Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Shelby County Settles with Former EMA Coordinator in Compensation Case.

On Friday, the lawsuit filed by the former Shelby County Emergency Management Coordinator against the Shelby County Board of Supervisors and Emergency Management Agency was settled. 

Jason Wickizer, the plaintiff, received a total of $860,000 from the settlement, which was filed in July 2019.  He will receive a payroll check for $58,701 for wages with all standard withholdings. A check for the amount of $801,299, will be made payable to Wicker’s attorneys, Skinner and Paschke, PLLCE for damages. The Damages include Physical injury, emotional distress, and attorney’s fees.

Kellie Paschke, Wickizer’s Attorney, told KJAN News the lawsuit was filed to clear her client’s name and prove his innocence in an alleged case of improper payroll disbursements.

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