Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Denison Police Report Vehicle Damage, Alleged Theft, and 3 Traffic Accidents

The Denison Police Department released five reports from the past week and all of the incidents happen to involve vehicles.

The most recent document states that on Sunday morning a Denison resident reported damage to a vehicle parked on South 16th Street. The estimated cost to replace two tires on the vehicle is $700. The initial charge a suspect would face in the case is fourth degree criminal mischief.

A different Denison resident reported a separate vehicle stolen from a driveway on the 100 block of South Main Street. The victim told police that the red GMC Sierra K1500 disappeared between 10:30 p.m. Friday and 7:30 a.m. Saturday. The truck is valued at $30,000 and the initial charge of suspect in this case would be first degree theft.

The most recent of three traffic accidents took place at just after 4 p.m. on Saturday. The report states that 30-year-old Jacob Evans of Blue Earth, Minnesota was westbound on a 2012 Harley Davidson Street Glide in the right lane of Highway 30. Evans also had 30-year-old Blue Earth resident Ashley Ahl on the motorcycle as a passenger. Meanwhile, 30-year-old Marcus Rhiner of Denison was also westbound in a 2018 Chevrolet Silverado. Rhiner was stopped in the left lane of Highway 30 traffic attempting a left turn into Dairy Queen. A semi-tractor trailer was following the Chevy but then abruptly moved from the left lane into the right lane. Evans moved the motorcycle from the right lane into the left lane to avoid impact with the semi. This resulted in the Harley striking the rear of the Chevy pickup. Evans and Ahl were both ejected from the motorcycle. The semi remains unidentified because it did not remain at the scene. The report says the semi driver may have been unaware of the collision. Evans and Rhiner both described the semi to police as a blue cab with a white enclosed trailer. Evans and Ahl both sustained minor injuries but Rhiner was unhurt. Damage estimates totaled $8,000 including $5,000 for the now-disabled Harley.

A second traffic accident happened at just after 9 a.m. on Friday. The 2006 Freightliner driven by 75-year-old Joseph Wittwer of Bellevue, Nebraska was westbound on Highway 30 at the middle junction with Highway 59. The four-way stop was also being approached by 54-year-old Lecey Glienke of Aurelia who was southbound in the right lane of Highway 59. The release says Wittwer decided to merge into the next lane because he thought he could beat Glienke to the next intersection. Wittwer later told police that he needed to get over immediately which is why he tried to get in front of Glienke. Glienke tried to get off of the roadway and prevent an accident but the Freightliner was too close and struck the Wilson livestock trailer she was towing. She then struck the right guard rail. Wittwer told authorities he did feel like he struck someone but left the scene of the accident because he was on a "time limit". No injuries were reported. The livestock trailer damage is estimated at $20,000 while the Freightliner sustained about $3,000 in repair costs.

A third public release describes a traffic accident from this past Tuesday at around 2:30 p.m. The document says that 68-year-old Michael Tremel of Earling was southbound on Highway 59 in a 2015 GMC Sierra and attempting a left turn onto Crestview Drive. Tremel was following the 2013 Ford Escape driven by Shawn Blum of Denison. Tremel later admitted failing to slow and striking the rear of the Escape to officers. Blum told police he could see in the rear view mirror that Tremel was not slowing. The report listed no injuries but damage estimates totaled $8,000 including $5,000 for the Escape.

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