Friday, April 23, 2021

Saturday is drug take back day in the US

(Radio Iowa) - It's time again to check those prescription pill bottles that have been sitting around for a while to see if you still need the medication inside. The director of the Governor’s Office of Drug Control Policy, Dale Woolery, says Saturday is another "National Drug Take Back Day."

"In hundreds of different communities across Iowa this Saturday from 10 until 2, there will be special collection sites," Woolery says.

He says there's been progress in not overprescribing painkillers that can end up in the wrong hands -- but he says there are still cases of leftover medications.

"And Iowans can dispose of those unused medications as part of their spring cleaning," Woolery says.

Woolery says if you miss the chance to take back your prescription drugs Saturday, there are now many other ways to safely dispose of them.

"We have nearly 400 year-round permanent sites in law enforcement centers and pharmacies across Iowa now where all of us can take these medications back on a regular basis," according to Woolery. "That will prevent the diversion and misuse of opioids and other medications -- and it is good for the environment as well."

Woolery says you can go to the Office of Drug Control Policy website and find a list of takeback sites here.

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