Monday, April 3, 2023

High School Soccer Results 04/03/2023


Denison-Schleswig 3, Logan-Magnolia 2-

Denison-Schleswig 3, Logan-Magnolia 2
Denison-Schleswig improves to 1-2 this season

Shots: Denison 27, Lo-Ma 14
Shots on goal: Denison 17, Lo-Ma 11
Saves: Sam Chandler had 9 saves in goal for the Lady Monarchs.
Halftime score: Lo-Ma 2, Denison 1
Goals: 1) Leigha Brungardt scored her 1st goal of the season just 2:10 into the match on a shot
from 4 yards out, assisted by Estela Lupian (2nd assist of season). Lupian crossed a pass from
the right wing to the left post and Brungardt beat their keeper to the ball for the goal.
2) Lo-Ma scored on a shot from 25 yards out on the left wing into the side net with 33:13
remaining in the 1st half.
3) Lo-Ma scored on a deflected attempt by the Lady Monarchs to clear the ball in their box, with
31:46 remaining in the 1st half.
4) Estela Lupian scored her 1st goal of the season, assisted by Aremy Santos (1st assist), with
33:42 remaining in the match. Santos took a corner kick from the left corner, Lupian won the
ball in the air and volleyed it into the goal just inside the right post from 6 yards out.
5) Libby Leon scored her 1st goal of the season, assisted by Dehisy Merida (1st assist), with
20:06 remaining in the match. Merida passed the ball from the center of the field to Leon on the
left wing. Leon hit the shot from 25 yards out just under the crossbar.
Comments by Coach Eller: “Tonight was a good team win. We had a great goal early with
some really good passing using the whole field side to side. We made a good hustle play to the
ball near their goal which is something we’d been lacking in the 1st 2 games. Then, we made a
couple big mistakes on defense and gave up 2 goals with a combination of bad touches and
lack of communication. But, instead of hanging our heads when we got down, we picked up our
energy and controlled the rest of the game. We created a lot of shots and put 2 of them in and
were close on several others. We won a crossing pass in the air instead of watching it go by us
which resulted in a goal. We took a shot from 25 yards out when we were open instead of trying
to force it inside for a closer shot. All of those things we have been talking about needing to
improve, we did those things tonight. Sam did a good job in goal for us calling the ball and
catching their shots clean. Lo-Ma is a much improved team from last year and they have some
girls who can take some strong shots if left open. We need to continue to move forward as we
did play faster tonight with quicker passing and fewer touches, as well as doing a better job of
moving the ball side to side. That quick passing created numerous shots for our girls. We need
to continue to improve on communication, cutting down the mistakes, not being scared to make
a play instead of watching somebody else make a play, and passing better in our defensive third
of the field. That all starts with communication to make those improvements”.

Denison-Schleswig JV beat LoMa 1-0- The girls played well tonight defensively and offensively. Had many
opportunities for shots, but just didn’t fall. We had one goal from Karla Sanchez
and assisted by Lynnae Johnson and Hally Escobar. Goalies tonight were first
half Jocelyn Serrato and second half Kaylee Guzman.

Glenwood 6, Atlantic 0
Bondurant-Farrar 10, Carroll 0
Harlan 2, St. Albert 1
Underwood 10, Missouri Valley 0
West Central Valley 2, AHSTW 0


Glenwood 8, Atlantic 1
Bondurant-Farrar 5, Carroll 0
Harlan 3, St. Albert 2
Sioux City North 10, CB Thomas Jefferson 0
West Central Valley 2, AHSTW 0


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