Wednesday, April 28, 2021

LifeServe Blood Center returning to on-site blood drives in Iowa

(Radio Iowa) - Another sign that the coronavirus is loosening its grip on us, is that LifeServe Blood Center is slowly moving back out to on-site blood drives around the state. Community Relations Coordinator Claire DeRoin says they normally are in need of "O" negative blood as anyone can receive it. But that's not the case right now.

“It’s doing ok and it’s everything else we’re in pretty urgent need of. That has never happened," DeRoin says. DeRoin says they will take any donor.

"Pretty much, if you’ve got blood, we could sure use your help," she says.

When you donate, you also will also receive the results of a COVID test and information on your COVID antibodies.

“We have recently started doing tighter levels, which just means that we can tell you how high or low of an amount of antibodies you have. We’ve seen anywhere from .001 up to the high 50’s. So, you’ll kind of get an idea of are my antibodies high, are they low, am I positive, negative," according to DeRoin.

DeRoin also reminds that with the outdoor season upon us and Memorial Day just weeks away, the summertime is when blood is generally needed most. One thing that hasn’t changed recently, is that you still need to make an appointment to donate a pint. You can reach out to LifeServe at 800.287.4903 or go here.

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