Sunday, September 27, 2020

Sunday Headlines! 09/27/2020

-The Sac County Sheriff's Office reported that there is a scam happening in the county. They warn residents of getting a call or message about a problem with their social security number and then are asked to call and verify their number. Residents are warned not to return the call and do not verify the number. The Sac County Sheriff's Office also warns that the scammer may use the tactic of asking the resident for card information to pay off a fine. The Sheriff's Office says to call them with questions at 712-662-7127

-29 year old Kyler Cook of Carroll, could get sentenced up to 20 years in federal prison after pleading guilty on Wednesday to a criminal charge for receiving child pornography according to court records. Cook was arrested in July. Cook was released from custody after his arrest this Summer after admitting to sending graphic texts and visual images to a female, according to the U.S. Attorney's Office for Iowa's northern district. Cook faces a minimum prison sentence of five years and a max of 20. A sentence hearing is yet to be scheduled.

-On Monday there will be a Crawford County Memorial Hospital Board of Trustees Meeting. Among other items there they will give a COVID19 update, as well as discuss new business such as a Fiscal ear 2020 Audit Recommendation and action, infection control authorization recommendation and action, and an orthopedics update. The call in number is 1-415-655-0001 and the meeting number is 133 668 5195. The call in and meeting number information can be found on


-Tomorrow's pancake breakfast in Dow City that was scheduled to be put on by the American Legion post 444 has been postponed to help contain the spread of Covid19

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