That's a look at COVID19 data in the listening area.

-A COVID19 outbreak at a long-term care facility in Woodbine has been reported by Harrison County Public Health. The county and Iowa Department of Public Health reported 12 cases—10 among residents and two among the staff at Woodbine's Rose Vista Home. The release from Harrison County Public Health stated that the facility notified residents and their families and the affected residents are in isolation, and two of the infected individuals are currently hospitalized.

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