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Bud Light PigSkin Pick'em Show

Bud Light PigSkin Pick'em Show

Final Standings:

Picker: College: Pro: Last Week: Yearly: Points:
1. Hawley Insurance 2-2 3-2 5W 4L 68W 51L  87pts
2. Silverline-Trevor Johnson 3-1 2-3 5W 4L 67W 52L 84pts -4pts
CCMH 3-1 4-1 7W 2L 71W 48L 84pts -4pts
4. HyVee-Bob Townsend 3-1 2-3 5W 4L 69W 50L 83pts -5pts
5. Guest Picker-Ray Brotherton 4-0 3-2 7W 2L 71W 48L 80pts -7pts
6. KDSN Steven/Tanner 3-1 3-2 6W 3L 69W 50L 78pts -9pts
7. KDSN J3 2-2 3-2 5W 4L 69W 50L 72pts -15pts
8. Smith's Concrete 3-1 3-2 6W 3L 62W 57L 71pts -16pts
9. Johnson Propane 3-1 1-4 4W 5L 68W 51L 70pts -17pts
10. KDSN JC Van Ginkel 4-0 3-2 7W 2L 7W 2L 9pts -78pts
11. Auen Distributing 3-1 2-3 5W 4L 5W 4L 7pts -80pts
Good To Go 3-1 2-3 5W 4L 5W 4L 7pts -80pts
CCMH-Doug 2-2 3-2 5W 4L 5W 4L 7pts -80pts
14. Primetimes 3-1 3-2 6W 3L 6W 3L 6pts -81pts


2020 Pigskin Pickem Sheet
Games Guest Picker Ray Brotherton KDSN JC Van Ginkel HyVee Bob Townsend Auen Dist. Jim Auen  Good to Go Furniture Showroom and Mattress Outlet Don Hoffman Silverline Truck Wash Trevor Johnson Johnson Propane Propane Hank CCMH



Hawley Insurance Jace Hawley


Steven Cutler/ Tanner Bickford

Smith's Concrete Brian Smith




Doug Dorhout

College Games:
 Iowa St. @ Texas  Iowa St.  Iowa St.  Iowa St.  Iowa St.  Iowa St.   Iowa St.  Iowa St.  Iowa St.  Texas   Iowa St.  Iowa St.  Iowa St.  Iowa St. Iowa St.
 Nebraska @ Iowa Iowa  Iowa  Iowa-Lock  Iowa  Iowa    Iowa  Iowa-Lock   Iowa-Lock  Iowa-Lock  Neb  Iowa  Iowa  Neb Iowa 
 Notre Dame @ North Carolina  ND ND  ND ND  ND-Lock  ND-Lock   ND  MJ  ND  ND-Lock  ND  ND-Lock  MJ  ND
 Colorado @ USC  USC-Lock  USC  USC USC  USC  USC   USC   USC  USC  USC  USC  USC   Col  USC-Lock
 Penn St. @ Michigan  Penn St.  Penn St.  Michigan Michigan  Michigan  Michigan  Michigan   Penn St.  Michigan  Michigan   Michigan  Michigan  Penn St.   Michigan
Pro Games: 
 Washington @ Dallas  Wash  Wash   Cowboys  Cowboys  Cowboys  Cowboys  Cowboys  Cowboys   Wash  Cowboys  Wash  Wash  Wash-Lock  Cowboys
 Texans @ Lions  Lions Lions  Lions Lions  Lions  Lions  Lions  Texans  Lions   Texans Lions   Lions  Texans  Texans 
 Titans @ Colts  Colts  Colts  Colts  Colts  Colts   Colts   Colts   Titans  Colts  Titans  Colts  Colts  Colts  Colts
 Chiefs @ Buccaneers  Chiefs  Chiefs-Lock  Chiefs Chiefs  Chiefs  Chiefs  Bucs  Chiefs  Chiefs   Bucs  Chiefs  Chiefs  Bucs  Chiefs
 Bears @ Packers   Packers Packers   Packers  Packers  Packers   Packers  Packers   Packers   Packers  Packers  Packers  Packers  Packers  Packers
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