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Local Sports News & Awards

Podcast Last Updated Friday February 12, 2016

MVP:  Mariah Krohnke
Best Practice Player:  Mariah Krohnke
Defensive Threat:  Alex Mohr
Offensive Threat:  Abbie Gustafson
Most Improved:  Rylie Hill
Honorable Mention All-Conference:  Abbie Gustafson

MVP:  Jacque Ingram
Best Offensive Player:  Jacque Ingram
Best Defensive Player:  Regam Krohnke
Most Spirited Player:  Cara Kastner


First Team All-State:  Ellie Mendlik
Captains:  Gustavo Flores-Trey Kluender-David Salazar-Cortney Wingrove-Alyssa Seuntjens-Ellie Mendlik-Alejandra Marquez
MVP:  David Salazar & Ellie Mendlik
Newcomer of the Year:  Carlos Gallegos & Dayana Lora
Monarch Award:  Gustavo Flores & Cortney Wingrove
Hardest Worker:  Tayler Cary & Alyssa Seuntjens
Freshman of the Year:  Cory Miller & Raegan Andersen
Owen Meyer Award:  Owen Meyer


Captains:  Brandon Brotherton-Tristan Winey-Jeffrey Jovel-Parker Preul-Christian Martens
MVP:  Parker Preul
Offensive MVP:  Eric Wiebers
Defensive MVP:  Parker Preul
Hard Hat Award:  Brent Krajicek
Monarch Award:  Perker Preul & Cole Goslar
All District 1st team:  Tristan Winey-Christians Martens-Parker Preul
Honorable Mention:  Taylor Hesse-Ricky Esquivel
All District Academic:  Parker Preul-Eddy Majerus-Darian Saenthavy-Cole Goslar-Brent Krajicek-Aaron Majerus-Dakota Carrazco(mgr) and Kassidy Welsh(mgr)
Omaha World Herald All-Western Iowa:  2nd team-Parker Preul  Honorable Mention:  Tristan Winey & Christian Martens



Mon Sep. 20 Brannon-Marten Tournament
1st:  Cody VanNess-Justin Koch-Ike Kuhlmann-Mark Feller  62
2nd:  Jorden Ransom-Adam Heiden-Jon Best-Todd Thams  64
3rd:  Rollie Wiebers-Kyle Savery-Randy Hass-Lonny Poppp  64
4th:  Eric Olson-Russ Schwartz-Rick Carstensen-Ben Crampton  64

Mon-Sep 7 Labor Day 2-man 3-ball tourney
1st flight winner:  Powers/Rock  57
2nd flight winner:  VanHoften/Eddie  63
3rd flight winner:  Williams/Hawn  66
4th fligth winner:  Larson/Larson  68

Sun-Aug. 9  Husband/Wife Tourney
1st place:  Dave and Terri Keiner  74
2nd place:  Scott and Karen Tibben  75
3rd place:  Dan and Meagen Hanson  80

Fri-July 31  Crawford County Hospital Foundation
1st flight winner:  Vision Care Clinic  54
2nd flight winner:  RL Craft  62
3rd flight winner:  UNML  71

Sun-July 26  3-Couple Tournament
1st flight winner:  Cale/Sikkema-Hagge/Weir-Hagge/Schurke  65
2nd Flight winner:  Hanson-Mullin/Lyman-Christensen/Eller  68

Sun-July 12 Club Championships
Mens - Steve Davie
Womens - Kathy Konigsmark
Mens Handicapped - Randy Hagge
Mens Senior Scratch - Jay Ford
Mens Senior Handicapped - Tom Gorman

3-Man July 4
1st flight winner:  Kasperbauer-Jergens-Powers  55
2nd flight winner:  Keiner-Keiner-Keiner  61
3rd flight winner:  Starman-Starman-Promes  63
4th flight winner:  Korner-Anderson-Anderson  67

2-Couple July 4
1st flight winner:  Keiner-Keiner  61
2nd flight winner:  Hawn-Kinsey  73
3rd flight winner:  Carstensen-Wiebers  79

3-Couple Alternating Scramble - June 7
1st flight winner:  Gormans-Thompsons-Keiners  63
2nd flight winner:  Steinkuehler-McCoid-Polzin/Schuttinga  68

Ryder Cup - May 24
1st flight winner: Bernholtz-Koch  97
2nd flight:  Pauley-Donscheski  110
3rd flight:  Onnen-Weihs  113

Judge Tournament May 3
1st - Mike Ohlmeyer-Ryan Bernholtz-Ryan Segebart-Jake Segebart  65
2nd - Peter Segebart-Paul DeMuth-Chris Koch-Joe Ferguson  66
3rd - Dale Schillerberg-Adam Burns-Randy Hagge-Tom Gorman  67



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