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A former Harlan Cyclones Coach passed away

Our sister station KNOD in Harlan reports former Harlan coach Bill Hosack has died after a battle with cancer. The 66-year old Hosack was a longtime assistant football and head girls track coach, spending 38 years coaching in the Harlan football program and 25 in girls track.

Hosack was a part of the football program’s 11 state championships from 1977 to 2014 while leading the girls track squad to eight Hawkeye Ten championships in a nine-year span between 2005 and 2013.

Tributes to the former coach have been pouring in throughout social media, including from Harlan alum and Glenwood activities director Jeff Bissen: “He was a great coach, a great educator and an even better person.”



IHSAA releases 2020 Football districts and schedules


Ar-We-Va, Westside 2020 Schedule:

Aug. 28 -- at West Bend-Mallard

Sept. 4 -- vs. St. Mary's, Remsen

Sept. 11 -- vs. Coon Rapids-Bayard

Sept. 18 -- at Audubon

Sept. 25 -- vs. Woodbine

Oct. 2 -- at Glidden-Ralston

Oct. 9 -- vs. Boyer Valley, Dunlap

Oct. 16 -- at Exira/Elk Horn-Kimballton

Oct. 23 -- vs. West Harrison, Mondamin

Audubon 2020 Schedule:

Aug. 28 -- at St. Mary's, Remsen

Sept. 4 -- at Newell-Fonda

Sept. 11 -- vs. Exira/Elk Horn-Kimballton

Sept. 18 -- vs. Ar-We-Va, Westside

Sept. 25 -- at West Harrison, Mondamin

Oct. 2 -- at Boyer Valley, Dunlap

Oct. 9 -- vs. Glidden-Ralston

Oct. 16 -- at Coon Rapids-Bayard

Oct. 23 -- vs. Woodbine

Boyer Valley 2020 Schedule:

Aug. 28 -- at River Valley, Correctionville

Sept. 4 -- vs. West Bend-Mallard

Sept. 11 -- vs. Glidden-Ralston

Sept. 18 -- at Woodbine

Sept. 25 -- at Coon Rapids-Bayard

Oct. 2 -- vs. Audubon

Oct. 9 -- at Ar-We-Va, Westside

Oct. 16 -- vs. West Harrison, Mondamin

Oct. 23 -- at Exira/Elk Horn-Kimballton

Exira/EHK 2020 Schedule:

Aug. 28 -- vs. Newell-Fonda

Sept. 4 -- at Kingsley-Pierson

Sept. 11 -- at Audubon

Sept. 18 -- vs. Coon Rapids-Bayard

Sept. 25 -- vs. Glidden-Ralston

Oct. 2 -- at Woodbine

Oct. 9 -- at West Harrison, Mondamin

Oct. 16 -- vs. Ar-We-Va, Westside

Oct. 23 -- vs. Boyer Valley, Dunlap

Glidden-Ralston 2020 Schedule:

Aug. 28 -- at G-T/R-A

Sept. 4 -- vs. Harris-Lake Park

Sept. 11 -- at Boyer Valley, Dunlap

Sept. 18 -- vs. West Harrison, Mondamin

Sept. 25 -- at Exira/Elk Horn-Kimballton

Oct. 2 -- vs. Ar-We-Va, Westside

Oct. 9 -- at Audubon

Oct. 16 -- vs. Woodbine

Oct. 23 -- at Coon Rapids-Bayard

Newell-Fonda 2020 Schedule:

Aug. 28 -- at Exira/Elk Horn-Kimballton

Sept. 4 -- vs. Audubon

Sept. 11 -- vs. Harris-Lake Park

Sept. 18 -- at River Valley, Correctionville

Sept. 25 -- vs. West Bend-Mallard

Oct. 2 -- at Siouxland Christian

Oct. 9 -- vs. Kingsley-Pierson

Oct. 16 -- vs. St. Mary's, Remsen

Oct. 23 -- at G-T/R-A

West Harrison 2020 Schedule:

Aug. 28 -- at Siouxland Christian

Sept. 4 -- vs. River Valley, Correctionville

Sept. 11 -- vs. Woodbine

Sept. 18 -- at Glidden-Ralston

Sept. 25 -- vs. Audubon

Oct. 2 -- at Coon Rapids-Bayard

Oct. 9 -- vs. Exira/Elk Horn-Kimballton

Oct. 16 -- at Boyer Valley, Dunlap

Oct. 23 -- at Ar-We-Va, Westside

Woodbine 2020 Schedule:

Aug. 28 -- at Kingsley-Pierson

Sept. 4 -- vs. Siouxland Christian

Sept. 11 -- at West Harrison, Mondamin

Sept. 18 -- vs. Boyer Valley, Dunlap

Sept. 25 -- at Ar-We-Va, Westside

Oct. 2 -- vs. Exira/Elk Horn-Kimballton

Oct. 9 -- vs. Coon Rapids-Bayard

Oct. 16 -- at Glidden-Ralston

Oct. 23 -- at Audubon

Class A 

IKM-Manning 2020 Schedule:

Aug. 28 -- vs. Tri-Center, Neola

Sept. 4 -- at ACGC

Sept. 11 -- vs. East Sac County

Sept. 18 -- at AHSTW

Sept. 25 -- vs. Woodbury Central, Moville

Oct. 2 -- vs. West Monona

Oct. 9 -- at Ridge View

Oct. 16 -- at Westwood, Sloan

Oct. 23 -- vs. Logan-Magnolia

Logan-Magnolia 2020 Schedule:

Aug. 28 -- vs. Missouri Valley

Sept. 4 -- at St. Albert, Council Bluffs

Sept. 11 -- at Sidney

Sept. 18 -- vs. Tri-Center, Neola

Sept. 25 -- at Westwood, Sloan

Oct. 2 -- at Ridge View

Oct. 9 -- vs. Woodbury Central, Moville

Oct. 16 -- vs. West Monona

Oct. 23 -- at IKM-Manning

Ridge View 2020 Schedule:

Aug. 28 -- at Cherokee, Washington

Sept. 4 -- vs. OABCIG

Sept. 11 -- vs. Manson Northwest Webster

Sept. 18 -- at MVAOCOU

Sept. 25 -- at West Monona

Oct. 2 -- vs. Logan-Magnolia

Oct. 9 -- vs. IKM-Manning

Oct. 16 -- at Woodbury Central, Moville

Oct. 23 -- at Westwood, Sloan

Tri-Center 2020 Schedule:

Aug. 28 -- at IKM-Manning

Sept. 4 -- vs. Underwood

Sept. 11 -- vs. Missouri Valley

Sept. 18 -- at Logan-Magnolia

Sept. 25 -- at Sidney

Oct. 2 -- vs. Riverside, Oakland

Oct. 9 -- vs. Southwest Valley

Oct. 16 -- at St. Albert, Council Bluffs

Oct. 23 -- vs. AHSTW

West Monona 2020 Schedule:

Aug. 28 -- at Sidney

Sept. 4 -- vs. Riverside, Oakland

Sept. 11 -- vs. MVAOCOU

Sept. 18 -- at MMCRU

Sept. 25 -- vs. Ridge View

Oct. 2 -- at IKM-Manning

Oct. 9 -- vs. Westwood, Sloan

Oct. 16 -- at Logan-Magnolia

Oct. 23 -- at Woodbury Central, Moville

Westwood, Sloan 2020 Schedule:

Aug. 28 -- vs. MVAOCOU

Sept. 4 -- at Akron-Westfield

Sept. 11 -- vs. Riverside, Oakland

Sept. 18 -- at Missouri Valley

Sept. 25 -- vs. Logan-Magnolia

Oct. 2 -- at Woodbury Central, Moville

Oct. 9 -- at West Monona

Oct. 16 -- vs. IKM-Manning

Oct. 23 -- vs. Ridge View

Class 1A

East Sac County 2020 Schedule:

Aug. 28 -- vs. Pocahontas Area

Sept. 4 -- vs. Sioux Central, Sioux Rapids

Sept. 11 -- at IKM-Manning

Sept. 18 -- at Manson Northwest Webster

Sept. 25 -- vs. Treynor

Oct. 2 -- at OABCIG

Oct. 9 -- at Underwood

Oct. 16 -- vs. Missouri Valley

Oct. 23 -- vs. MVAOCOU

Kuemper Catholic, Carroll 2020 Schedule:

Aug. 28 -- at South Central Calhoun

Sept. 4 -- vs. Atlantic

Sept. 11 -- at OABCIG

Sept. 18 -- vs. Greene County

Sept. 25 -- vs. West Central Valley, Stuart

Oct. 2 -- at ACGC

Oct. 9 -- at Woodward-Granger

Oct. 16 -- vs. Van Meter

Oct. 23 -- at Panorama, Panora

Missouri Valley 2020 Schedule:

Aug. 28 -- at Logan-Magnolia

Sept. 4 -- vs. AHSTW

Sept. 11 -- at Tri-Center, Neola

Sept. 18 -- vs. Westwood, Sloan

Sept. 25 -- at OABCIG

Oct. 2 -- vs. MVAOCOU

Oct. 9 -- at Treynor

Oct. 16 -- at East Sac County

Oct. 23 -- vs. Underwood

MVAOCOU 2020 Schedule:

Aug. 28 -- at Westwood, Sloan

Sept. 4 -- vs. MMCRU

Sept. 11 -- at West Monona

Sept. 18 -- vs. Ridge View

Sept. 25 -- at Underwood

Oct. 2 -- at Missouri Valley

Oct. 9 -- vs. OABCIG

Oct. 16 -- vs. Treynor

Oct. 23 -- at East Sac County

OABCIG 2020 Schedule:

Aug. 28 -- vs. Central Lyon/George-Little Rock

Sept. 4 -- at Ridge View

Sept. 11 -- vs. Kuemper Catholic, Carroll

Sept. 18 -- at Sheldon

Sept. 25 -- vs. Missouri Valley

Oct. 2 -- vs. East Sac County

Oct. 9 -- at MVAOCOU

Oct. 16 -- at Underwood

Oct. 23 -- vs. Treynor

South Central Calhoun 2020 Schedule:

Aug. 28 -- vs. Kuemper Catholic, Carroll

Sept. 4 -- at Greene County

Sept. 11 -- at ACGC

Sept. 18 -- vs. Algona

Sept. 25 -- vs. Clarion-Goldfield-Dows

Oct. 2 -- at Pocahontas Area

Oct. 9 -- vs. Southeast Valley

Oct. 16 -- at Eagle Grove

Oct. 23 -- vs. Belmond-Klemme

Treynor 2020 Schedule:

Aug. 28 -- vs. St. Albert, Council Bluffs

Sept. 4 -- at Woodbury Central, Moville

Sept. 11 -- vs. Clarinda 

Sept. 18 -- at Atlantic

Sept. 25 -- at East Sac County

Oct. 2 -- vs. Underwood

Oct. 9 -- vs. Missouri Valley

Oct. 16 -- at MVAOCOU

Oct. 23 -- at OABCIG

Class 3A

Carroll 2020 Schedule:

Aug. 28 -- vs. Bondurant-Farrar

Sept. 4 -- at Webster City

Sept. 11 -- vs. Gilbert

Sept. 18 -- at Fort Dodge

Sept. 25 -- at Denison-Schleswig

Oct. 2 -- vs. Lewis Central

Oct. 9 -- vs. Harlan

Oct. 16 -- at Glenwood

Oct. 23 -- vs. Creston-O/M

Denison-Schleswig 2020 Schedule:

Aug. 28 -- at Council Bluffs, Abraham Lincoln

Sept. 4 -- vs. Storm Lake

Sept. 11 -- at Council Bluffs, Thomas Jefferson

Sept. 18 -- vs. Bishop Heelan Catholic, Sioux City

Sept. 25 -- vs. Carroll

Oct. 2 -- at Harlan

Oct. 9 -- vs. Creston-O/M

Oct. 16 -- at Lewis Central

Oct. 23 -- vs. Glenwood

Harlan 2020 Schedule:

Aug. 28 -- vs. Council Bluffs, Thomas Jefferson

Sept. 4 -- at ADM, Adel

Sept. 11 -- vs. Sergeant Bluff-Luton

Sept. 18 -- at Spencer

Sept. 25 -- vs. Glenwood

Oct. 2 -- vs. Denison-Schleswig

Oct. 9 -- at Carroll

Oct. 16 -- at Creston-O/M

Oct. 23 -- vs. Lewis Central



Denison Little League is rescheduling try-outs and draft day

The Denison League League try-outs and their draft Sunday March 29th has been postponed and will be rescheduled sometime after April 12th. Once there is a new date we will make sure to announce it. 



Royals Baseball update

(Kansas City) -- The Kansas City Royals announced they have selected the contract of right-handed pitcher Trevor Rosenthal and designated left-handed pitcher Eric Skoglund for assignment.

Rosenthal was previously signed to a minor league contract with an opt-out date of March 26th.

The former Cardinals closer threw five shutout innings and allowed just three hits while striking out nine and walking none in the spring.



Going outside for a hike or a bike ride is still okay

(Radio Iowa) — Some Iowans are hesitant to leave their houses and apartments for fear they’ll be exposed to coronavirus, but cooped-up couch potatoes are encouraged to get outside and get some exercise. Mark Wyatt, executive director of the Iowa Bicycle Coalition, says taking in some sunshine and being out in the fresh air is exactly what many of us are needing.

“This virus is spread from person to person so if you’re within the social distancing parameters, being outside is not a problem,” Wyatt says. “You can go outside and exercise and walk and ride your bike and still be very safe from transmission or receiving the virus.” While several states and metro areas elsewhere have issued “shelter in place” orders, Iowans are under no such edict.

Wyatt says Iowa has hundreds of miles of bike trails, carving through metro areas and veering into the wide countryside. Spring is here and things are starting to turn green, he says, so get out and enjoy the outdoors. “We’re hearing a lot from the bike community that they’re still out and biking, they’re just not going on group rides with their friends. They’re going alone or with their family to get some exercise,” Wyatt says. “I think daily exercise is important. We’ve even seen some of the areas that do have shelter-in-place, do recommend that you still go out and exercise. Just don’t go to places where people congregate.”

Keeping a social distance of six to ten feet is still a good idea outside, Wyatt says. If you’re on a bike trail and another cyclist is nearby, simply slow down or speed up and keep your distance. Also, since so many businesses are struggling in light of the pandemic, Wyatt reminds: shop local. “A lot of the bike retailers are still open for business,” Wyatt says. “A lot of them have scheduled appointments or pick-up and drop-off service, if that’s something you’re interested in. Give your favorite bike retailer a call in the state and see what their current operations are.”

Get some tips on keeping fit — and keeping kids active — from the Healthiest State Initiative at



Luka Garza Named USBWA First-Team All-America

IOWA CITY, Iowa — The United States Basketball Writers Association (USBWA) announced its first-team All-America team on Monday, which included University of Iowa junior Luka Garza.


Garza becomes the first Hawkeye in program history to be voted to the first team since 1957, the first year that the USBWA recognized All-Americans. Former Hawkeye Jarrod Uthoff was a second team honoree by the USBWA in 2016.


The USBWA is one of four outlets used by the NCAA to determine its consensus All-America teams (AP, National Association of Basketball Coaches, USBWA, and Sporting News). Garza was named to the first-team All-America squad by Sporting News and Associated Press in recent weeks with the NABC expected to make their announcement later this week. Garza looks to join former Hawkeyes Murray Wier (1948) and Charles Darling (1952) as consensus first team All-Americans.


Five major news outlets have already named Garza as its national player of the year: Sporting News, Basketball Times, Stadium, Bleacher Report, and ESPN. Garza is the first Iowa men’s basketball player to earn national player of the year distinction. Additionally, Garza has been named first team All-America by every major news outlet.


2020 USBWA All-America Teams


First Team

Udoka Azubuike, C, Kansas, Sr.

Luka Garza, C, Iowa, Jr.

Markus Howard, G, Marquette, Sr.

Myles Powell, G, Seton Hall, Sr.

Obi Tobbin, F, Dayton, So.


Second Team

Vernon Carey Jr., C, Duke, Fr.

Devon Dotson, G, Kansas, So.

Malachi Flynn, G, San Diego State, Jr.

Payton Pritchard, G, Oregon, Sr.

Cassius Winston, G, Michigan State, Sr.


Third Team

Jared Butler, G, Baylor, So.

Tre Jones, G, Duke, So.

Jordan Nwora, F, Louisville, jr.

Filip Petrusev, F, Gonzaga, So.

Jalen Smith, F, Maryland, So.



Tyrese Haliburton named to NABC All-District 8 Second Team

AMES, Iowa – Iowa State sophomore guard Tyrese Haliburton on Monday earned a spot on the National Association of Basketball Coaches All-District 8 Second Team. District 8 is comprised of Big 12 schools.

Haliburton was averaging 15.2 points, 6.5 assists, 5.9 rebounds and 2.5 steals in 22 games before a wrist injury sidelined him for the remainder of the season.

One of the Big 12’s top players, the Oshkosh, Wisconsin native reached double figures in 18 games, including six games with 20 or more points. He posted the Big 12’s only triple-double of the season against TCU in the conference opener, finishing with 22 points, 12 rebounds and 10 assists. It was just the sixth triple-double in school history.

District 8

First Team

Devin Dotson, Kansas

Udoka Azubuike, Kansas

Jared Butler, Baylor

Jahmi’us Ramsey, Texas Tech

Oscar Tshiebwe, West Virginia


Second Team

Tyrese Haliburton, Iowa State

MaCio Teague, Baylor

Kristian Doolittle, Oklahoma

Freddie Gillespie, Baylor

Desmond Bane, TCU


Coach of the Year: Scott Drew, Baylor



Luka Garza Namped AP First-Team All-America

IOWA CITY, Iowa — Junior Luka Garza became just the third University of Iowa men’s basketball player, and first in nearly seven decades, to be voted first-team All-America by the Associated Press. Garza earned 63 first-team votes from the 65-person media voting panel.

The Associated Press is one of four outlets used by the NCAA to determine its consensus All-America teams (AP, National Association of Basketball Coaches, United States Basketball Writers Association, and Sporting News). Garza was named to the first-team All-America squad by Sporting News last week with USBWA and the NABC expected to make their announcements next week.

Garza joins Murray Wier (1948) and Charles Darling (1952) as the only Hawkeye players named to the AP All-American First Team.

Six major news outlets have already named Garza as its national player of the year: Sporting News, Basketball Times, Stadium, The Athletic, Bleacher Report, and ESPN. Garza is the first Iowa men’s basketball player to earn national player of the year distinction.

The Washington, D.C., native is also a finalist for five national awards: Naismith Trophy, Oscar Robertson Trophy, Wooden Award, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Award, and the Lute Olson Award.

Garza (740 points and 305 rebounds) is one of three Big Ten players to ever to total 740+ points and 300+ rebounds in a single-season (Purdue’s Glenn Robinson in 1994 and Purdue’s Joe Barry Carroll in 1979). He ranked second nationally with 12 20-point/10-rebound performances, 20-point games (25); third in total field goals made (287) and points per 40 minutes played (29.8), fifth in scoring (23.9), 10th in 30-point games (5), 19th in double-doubles (15) and offensive rebounds per game (3.58), and 34th in rebounding (9.8). His 15 double-doubles are third most in a single-season by a Hawkeye in three decades and the most since 2002 (Reggie Evans, 18). Garza averaged 26.7 points, 11.1 rebounds, and 1.7 blocks in 12 games against AP ranked opponents in 2019-20, including recording 11 straight 20-point performances, the longest streak by any player since UConn’s Kemba Walker in 2011.

The Big Ten and USBWA District VI Player of the Year, finished the 20-game conference schedule averaging 26.2 points per game, becoming the first player to average at least 26 points in Big Ten play since Purdue’s Glenn Robinson in 1994 (31.1 ppg). Garza scored a school-record 740 points this season, breaking the program’s 50-year old record previously set by John Johnson in 1970. He scored 20 points or more in a school-record 16 straight Big Ten games, the longest streak by any player in the Big Ten since Ohio State’s Dennis Hopson 16 in 1987.

Garza is the only Big Ten player to register seven 25-point/10-rebound performances in the same season in more than 17 years. He has produced the two highest point totals in a game by a Big Ten player this season (44 at Michigan; 38 at Indiana).


•  Sporting News, Basketball Times, Stadium, The Athletic, Bleacher Report, and ESPN National Player of the Year

•  Dick Vitale and Andy Katz’s National Player of the Year

•  Sporting News, AP, CBS, NBC, ESPN, Stadium, USA Today First-Team All-America

•  Big Ten Men’s Basketball Player of the Year

•  USBWA District VI Player of the Year

•  Naismith Trophy Finalist

•  Wooden Award National Ballot

•  Oscar Robertson Player of the Year Trophy Semifinalist

•  Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Center of the Year Award Finalist

•  Lute Olson Award Top 30



Spencer Lee Named Finalist for Dan Hodge Trophy

IOWA CITY, Iowa — University of Iowa junior Spencer Lee has been named a finalist for the 2020 WIN Magazine/Culture House Dan Hodge Trophy, presented by ASICS and awarded annually to the nation’s most dominant college wrestler.

Fan voting for the award runs from March 23-27. The winner is announced Monday, March 30.

Lee was the top-seed at the 2020 NCAA Championships, putting together an 18-0 record on his way to the 125-pound Big Ten championship. He was named Big Ten Wrestler of the Year, outscoring his 18 opponents this season 234-18. He scored bonus points in 17 of 18 wins, recorded four first-period falls and nine technical falls, and averaged 5.0 team points per match.

Only four of his 18 matches went the entire seven minutes. Lee was 5-0 in the month of January with five technical falls. He outscored those five opponents 84-1.

Lee is one of eight finalists for an award that considers seven pieces of criteria: record, number of pins, dominance, past credentials, quality of competition, sportsmanship/citizenship, and heart. The winner is determine by fan vote and the Hodge Trophy Voting Committee.

This year’s finalists include Lee, West Virginia sophomore Noah Adams (197), Northwestern junior Ryan Deakin (157), Princeton sophomore Pat Glory (125), Stanford freshman Shane Griffith (165), Iowa junior Spencer Lee (125), Ohio State senior Kollin Moore (197), Minnesota sophomore Gable Steveson (285) and Cornell senior Charles Tucker (133).



Sports Fix for People

Go back 50 years and follow the Montezuma Bravettes as they take on Manilla in the 6-on-6 State Championship game. Click here to watch



Schleswig Youth REC Cancels the Soccer season 

From the Schleswig Youth REC Facebook Page they announced that they will cancel the soccer season this year.


Drake Relays Postponed

DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) — Organizers have announced they have indefinitely postponed the Drake Relays that had been scheduled for April in Des Moines. In a statement, Drake University said Wednesday that officials made the decision to protect the “health, safety and well-being” of participants and fans amid concerns about the coronavirus. The event was scheduled for April 22-25, primarily at Drake Stadium.

The postponement includes related activities, such as the Beautiful Bulldog Contest, Grand Blue Mile and Drake Road Races. Organizers said they would work with local, state and national officials to reschedule the event when it’s safe for all participants.


Bowen Born named Mr. Basketball; IPSWA All-State Teams announced

DES MOINES — The Iowa Print Sports Writers Association (IPSWA) announced the 2020 boys basketball all-state teams on Tuesday. The teams were selected by print sports writers in Iowa during a meeting on Sunday.

Norwalk’s Bowen Born was named Mr. Basketball. Born led the Norwalk Warriors to their first team state championship in Class 3A.


Born is head to the University of Northern Iowa on a full-ride scholarship. He was 17 points shy of scoring 1,000 points in his senior season alone, scoring an average 36.4 points per game. The 5-foot-11 guard was sixth on the Iowa High School boys basketball all-time career scoring list. Norwalk was 79-23 during his four-year career. He is a three-time all-Little Hawkeye Conference first teamer. Norwalk won three league titles under his leadership. He was the Class 3A Iowa Basketball Coaches Association Player of the Year in 2018-19.


Class 1A


First Team School Grade

Trey Shearer Montezuma JR

Nike Reid Central City SR

Angelo Winkel Algona Garrigan JR

JD Strout Keota SR

Kiks Rosengarten Wapsie Valley SR

Kaleb Cornielsen Easton Valley JR

Braden Gibbons Madrid SR

Alex Koppes Springville JR


Second team School Grade

Brennan Sefrit Bedford SR

Jackson Louscher South O’Brien SR

Nik Coble WACO, Wayland SR

Zach Huff Don Bosco SR

Keegan Edwards Lone Tree SR

Noah Beck BGM, Brooklyn SR

Kayden Ames West Fork JR

Trey Baker Martensdale-St. Marys JR


Third Team School Grade

Spencer Schorg Remsen-St. Marys SR

Jessen Weber Easton Valley SR

Taurice Grant Meskwaki Settlement JR

Cole Damman Baxter SR

Nathan Moeller Prince of Peace SR

Gage Fry Grand View Christian SR

Creighton Nelson Exira-EHK SR

Chett Helming Lake Mills SR



Class 2A


First Team School Grade

Cooper De Jean OABCIG SR

Masen Miller Regina Catholic SR

Caleb Delzell Camanche SR

Austin Miller North Linn SR

Austin Hilmer North Linn SR

Tanner Te Slaa Boyden-Hull SO

Michael Keegan Dyersville-Beckman SR

Bryce Coppock West Sioux SR


Second team School Grade

Jack Tiarks Treynor SR

Zane Neubaum South Central Calhoun SR

Hunter Dekkers West Sioux SR

Justin Recker Monticello JR

Anthony Pothoff Van Meter SR

Lucas Lorenzen Okoboji SR

Bryce Achenbach Woodward-Granger SR

Keyton Moser Boyden-Hull SR


Third Team School Grade

Blake Chance Albia JR

Curren Ingram Des Moines Christian SR

Dane Fuller Dike-New Hartford JR

LJ Henderson Camanche SR

Cameron Soenksen Camanche SR

Jack Stogdill Treynor SR

Josh Van Gorp Pella Christian SR

Dan Jungling Pella Christian SR



Class 3A


First Team School Grade

Bowen Born Norwalk SR

Xavier Foster Oskaloosa SR

Kieren Nichols Knoxville JR

Alex Van Kalsbeek MOC-Floyd Valley SR

Easton Darling Winterset SR

Sean Peeters Assumption Davenport SR

Karson Sharar Iowa Falls-Alden JR

Keaton Kutcher Mount Vernon JR


Second team School Grade

Daniel Wright Sergeant Bluff Luton SR

Logan Shetterly Pella SR

Wyatt Wegener Algona SR

Connor Drew Ballard JR

Luke Rankin Dallas Center-Grimes JR

Ryan Blum Glenwood JR

Tyler Johnson Norwalk SR

Christian Withrow Clear Creek-Amana JR


Third Team School Grade

Tucker Kinney Central DeWitt SR

Kole Tupa Center Point-Urbana SR

Cole Glasgow Dallas Center-Grimes SO

Andrew Formanek Clear Lake JR

Karter Lein Carroll SR

Connor Bruck Harlan SR

Cael Schmitt Wahlert SR

Matthew McDonald Centerville SR



Class 4A


First Team School Grade

Braxton Bayless Ankeny SR

Ty Anderson North Scott SR

Tucker DeVries Waukee JR

Payton Sandfort Waukee JR

Even Brauns Iowa City West SR

Michael Duax Dubuque Hempstead JR

DaQuavion Walker Waterloo West SR

Cody McCullough Ankeny Centennial SR


Second team School Grade

Josh Ollendieck Cedar Falls SR

Jaleque Dunson Sioux City East SR

Jayden Houston Davenport North JR

Jaron Crews Ankeny Centennial JR

Jake Aver Valley, West Des Moines SR

Sam Kilbury North Scott SR

Matt Stilwill Dowling Catholic SR

Trae Swartz Ottumwa JR


Third Team School Grade

Landon Wolf Cedar Falls JR

Emarion Ellis Davenport Central JR

Caleb Schlaak Cedar Rapids Kennedy JR

Keshawn Christian Iowa City High SR

Josh Dix Council Bluffs Abe Lincoln SO

AJ Tiogo Indianola SR

Micah Johnson Ankeny Centennial SR

Ryan Riggs Dowling Catholic JR


IHSAA, IGHSAU release state qualifying track sites

(Boone) -- The Iowa High School Athletic Association and Iowa Girls High School Athletic Union released the sites for the state qualifying track meets that will take place on May 14th. The complete list of hosts can be viewed below.



Belle Plaine 


Grundy Center


Mount Ayr


Ridge View

WACO, Wayland

West Harrison, Mondamin



Cascade, Western Dubuque



Manson Northwest Webster



West Marshall, State Center

West Sioux, Hawarden 







MOC-Floyd Valley

Mount Pleasant





Cedar Rapids, Kennedy

Council Bluffs, Abraham Lincoln

Davenport, Central

Iowa City, West 





Iowa State cancels 2020 Cy’s House of Trivia And Cyclone Tailgate Tours

AMES, Iowa – Following the advice from state and national health officials, the Iowa State Athletics Department decided today to cancel the 2020 Cy’s House of Trivia event and all 2020 Cyclone Tailgate Tour stops.


Cy’s House of Trivia was scheduled for Saturday April 18. Captains for each team who registered for the event will receive an email from the department regarding refunds.


The Cyclone Tailgate Tour had previously scheduled stops from May 11-13 (Carroll, Council Bluffs, Sioux City, Okoboji, Sheffield, Clear Lake) and May 18-20 (Iowa Falls, Waterloo, Muscatine, Bettendorf, Dubuque, Cedar Rapids).


The Department is thankful for your support and understanding.



Denison Soccer Club about Upcoming Season

Update from the Denison Soccer Club: 

As a board, we want you to know that the health and safety of our players and family members is a very high priority to us. We have been in close contact with our local/state public health officials regarding the growing concerns around COVID-19, and that status of our soccer season. This is a rapidly changing situation and we waited to post anything until there was something to post.
We have just been notified that the recommendation by the Iowa Department of Public Health is that they have asked us to postpone our season. At this time, we do not know a timeline for what that postponement looks like, but insure you we will keep in close contact with the appropriate state/public officials and follow their recommendations as to when it is safe to go ahead with the season.
We are just as sad as you all, however we know it is so important to follow the appropriate recommendations and ensure we are doing our part to keep everyone safe. We will continue to monitor the situation and will post updates when we can. Thank you for your understanding and patience as we work through this together. As stated, we will keep you all updated as to when it is safe to play our season and will adjust dates then.

Como junta, queremos que sepan que la salud y seguridad de nuestros jugadores y miembros de la familia es una prioridad muy alta para nosotros. Hemos estado en contacto cercano con nuestros funcionarios de salud pública locales/estatales con respecto a las crecientes preocupaciones sobre COVID-19 y el estado de nuestra temporada de fútbol. Esta es una situación que cambia rápidamente y hemos esperado publicar cualquier cosa hasta que haya algo que publicar.

Acabamos de recibir notificación de que la recomendación del Departamento de Salud Pública de Iowa es que nos han pedido que aplacemos nuestra temporada. En este momento, no conocemos un cronograma de cómo se ve ese aplazamiento, pero le aseguramos que mantendremos un contacto cercano con los funcionarios estatales/públicos apropiados y seguiremos sus recomendaciones sobre cuándo es seguro continuar con la temporada.

Estamos tan tristes como todos ustedes, sin embargo, sabemos que es muy importante seguir las recomendaciones apropiadas y asegurarnos de que estamos haciendo nuestra parte para mantener a todos seguros. Continuaremos monitoreando la situación y publicaremos actualizaciones cuando podamos. Gracias por su comprensión y paciencia mientras trabajamos juntos en esto. Como indicado antes, los mantendremos informados sobre cuándo es seguro jugar nuestra temporada y luego ajustaremos las fechas.


HardCor update on Classes 

Update from thier email and facebook paige:

It breaks our heart to announce that we will not be holding classes this week, starting Monday, March 16th! The HardCor Crew will be sitting down and working on a plan of action to move forward the next few weeks. We strongly encourage all of our students to stay in shape and up to speed with their recital routines. We are still looking forward to our students having the opportunity to showcase all of their achievements this year at our recital. Please check your emails and text messages for all updates regarding our plan of action for completion of this season!


Iowa Unified Activities Partners announce suspension of Spring calender

Following Sunday’s announcements from Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds, all spring activities of Iowa’s high school Unified Activities partners – the Iowa Girls High School Athletic Union, the Iowa High School Athletic Association, the Iowa High School Music Association, and the Iowa High School Speech Association – will be prohibited through the state’s K-12 school recommended closure of four weeks.

Gov. Reynolds announced the recommended closure in collaboration with the Iowa Department of Public Health, in response to community spread of novel coronavirus (COVID-19) in Iowa.


This recommended closure date currently extends through Friday, April 10 and would mean a school return of April 13. Prior to April 10, the schedule will be assessed as necessary with information from the Governor, Iowa Department of Public Health, Iowa Department of Education, and activity partners at the IGHSAU, IHSAA, IHSMA, and IHSSA.


“Based on new information today from the Iowa Department of Public Health, now is the time to move to the next level of response,” Gov. Reynolds said in Sunday’s release. “I am now recommending that all Iowa schools close for a period of four weeks to help mitigate the spread of COVID-19.”


Per CDC guidelines recommending the cancellation of gatherings of more than 50 individuals for at least eight weeks, events following the planned four-week school closure in Iowa will be updated as the situation develops.




The first practice date for three IHSAA (boys) spring sports was set for Monday, March 16: golf, soccer, and tennis. Baseball was scheduled to begin limited practice time on April 1.


The first practice dates for IGHSAU (girls) tennis and golf was set for Monday, March 16. The first practice dates for girls’ soccer was set for March 23.


The first practice date for boys’ baseball and girls’ softball, May 4, remains the same until further information is provided.


The first practice and competition date for boys/girls track and field was Feb. 17.


All IHSAA and IGHSAU sports are now in a prohibited period for practice, competition, and sanctioned activity until the closure is lifted. This prohibition means no in-person contact between coaches/administrators and student-athletes for the duration of the period.


Guidance on future IGHSAU and IHSAA activity schedule adjustments and their effects on season lengths, as well as postseason events, will be announced through and


IHSMA has cancelled Class 4A and 1A solo/small ensemble festival set for April 18, and the state large group festival set for May 8-9.


There should be no in-person contact between teachers/administrators and participants for the duration of the prohibited period. Any effort to provide IHSMA participants with a make-up experience should take place only via digital media through the duration of the prohibited period.


Future updates and guidance on IHSMA events will be available through


All IHSSA (speech) events will be prohibited to practice or make up their individual state local contest until the closure is lifted.  All contact between coaches, judges, and students for the duration of the period is prohibited. The All-State Festival scheduled for March 30 has been cancelled.


Guidance on future IHSSA activity will be announced through




The IHSAA is cancelling mass gatherings planned for April, including the Governor’s Scholar Ceremony and the annual Officials’ Banquet. Students and officials will still be honored with updates to be provided for award recipients.


Officials’ clinics for both boys and girls spring and summer activities that were previously scheduled for dates during the recommended closure will be postponed and made up when possible.



From the Iowa High School Athletic Association

They will provide spring activity guidance on Monday 16th for member schools, in cooperation with IGHSAU, IowaHSMA< and the Iowa high School Speech Association. 


Redskins put franchise tag on guard Brandon Scherff (former Denison-Schleswig Monarch)

ASHBURN, Va. (AP) — The Washington Redskins have placed the franchise tag on three-time Pro Bowl guard Brandon Scherff after the two sides were unable to reach a long-term deal. Scherff could have been among the NFL’s highest-paid guards had he got to free agency.


The 28-year-old dealt with numerous injuries the past two seasons but has been a force for Washington when healthy. He was named to his third Pro Bowl in 2019 after starting 11 games. Scherff has started all 65 games he has played in since turning pro out of Iowa and being drafted fifth overall by the Redskins five years ago.



Spectator restrictions for Boys State Basketball Friday

DES MOINES, Iowa – The Iowa High School Athletic Association’s 2020 State Basketball Tournament will play Friday’s games with spectator restrictions due to increasing concern of the spread and impact of novel coronavirus (COVID-19).


The consolations and finals set for Friday, March 13 at Wells Fargo Arena will be played as currently scheduled. The IHSAA will provide additional updates to this strategy should they be necessary. Thursday’s games will continue as scheduled and are currently without spectator restriction.


The IHSAA has coordinated with health officials, state and local government, and Iowa Events Center throughout this week’s event, with updated guidance requiring these measures.


Only team members, game officials, essential tournament workers, Iowa Events Center staff, limited credentialed media, and select school spectators (see below) will be allowed inside the facility. Those spectators will be asked to leave the facility once their game is complete.


Other spectators and previously scheduled award recipients and visitors will not be permitted.


The IHSAA acknowledges these updates are inconvenient and unprecedented. The understanding of member schools and communities is sincerely appreciated.


The remaining games will be available to view through the Iowa High School Sports Network’s coverage. The IHSSN has television coverage for semifinals and finals, free live streaming, and a free downloadable app to view the games. Visit or for viewing information.


The IHSAA staff will also provide frequent updates on the games through its website and social media platforms.


Spectators who purchased tickets in advance of Friday’s games at Wells Fargo Arena will be refunded at the point of purchase.


The IHSAA will continue working with health officials to determine adjustments or preventative measures for the upcoming spring sports seasons. Updates will be provided as they become available.




Class 4A State Quarterfinals 

Iowa City West vs. Ankeny, 10:30 AM

Cedar Falls vs. Dowling Catholic, 12:15 PM

Class 1A State Semifinals 

Montezuma vs. Wapsie Valley, 2:00 PM

Bishop Garrigan vs. West Fork, 3:45 PM

Class 2A State Semifinals 

Boyden-Hull vs. Camanche, 6:30 PM

North Linn vs. Treynor, 8:15 PM


All- Hawkeye Ten Boys Teams

All-Hawkeye Ten selections. 

Denison-Schleswig's Goenar Biliew and Charlie Wiebers, Harlan's Connor Bruck, Lewis Central's Noah Rigatuso and Logan Jones, St. Albert's Sam Rallis, Glenwood's Blum and Zach Carr.

2nd Team Choices:

Skyler Handlos (Atlantic), Nathan Lindsay (Clarinda), Brance Baker (Creston), John Palmer (Glenwood), Johnathon Monson (Harlan), Michael Heithoff (Harlan), Kyle Berg (Kuemper Catholic) and Easton Dermody (Lewis Central)

Honorable Mentions

Nile Petersen (Atlantic), Michael Shull (Clarinda), Connor Brown (Clarinda), Cael Kralik (Creston), Colby Burg (Creston), Damien Magnuson (Denison), Michael Erlmeier (Harlan), Cole Collison (Kuemper Catholic), Cole Drummond (Lewis Central), Kobe Johnson (Red Oak), Kyle Cerven (Shenandoah) and Connor Cerny (St. Albert).


Denison-Schleswig Monarch Team Awards -2019-2020 

 2019-20 Team Captains

Paige Andersen - Hannah Neemann - Tia Petersen

JV Player of the Year:

Kira Langenfeld / Hannah Slater

6th Man of the Year:

Cierra Kastner

Most Improved Player:

Cambri Brodersen / Sophie Sonnichsen

Monarch Spirit Award:

Hannah Neemann

Miss Rebound:

Paige Andersen

Defensive Player of the Year:

Hannah Neemann


Paige Andersen

As a 9-12 program we qualified for the Distinguished Academic Award. In order to have this your 9th-12th grade players and managers (38 total) must have a combined minimum 3.5 GPA. We had a 3.6 GPA.

Hawkeye 10 All Conference Academic: Tia Petersen

IBCA All Region / IGCA All District: Paige Andersen



Boys State Basketball Tournament 3-10-20

Class 2A Quarterfinal

Camanche 67, Monticello 52

Class 3A Quarterfinals

Norwalk 72, Harlan 37 Connor Bruck 11 for Harlan.

Ballard 54, Center Point-Urbana 48

Clear Creek-Amana 59, Mount Vernon 45

Sergeant Bluff-Luton 58, Pella 43

Class 4A Quarterfinals

Waukee 58, North Scott, Eldridge 50 

Ankeny Centennial 53, Davenport, North 51


IGCA 2020 All-State Basketball Teams

2020 Iowa Girls Coaches Association All State Teams


Class 1A


1st Team

Jayde Barto, Kingsley-Pierson

Audi Crooks, Bishop Garrigan

Ella Larsen, Newell-Fonda

Allie Petry, St. Albert

Macy Sievers, Newell-Fonda

Kassidi Steel, North Mahaska

Kori Wedeking, Clarksville

Shateah Wetering, Montezuma


2nd Team

Hali Anderson, Saint Ansgar

Jensen Archibald, Martensdale-St. Marys

Macy Emgarten, Exira-EHK

Hannah Erickson, Central Elkader

Taylor Harpenau, MMCRU

Molly Joyce, Bishop Garrigan

Miranda Peters, Marquette Catholic

Lauren Wilson, Springville


3rd Team

Maddy Duncan, Sidney

Danielle Hoyle, Paton-Churdan

Mallory Loftus, Lynnville-Sully

Abby Martin, Lamoni

Kaylyn Meyers, Bishop Garrigan

Tori Michel, Marquette Catholic

Megan Stuhr, Sigourney

Maggie Walker, Newell-Fonda

Coach of the Year: Brandon Schwab, Bishop Garrigan


Class 2A


1st Team

Sidney Brandau, Osage

Grace Flanagan, North Linn

Sasha Koenig, West Branch

Rachel Leerar, West Hancock

Chloe Lofstrom, North Union

Nicole McDermott, Cascade

Molly Schany, Emmetsburg

Taryn Scheuermann, Van Buren


2nd Team

Kylie Morrison, Logan-Magnolia

Payton Beckman, Panorama

Bailey Winter, MFL-Mar-Mac

Amanda Chizek, West Hancock

Helaina Hillyard, Mediapolis

Mallory McCall, West Monona

Sam Stewart, Mount Ayr

Dani Johnson, Osage


3rd Team

Isabel Manning, Van Buren

Hayden Heimensen, Central Lyon

Brooke Zylstra, Boyden-Hull

Olivia Granstra, Western Christian

Ella Imler, Maquoketa Valley

Kinsey Scheffler, AHSTW

Kailey Jones, AHSTW

Skylar Dolphin, Cascade

Coach of The Year: Brian Wheatley, North Linn


Class 3A


1st Team

Sara Faber, Clear Lake

Ellie Foster, Dike-New Hartford

Sharon Goodman, Crestwood

Jaedon Murphy, North Polk

JeMae Nichols, Cherokee

Maggie Phipps, North Polk

Ella Skinner, Bishop Heelan

Kallyn Stumbo, Okoboji


2nd Team

Kelsey Fields, Creston

Abbey Holmes, Algona

Katie Knock, Dike-New Hartford

Mya Merschman, Central Lee

Brooklyn Meyer, West Lyon

Moriah Prewitt, Des Moines Christian

Janie Schoonhoven, Unity Christian

Katelyn Stanley, Bishop Heelan


3rd Team

Reagan Barkema, Roland-Story

Magan Christopherson, Okoboji

Chloe Johnson, Red Oak

Jordan Kuper, Monticello

Sidney Marlow, West Burlington

Jaydan Nitchals, Estherville

Haley Rasmussen, Atlantic

Jenna Twedt, Benton

Coach of the Year: Darron Koolstra, Bishop Heelan


Class 4A


1st Team

Grace Boffeli, North Scott

Caitlynn Daniels, Xavier

Anna Deets, Mason City

Abbie Draper, Waverly-Shell Rock

Katie Keitges, Knoxville

Kayba Laube, Marion

Karsyn Stratton, Clear Creek-Amana

Megan Witte, Lewis Central


2nd Team

Madison Camden, Glenwood

Presley Case, North Scott

Kenzie Foley, Sergeant Bluff-Luton

Ryley Goebel, Center Point-Urbana

Ava Hawthorne, Gilbert

Molly Ihle, Ballard

Adrianna Katcher, Center Point-Urbana

Taylor Veach, Central DeWitt


3rd Team

Jordan Cunningham, Dallas Center-Grimes

Abbie Hlas, ADM

Molly Hoekstra, Carlisle

Jenna Hopp, Glenwood

Elle Scarborough, Glenwood

Maggie Wilkins, Knoxville

Riley Wright, Marion

Britney Young, Waverly-Shell Rock

Coach of the Year: TJ Case, North Scott


Class 5A


1st Team

Catilin Clark, Dowling Catholic

Katie Dinnibier, Waukee

Emerson Green, Cedar Falls

Aubrey Joens, Iowa City High

Grace Larkins, SE Polk

Mallory McDermott, Prairie

Maya McDermott, Johnston

Kendall Nead, Johnston


2nd Team

Nyamer Diew, Sioux City East

Hannah Stuelke, Cedar Rapids Washington

Meg Burns, Ankeny Centennial

Halli Poock, Waterloo West

Anaya Barney, Cedar Falls

Audrey Koch, Iowa City West

Caroline Waite, Ames

Sidney McRae, Prairie


3rd Team

Rose Nkumu, Iowa City High

Maya Gyamfi, Urbandale

Jada Gyamfi, Urbandale

Payton Kelderman, Waukee

Alex Honnold, Valley

Kayla Pitz, Ankeny

Ashley Iiams, Ames

Sadie Powell, CR Kennedy

Coach of the Year: Chad Jilek, Johnston 


Boys State Basketball Tournament 3-09-20

Class 1A Quarterfinals

Montezuma 75, Martensdale-St. Marys 50 

Wapsie Valley 49, Lake Mills 45 

Bishop Garrigan, Algona 55, Springville 52 

West Fork, Sheffield 55, St. Mary’s, Remsen 53 

Class 2A Quarterfinals

North Linn, Troy Mills 56, West Sioux, Hawarden 

Treynor 69, Pella Christian 53

Boyden-Hull 57, Woodward-Granger 26



2019-2020 Hawkeye 10 All Conference Girls Basketball Teams 




1 Kelsey Fields** Creston 11 C

2 Megan Witte** Lewis Central 12 G

3 Allie Petry St. Albert 11 F

4 Sophie Walker Red Oak 12 G

5 Paige Andersen Denison- Schleswig 11 F

6 Madison Camden Glenwood 10 G

7 Elle Scarborough Glenwood 11 G

8 Haley Rasmussen Atlantic 11 G


1 Mallory Badding Kuemper Catholic 12 G

2 Isabel Pershing St. Albert 12 G

3 Chloe Johnson Red Oak 12 F

4 Ellie Rengstorf Red Oak 12 G

5 Hannah Neeman Denison-Schleswig 11 F

6 Delaney Esterling Lewis Central 12 F

7 Jenna Hopp Glenwood 9 G

8 Macie Leinen Harlan 11 C


1 Ava Wolf Shenandoah 10 C

2 Jessalee Niehart Clarinda 11 G

3 Jordyn Blaha Saint Albert 12 G

4 Allie West Red Oak 12 G

5 Sam Dunphy Creston 11 F

6 McKenna Paulsen Lewis Central 12 G

7 McKenna Pettepier Lewis Central 11 G

8 Coryl Matheny Glenwood 10 F

9 Ellie Magnuson Denison-Schleswig 11 G

10 McKenzie Waters Atlantic 12 G

11 Brynlee Arnold Glenwood 10 C

12 Claire Scmitz Harlan 10 C

** denotes unanimous selection



Western Valley Conference Girls Basketball All-Conference Award Winners 

Western Valley Conference

Girls Basketball

All Conference Team


First Team

Jayde Barto* 12 Kingsley Pierson

Mallory McCall* 11 West Monona

Kenzee Wunschel* 12 Ridge View

Maddie Paulsen 12 Woodbury Central

Jaeden Ferris 09 Westwood

McKenzie Goodwin 10 Kingsley Pierson

Haley Williams 12 Lawton Bronson

Carly Murphy 11 OABCIG

*unanimous selection


Camrin Baird 10 Woodbury Central

Lexi Lander 12 West Monona

Lindsie Graff 11 Woodbury Central

Anya Kistenmacher 11 Ridge View

Riley Doenhoefer 12 Siouxland Christian

Briley Pike 11 Westwood

Delaney Iseminger 11 Kingsley Pierson

Cassie Jones 11 Siouxland Christian

Ashlyn Blake 10 MVAOCOU

Final Standings

Woodbury Central 9-0 Season Champions

Kingsley Pierson 7-2 Tournament Champions

West Monona 7-2

Westwood 7-2

Ridge View 5-4


Lawton Bronson 3-6

Siouxland Christian 2-7


River Valley 0-9



Western Valley Conference Boys Basketball All-Conference Award Winners 

Western Valley Conference

Boys Basketball

All Conference Team


First Team

Cooper DeJean* 11 OABCIG

Ben Thelander* 12 Lawton Bronson

Garrett Trapp* 11 River Valley

Christian Heilbuth 12 Siouxland Christian

Matthew Christophersen 12 Kingsley Pierson

Logan Fiege 12 West Monona

Jonah DeRoos 12 Siouxland Christian

William Grote 12 OABCIG

Tyler Towne 11 River Valley

Chase Pester 11 MVAOCOU

Mitchell Countryman 12 Woodbury Central

*unanimous selection

Second Team

Caleb Kistenmacher 12 Ridge View

Gavin DeJager 12 Lawton Bronson

Dalton DuBois 11 Siouxland Christian

Bo Clausen 11 Ridge View

Carter Copple 12 Westwood

Dylan Blake 12 MVAOCOU

Austin Trotter 09 Lawton Bronson

Daman Bowman 12 Kingsley Pierson

Cameron Pierson 11 Siouxland Christian

Final Standings

OABCIG 9-0 Season & Tournament Champions

Siouxland Christian 7-2

Lawton Bronson 7-2

River Valley 7-2

Kingsley Pierson 3-6

West Monona 3-6


Ridge View 3-6

Woodbury Central 2-7

Westwood 1-8



Western Valley Conference Tournament/Season Results

Tournament Team Scores Dual Record

1. Woodbury Central 201.0 1. Woodbury Central 7-0

2. Westwood 195.0 2. Westwood 6-1

3. West Monona 188.5 3. West Monona 5-2

4. Ridge View 144.0 4. Ridge View 4-3

5. OABCIG 123.0 5. Kingsley Pierson 3-4

6. Kingsley Pierson 109.0 6. MVAOCOU 2-5

7. MVAOCOU 100.0 7. OABCIG 1-6

8. Lawton Bronson 43.0 8. Lawton Bronson 0-7

All Conference Individuals, School, Grade


106 152

1st – Ryder Koele, Woodbury Central (9) 1st – Nate Monahan, Woodbury Central (12)

2nd – Carson Seuntjens, Kingsley Pierson (9) 2nd – Nathan Fylstra, Westwood (12)

3rd – Jake Breyfogle, Ridge View (9) 3rd – Brody Lillefloren, Ridge View (11)

113 160

1st – Beau Nieman, OABCIG (10) 1st – Zach Hemer, OABCIG (10)

2nd – Juan Juarez, Kingsley Pierson (10) 2nd – Braulio Munoz, Westwood (12)

3rd – Colton Choquette, Westwood (12) 3rd – Devin Monahan, West Monona (10)

120 170

1st – Lucas Else, Ridge View (10) 1st – Kolby Scott, MVAOCOU (9)

2nd – A’Ryan White, West Monona (9) 2nd – Kole Reis, Kingsley Pierson (11)

3rd – Tyler Orzechowski, Kingsley Pierson (9) 3rd – Steven Heilman, Westwood (12)

126 182

1st – Beau Klingensmith, Woodbury Central (11) 1st – Jackson Dewald, Westwood (9)

2nd – TJ Nutt, MVAOCOU (9) 2nd – Sendeska Kalskett, West Monona (10)

3rd – William Gibson West Monona (9) 3rd – Gavin Parks, OABCIG (12)

132 195

1st – Damon Schmid, Kingsley Pierson (10) 1st – Ty Dennison, Woodbury Central (11)

2nd – Tristen Jessen, Woodbury Central (10) 2nd – Darius Gashe, West Monona (12)

3rd – Matt Peters, Lawton Bronson (10) 3rd – Omar Hernandez-Rivera, Westwood (11)

138 220

1st – Hunter Hanner, Westwood (12) 1st – Megaeska Kalskett, West Monona (10)

2nd – Max McGill, Woodbury Central (9) 2nd – Brecken Conover, Ridge View (11)

3rd – Kaden Broer, West Monona (9) 3rd – John Groetken, Woodbury Central (11)

145 285

1st – Jake Nieman, OABCIG (12) 1st – Hunter Soll, MVAOCOU (12)

2nd – Zander Ernst, Ridge View (10) 2nd – Chance Hansen, Ridge View (12)

3rd – E.J. Hildreth, West Monona (12) 3rd – Jacob Leonard, Westwood (11)



All Conference for Twin Lakes Boys 2020

East Sac County 

First Team: 

Camden Schroeder Jr. 

Griffin O'Neil- Jr. 



All Conference for Western Valley Boys 2020

First Team:

Cooper DeJean Jr. OABCIG - Unanimous 

Ben Theelander Sr. Lawton-Bronson- Unanimous 

Garrett Trapp Jr. River Valley- Unanimous

Christian Helbuth Sr. Siouxland Christian

Mathew Christophersen Sr. KP 

Logan Fiege Sr. West Monona

Jonah Deroos Sr. Siouxland Christian

William Grote Sr. OABCIG 

Tyler Towne Jr. River Valley 

Chase Pester Jr. MVOACOU

Mitchell Countryman Sr. Woodbury Central 

Second Team: 

Caleb Kistenmacher Jr. Ridge View 

Gavin DeJager Sr. Lawton Bronson

Bo Clausen Jr. Ridge View 

Dalton DuBois Jr. Siouxland Christian 

Dylan Blake Sr. MVAOCOU

Carter Copple Sr. Westwood 

Cameron Pierson Jr. Siouxland Christian

Austin Trotter Fr. Lawton Bronson

Damon Bowman Sr. KP 

Honorable Mention:

Sam Devitt Sr. OABCIG 



All-Rolling Valley Conference 2020 Basketball Teams 


First Team

Macy Emgarten, Exira-EHK, SO

Quinn Grubbs, Exira-EHK, FR

Sammi Jahde, CAM, SR

Zoey Baylor, CAM, JR

Katelyn Neilsen, Boyer Valley, JR

Danielle Hoyle, Paton-Churdan, JR

Hannah Whitver, Glidden-Ralston, SR

Jadeyn Smith, Ar-We-Va, JR

Second Team

Ellie Schultes, Exira-EHK, SR

Tatum Grubbs, Exira-EHK, JR

Leah Cooper, Boyer Valley, SO

Tessa Steimel, Paton-Churdan, JR

Amanda Foster, Woodbine, JR

Gretchen Wallace, Glidden-Ralston, JR

Leslie Luft, Ar-We-Va, SR

Haley Koch, West Harrison, JR


First Team

Lucas Berens, Boyer Valley, SR

Dylan Berens, Boyer Valley, SR

Gavin Reineke, Boyer Valley, JR

Nate Hensley, CAM, SR

Creighton Nelson, Exira-EHK, SR

Gabe Obert, Coon Rapids-Bayard, SO

Nick Rife, West Harrison, SR

Wyatt Pryor, Woodbine, SR

Second Team

Connor McKee, CAM, JR

Jacob Holste, CAM, SR

Tyler Petersen, Exira-EHK, JR

Dylan Hoefer, Woodbine, SO

Brigham Daniel, Glidden-Ralston, JR

Nathan Brant, Glidden-Ralsston, SR

Kaleb Fisher, Paton-Churdan, SR

Will Ragaller, Ar-We-Va, SO


Substate Finals for Saturday in Class 1A and 2A

Class 1A

Substate 5 @ Knoxville: Nodaway Valley vs. Montezuma 7:00 p.m.

Substate 7 @ Creston: Martensdale-St. Marys vs. Mount Ayr 7:00 p.m.

Substate 8 @ MVAOCOU: St. Albert vs. St. Mary’s, Remsen 7:00 p.m.

Class 2A

Substate 8 @ CB Abraham Lincoln: Treynor vs. Panorama 7:00 p.m.



Iowa State Athletics announces 2020 Cyclone Tailgate Tour stops

AMES, Iowa – The Iowa State Athletics Department announced its stops for the 2020 Cyclone Tailgate Tour.

The 14th annual Cyclone Tailgate Tour, powered by MidAmerican Energy, will be a 12-stop tour throughout the state of Iowa this May. Each stop is open to Cyclone fans of all ages and is FREE to attend.

The Cyclone Tailgate Tour provides the opportunity for Cyclone fans to interact with Iowa State coaches and administrators, including Athletics Director Jamie Pollard, the “Voice of the Cyclones” John Walters, football coach Matt Campbell, men’s basketball coach Steve Prohm, women’s basketball coach Bill Fennelly, volleyball coach Christy Johnson-Lynch and wrestling coach Kevin Dresser.

The family-friendly event allows fans to socialize with other Cyclone fans, and features other special guests including Cy. Kids in attendance will receive a complimentary gift and food and beverages are available for purchase.

Plan to join us at a tour stop near you!

May 11

Carroll, Carroll Country Club | 12:00-1:00 PM

May 11

Council Bluffs, Mid-America Center | 5:30-7:30 PM

May 12

Sioux City, Sioux City Convention Center | 12:00-1:00 PM

May 12

Okoboji, The Roof Garden Ballroom at Arnolds Park | 5:30-7:30 PM

May 13

Sheffield, Sukup Manufacturing Co. | 12:00-1:00 PM

May 13

Clear Lake, Surf Ballroom | 5:30-7:30 PM

May 18

Iowa Falls, Highland Golf Club | 12:00-1:00 PM

May 18

Waterloo, Cedar Valley SportsPlex | 5:30-7:30 PM

May 19

Muscatine, Kent Corporation | 12:00-1:00 PM

May 19

Bettendorf, Quad-Cities Waterfront Convention Center | 5:30-7:30 PM

May 20

Dubuque, Best Western Plus Dubuque Hotel & Conference Center | 12:00-1:00 PM

May 20

Cedar Rapids, Cedar Rapids Marriott | 5:30-7:30 PM


Class 4A Substate SemiFinal Results 

Substate 8

Abraham Lincoln 42, Urbandale 35

Dowling Catholic 50, Lewis Central 23


Monarch Boys advance to Substate Final on Monday

Monarchs (15-8) 53

Winterset 38

Comments- Tonight we knew we were going up against a state ranked team, one of the best players in the state, in a tough road environment,

with a team that implements a funky 2-3 defense that led them to a 3rd place at State a year ago. And our guys showed tremendous poise and

patience in attacking their zone. It started early with outstanding defense led by Damien Magnuson on Easton Darling, then a couple of big 3

pointers by Magnuson and two by Braiden Heiden gave us a 3 possession lead in the 2nd quarter. In the 3rd quarter our bigs and our passing

started to eat up their zone and we were patient and getting good shots all night. Shooting 80% on our 2 point makes was the key in the game and

was our guys executing the game plan both defensively and offensively to a perfection. All around great performance, but our guys are already

onto the next game on Monday vs Harlan at Atlantic.


Tournament Basketball Results from 2-27-20

CLASS 1A District Finals

District 9: Montezuma 66, Keota 48

District 10: Nodaway Valley 57, Central Decatur, Leon 39

District 13: Mount Ayr 58, Bedford 48

District 14: Martensdale-St. Marys 69, CAM, Anita 61

District 15: St. Albert, Council Bluffs 52, Woodbine 43- on KDSN

District 16: St. Mary’s, Remsen 61, Siouxland Christian 53


CLASS 3A Substate Semifinals

Substate 1

Sergeant Bluff-Luton 51, Carroll 39

LeMars 67, MOC-Floyd Valley 61


Substate 8

Denison-Schleswig 53, Winterset 38- on KDSN

Harlan 84, Glenwood 71



Girls High School Class 2A and 1A State Pairings Set

The final brackets for the Girls State Basketball Tournament are set for next week in Des Moines. The Class 1A and 2A pairings were announced shortly after Regional Final play on Wednesday night.


#1 Cascade (25-0) vs. #8 Denver (17-8) Tuesday, March 3rd 6:45 p.m.

#4 Osage (22-2) vs. #5 West Branch (21-3) Tuesday, March 3rd 8:30 p.m.

#2 West Hancok (24-1) vs. #7 Logan-Magnolia Wednesday, March 4th 10:00 a.m.- on KDSN 104.9FM and

#3 North Linn (21-2) vs. #6 Western Christian (17-7) Wednesday, March 4th 11:45 a.m.


CLASS 1A (All Quarterfinals on Wednesday, March 4th)

#1 Newell-Fonda (24-0) vs. #8 St. Albert (13-11) 1:30 p.m.

#4 Montezuma (23-1) vs. #5 Saint Ansgar (21-2) 3:15 p.m.

#2 Marquette Catholic (23-1) vs. #7 Gehlen Catholic (15-9) 5:00 p.m.

#3 Bishop Garrigan (23-1) vs. #6 Martensdale-St. Marys (18-8) 6:45 p.m.



Girls Regional Finals for Class 1A and 2A from 2-26-20


Region 7 @ Harlan

St. Albert 65, Exira-EHK 54

Region 8 @ Cherokee Washington

Newell-Fonda 83, Woodbury Central 50


Region 3 @ Fort Dodge Senior

West Hancock 67, Panorama 28

Region 8 @ Harlan

Logan-Magnolia 36, AHSTW 35- on KDSN 104.9FM 



Girls Regional Finals for Class 1A and 2A tonight 


Region 7 @ Harlan

St. Albert vs. Exira-EHK 8:00 p.m.

Region 8 @ Cherokee Washington

Woodbury Central vs. Newell-Fonda 7:00 p.m.


Region 3 @ Fort Dodge Senior

Panorama vs. West Hancock 7:00 p.m.

Region 8 @ Harlan

AHSTW vs. Logan-Magnolia 6:00 p.m. – on KDSN 104.9FM and



Girls State Basketball Pairings

Following Regional Finals on Tuesday night the brackets have been released for the 2020 Girls Class 4A and 5A State Basketball Tournaments.

Class 4A Quarterfinals (Tuesday, March 3rd)

#1 North Scott (23-0) vs. #8 Clear Creek-Amana (19-4) 11:45 a.m.

#4 Center Point-Urbana (21-2) vs. #5 Waverly-Shell Rock (20-2) 1:30 p.m.

#2 Glenwood (24-0) vs. #7 Gilbert (19-3) 3:15 p.m.

#3 Ballard (22-1) vs. #6 Lewis Central (19-5) 5:00 p.m.


Class 5A Quarterfinals (Monday, March 2nd)

#2 Iowa City HIgh (22-1) vs. #7 Cedar Rapids Prairie (20-3) 10:00 a.m.

#3 Johnston (21-2) vs. #6 Southeast Polk (19-4) 11:45 a.m.

#1 Waukee (21-2) vs. #8 Sioux City East (16-7) 1:30 p.m.

#4 Cedar Falls (19-4) vs. #5 Waterloo West (19-4) 3:15 p.m.


Girls and Boys Tournament Basketball Results from 2-25-20

Regional Final for Girls Tournament Trail 


Region 1 @ Glenwood

Glenwood 86, LeMars 65 (Glenwood’s 3rd ever trip to State)

Region 8 @ Lewis Central

Lewis Central 59, Dallas Center-Grimes 41 (LC’s 8th trip to State)



Region 3 @ Johnston

Johnston 66, CB Abraham Lincoln 45

CLASS 1A District Semifinals

District 14

Martensdale-St. Marys 63, Coon Rapids-Bayard 48

CAM 65, Stanton 51

District 15 @ St. Albert

Woodbine 41, Boyer Valley 39- ON KDSN 

St. Albert 50, IKM-Manning 35- ON KDSN

CLASS 2A District Finals

District 15 @ Harlan

Panorama 82, Kuemper Catholic 70

District 16 @ CB Thomas Jefferson

Treynor 67, Tri-Center 44


State Bowling Results for the Denison-Schleswig Monarchs on Tuesday 2-25-20

Cassidy Bradley

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Total

9 - 9 / 9 / X 7 / 9 / 8 1 X 7 / 9 / 8


9 28 48 68 87 105 114 134 153 171


1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Total

9 / 9 - X 7 / 8 / S 8 - 8 - S 6 2 X X X X


19 28 48 66 84 92 100 108 138 168

Total: 339

Cassidy Bradley participated in the individual portion of the state tournament. She bowled games of 171 and 168. Cassidy had a tough time

knocking pins down. She hit the head pin every single shot except for 1 and would typically leave 1-2 pins. Cassidy’s spare practice helped her out as

she only left 2 opens in the first game and 4 opens in the second. Cassidy finished her high school career on a high note bowling 4 strikes in a row.

She placed 27th overall at the state tournament.

Trey Brotherton

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Total

X 8 / X 9 / X X X 9 / S 8 1 X 9 /


20 40 60 80 110 139 159 177 186 206

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Total

X X S 8 / X X X X X 7 / X 9 /


28 48 68 98 128 158 185 205 225 245

Total: 451

Trey Brotherton participated in the individual portion of the state tournament. He bowled games of 206 and 245. Trey had a tougher time getting the pins to fall in game one more than game two. The range of boards he needed to throw over in order to get a strike was very small whichmeans he needed to be very precise. He finally got into a rhythm during game two and bowled a total of 8 strikes. 5 of those were in a row during themiddle of the game. Trey placed 14th overall at the state tournament.



Boys Class 1A and 2A boys basketball schedule for tonight.

Class 1A and 2A boys basketball teams. Class 1A District Semifinals and Class 2A District Finals are set to be contested around the state. Here is a look a the local schedule.

CLASS 1A District Semifinals

District 14

Coon Rapids-Bayard @ Martensdale-St. Marys 7:00 p.m.

Stanton @ CAM 7:00 p.m. 

District 15 @ St. Albert

Woodbine vs. Boyer Valley 6:30 p.m.- on KDSN 104.9FM and 

IKM-Manning vs. St. Albert 8:00 p.m. pm LDSN 104.9FM and

CLASS 2A District Finals

District 15 @ Harlan

Panorama vs. Kuemper Catholic 7:00 p.m.

District 16 @ CB Thomas Jefferson

Tri-Center vs. Treynor 7:00 p.m.


Girls Class 4A and 5A Regional Finals for tonight

Class 4A and 5A girls basketball teams that are still alive in the playoffs will be fighting to punch their ticket to State tonight in Regional Finals. Here is a look at the area match-ups.


Region 1 @ Glenwood

LeMars vs. Glenwood 7:00 p.m.

Region 8 @ Lewis Central

Dallas Center-Grimes vs. Lewis Central 7:00 p.m.


Region 3 @ Johnston

CB Abraham Lincoln vs. Johnston 7:00 p.m.



Denison-Schleswig beats Creston and advances to Thursday 

Final Score

Monarchs (14-8, 7-3) 63

Creston 42

Monarchs scoring: 

Charlie Wiebers 21- with 33 seconds left in the 2nd quarter, Charlie scores his 1,000th career point. 

Goanar Biliew 16

Damien Magnuson 8

Austin Korner 6

Bryce Fink 5

Jack Mendlik 2

Evan Turin 2

Braiden Heiden 2

Ringo Wol 1

Comments- Tonight was great to see us get off to a good start at both ends in the start of our post season play. We were aggressive on both

ends of the floor and built up a 20-5 lead at the end of the first quarter that we held a double digit lead for most of the game. Creston did make a

run at us in the 2nd quarter. But it was good to see our team respond with a run of our own to end the first half and really take over the game in

the 3rd quarter. Back to back games holding teams to 42 points scored. That is the type of defense that will take us places this time of the year.

Good win, survive and advance mentality and onto the next one at Winterset on Thursday night.



Class 3A and 4A Boys Tournament Basketball Results from 2-24-20


Substate 1

@ Carroll

Sergeant Bluff-Luton 72, Spencer 44

Carroll 69, Estherville Lincoln Central 34


@MOC-FLoyd Valley

MOC-Floyd Valley 65, Storm Lake 50

LeMars 73, Bishop Heelan Catholic, Sioux City 54


Substate 8


@ Winterset

Denison-Schleswig 63, Creston 42- on KDSN

Winterset 83, Clarke 30


@ Glenwood

Glenwood 75, Greene County 40

Harlan 62, Atlantic 59 (OT)




Substate 8


Urbandale 56, Des Moines, Hoover 28

Lewis Central 64, Council Bluffs, Thomas Jefferson 50



High School Substate Basketball Schedule 2-24-20


Substate 1

@ Carroll

Spencer vs. Sergeant Bluff-Luton 6:30 p.m.

Esterville Lincoln Central vs. Carroll 8:00 p.m.


Substate 8

@ Winterset

Creston vs. Denison-Schleswig 6:30 p.m.- on KDSN

Clarke vs. Winterset 8:00 p.m.


@ Glenwood

Greene County vs. Glenwood 6:30 p.m.

Atlantic vs. Harlan 8:00 p.m.



Des Moines Hoover @ Urbandale 7:00 p.m. (Winner plays at CB Abraham Lincoln)

CB Thomas Jefferson @ Lewis Central 7:00 p.m. (Winner plays at Dowling Catholic)


Area College Athlete Update from 2-23-20

Former Boyer Valley runner Zach Ambrose ran to a conference runner-up finish in the 800 on Saturday at the GPAC Indoor Championships running a 1:57.37 to place second behind the winning time of 1:57.00

and former MVAOCOU runner Emalee Fundermann placed 1st in the 800 for Morningside with a 2:19.13 her team in the 4x400 Relay came in 7th. 


Former Harlan and now Iowa State softball player Logan Schaben went 2 for 3 with an RBI a Run and a SB.

Former LoMa and now Sioux Falls softball play Kylan Straight went 1 for 2. 


High School Wrestling Place Winners from 2-22-20


106: 1. Gable Porter (Underwood)

113: 4. Jace Rose (Riverside)

120: 3. Hagen Heistand (Logan-Magnolia); 4. Stevie Barnes (Underwood)

126: 5. Wyatt Reisz (Logan-Magnolia)

132: 6. Zane Ziegler (Underwood); 4. Nate Thomsen (East Sac County)

138: 2. Logan James (Underwood); 8. Jordan Khommanyvong (South Central Calhoun)

145: 1. Nick Hamilton (Underwood)

152: 2. Briar Reisz (Logan-Magnolia); 6. Blake Thomsen (Underwood)

160: 8. Blake McAlister (South Central Calhoun)

170: 5. Bryson Freeberg (Tri-Center)

182: 6. Nick Haynes (Missouri Valley); 7. Jackson Dewald (Westwood)

195: 7. Gavyn Fischer (AHSTW)

220: 8. Luke Mosinski (Audubon)

285: 4. Barret Pitt (Logan-Magnolia)


120: 5. Benjamin Schmitz (Kuemper Catholic)

126: 7. Ethan Lemon (Harlan); 8. Ty Koedam (Sergeant Bluff-Luton)

132: 8. Brayden Curry (Sergeant Bluff-Luton)

138: 4. Isaac Bryan (Sergeant Bluff-Luton)

145: 5. Jake Nieman (OABCIG)

152: 2. Jack Gaukel (Sergeant Bluff-Luton)

160: 7. Justin McCunn (Red Oak)

170: 6. Blake Liebe (Sergeant Bluff-Luton)

182: 2. Jackson Kinsella (Creston-OM)

195: 5. Carter Maynes (Red Oak); 6. Sam Chapman (Creston-OM)

220: 4. Crew Howard (Clarinda)

285: 4. Cale Roller (Atlantic-CAM)


145: 8. Tanner Higgins (Lewis Central)

170: 6. Blake Liebe (Sergeant Bluff-Luton)



High School Girls Basketball Results- 2-22-20

Class 3A Region 1 Championship

Bishop Heelan Catholic, Sioux City 73, Cherokee, Washington 70

Class 3A Region 8 Championship

Red Oak 81, Creston 45

Class 4A Region 1 Semifinals

Glenwood 64, Harlan 44

LeMars 50, Carroll 47, 2OT

Class 4A Region 8 Semifinals

Dallas Center-Grimes 67, ADM, Adel 55

Lewis Central 67, Carlisle 40

Class 5A Region 3 Semifinal

Council Bluffs, Abraham Lincoln 67, Ankeny 53


High School Girls Basketball Tournament Trail from 2-21-20


Region 7

Exira-EHK 60, Stanton 50 

St. Albert 60, Central Decatur 55

Region 8

Newell-Fonda 76, Paton-Churdan 18

Woodbury Central 43, CAM 32


Region 3

West Hancock 67, Clarion-Goldfield-Dows 51

Panorama 69, IKM-Manning 65- on KDSN

Region 8

Logan-Magnolia 48, Mount Ayr 35- on KDSN

AHSTW 63, Nodaway Valley 58



1A and 2A Tournament basketball schedule 2-18-20

The girls Class 1A and 2A basketball playoffs roll on Tuesday night with Regional Quarterfinals being played.


Region 7

Sidney @ Exira-EHK 7:00 p.m.

Audubon @ Stanton 7:00 p.m.

Lenox @ Central Decatur 7:00 p.m.

East Mills @ St. Albert 7:00 p.m.

Region 8

Westwood @ Newell-Fonda 7:00 p.m.-updates on KDSN

Glidden-Ralston @ Paton-Churdan 7:00 p.m.

Woodbine @ Woodbury Central 7:00 p.m.-on KDSN

Riverside @ CAM 7:00 p.m. 


Region 3

Belmond-Klemme @ West Hancock 7:00 p.m.

South Central Calhoun @ Clarion-Goldfield-Dows 7:00 p.m.

AC/GC @ Panorama 7:00 p.m.

East Sac County @ IKM-Manning 7:00 p.m.- on KDSN

Region 8

Tri-Center @ Logan-Magnolia 7:00 p.m.- on KDSN

Earlham @ Mount Ayr 7:00 p.m.

Underwood @ AHSTW 7:00 p.m.

Nodaway Valley @ Treynor 7:00 p.m.

Hinton at West Monona- 7:00p.m.- updates on KDSN


Boys Tournament Basketball Results from 2-17-20


District 15

Ar-We-Va 53, Heartland Christian 32- on KDSN


District 16

Woodbury Central 86, Whiting 28



District 1 @ Rock Valley

Rock Valley 72 MVAOCOU 43- on KDSN 

District 2 @ Sac City 

Alta-Aurelia 60, OABCIG 49- on KDSN

East Sac County 75, Manson NW Webster 45- on KDSN


District 15 @ AC/GC

Kuemper Catholic 69, Underwood 61

AC/GC 103, West Central Valley 47


District 16 @ Clarinda

Shenandoah 60, Red Oak 46

Clarinda 71, Missouri Valley 32



State Boys  Swimming Meet from 2-15-20

Carroll At Iowa City

Carroll has all area high school kids join to make up the team.  

Carroll boys had a good final day of the season dropping times in all 4 events at State on Saturday. The team scored 27 points and finished 19th overall. Trevor Danner moved up in both of his individual events with a 6th place finish in the 50 free. Danner came into the event with a season best 21.39 and swam a 21.14. Danner also did well in the 100 free coming into the day with a 47.73 seed. Danner swam a 46.96 and brought home a 5th place finish. The two relays also saw significant time drops, especially the 400 Free which dropped from a 3:23.45 to a 3:21.61. The team of Jonathan Dose, Ben Englin, Philip Fohrenbach and Trevor Danner were 20th. Those four also swam a 1:31.34 in the 200 Free Relay and were also 20th. The Tigers dropped from a 1:31.55 coming into the day.

Carroll Results

50 Free

6th Trevor Danner                   21.14


100 Free

5th Trevor Danner                   46.96


200 Free Relay

20th Carroll                              1:31.34

Jonathan Dose from ArWeVa, Ben Englin, Phillip Fohrenbach, Trevor Danner


400 Free Relay

20th Carroll                              3:21.61

Jonathan Dose from ArWeVa, Ben Englin, Phillip Fohrenbach, Trevor Danner


Girls Basketball Tournament Trail from 2-15-20

Class 2A Regional First Round

Region 8

Tri-Center 52, Missouri Valley 51

Underwood 52, MVAOCOU 11- On KDSN


Class 3A Regional Quarterfinals

Region 8

Red Oak 68, Shenandoah 55

Atlantic 58, Clarinda 14


Class 3A  Region 3

Roland Story 64 Kuemper 26

Cherokee 80 OABCIG 46- On KDSN



Denison-Schleswig Monarch Wrestling Results from District meet at DCG

Date: 2-15-2020

Location: District Tournament @ DCG

Team Results:

1 Valley - WDM 196.5

2 Ankeny 188.5

3 Dallas Center-Grimes 188

4 Dowling Catholic - Wdm 157

5 Urbandale 115.5

6 Carroll 111

7 Boone 99

8 Denison-Schleswig 50.5


Individual Results

Weight Name Place Won/Lost

106 Kaiden Krajicek DNP Lost by fall 1:19 vs Khyler Carsarphen (Dowling)

Lost by fall 3:50 vs Ethan Smith (Urbandale)

113 Hugo Medina 6th Lost by fall :41 vs Logan Gard (DCG)


Lost by fall 2:37 vs Kayden Carlberg (Urbandale)

120 Juan Chino DNP Lost by fall 1:17 vs Kieran Shawhan (DCG)

Lost 5-11 vs Dominic Quinn (Dowling)

126 Carlos Alvaenga DNP Lost 0-16 vs Colby Burright (Urbandale)

Lost 1-9 vs Isaiah James (Dowling)

132 Manny Garcia-Paz DNP Lost by fall 2:33 vs Logan Shanks (Ankeny0

Lost by fall 4:50 vs Seth Morris (Boone)

138 Luis Mendoza DNP Lost by fall 1:30 vs Carter Drake (Carroll)

Lost by fall 1:43 vs Gavin Moran (DCG)

145 Colton Johnson 5th Lost 4-6 vs Wyatt Oppedahl (Boone)

Won 16-1 vs Hunter Cruchelow (Dowling)

Won 14-6 vs Caden Fenn (DCG)

152 Jordan Von Tersch DNP Lost by fall 1:32 vs Jireh Gallegos (Carroll)

Lost by fall 1:15 vs Kaden Marso (Dowling)

160 Leo Araujo 4th Won by fall 3:04 vs Bobby Cobine (Valley)

Lost by fall :54 vs Luke Fistler (DCG)

Lost 0-6 vs Daniel Rose (Ankeny)


170 Jaxson Hildebrand DNP Lost by fall 3:19 vs Ryan Myers (Valley)

Lost by fall :38 vs Dade Bennethum (Ankeny)

182 Treyton Fender DNP Lost by fall 5:42 vs Cole Pomrenke (Ankeny)

Lost by fall 5:34 vs Cuin Cullen (DCG)

195 Daniel Alcaraz DNP Lost by fall 3:04 vs Colby Bales (Ankeny)

Lost by fall 3:44 vs Colton Teem (Urbandale)


220 Max Rodriguez 3rd Won by fall 3:06 vs Hayden Hearne (Urbandale)

Lost 2-11 vs Ralston Rumley (Dowling)

Won by fall 1:51 vs Brevin Bennett (Boone)

HWT Eric Turcios 4th Won by fall 3:04 vs Adnan Ikeljic (Urbandale)

Lost 2-7 vs Carter Vonnahme (Carroll)

Lost 0-1 vs Bryan Jurado (Valley)


Comments from head coach Nick Bradley

Today was a tough day for the Monarch wrestlers. We were unable to qualify anyone for

the State Tournament. The boys wreslted hard today.We just made some simple mistakes

that put matches out of reach for us. We still have a lot of growing to do as a team. This

was a great learning experience for our young wrestlers. They got to see what it takes to

make the state tournament. I am so thankful for this senior group of boys. They have truly

been leaders on and off the mat this year. They have helped shape who we are as a

program and have helped make this team what it waas this year. As a team, we are very

hopeful for next year. We will be bringing back 11 of the 14 weight classes. We are looking

to grow our knowledge of wrestling in the offeseason to help make next year even better.

As a young team, we alos need to focus on the weight room. We must get stronger in

order to be more competitive next year.


District Wrestling Results and Area State Qualifiers

Iowa Class 1A District 3 at Mapleton 

Logan-Magnolia had 111 points to win the district championship. Missouri Valley took third with 67, and Tri-Center was sixth with 61. state qualifiers below:

113 lbs: Sean Thompson, Logan-Magnolia (1st)

120 lbs: Hagen Heistand, Logan-Magnolia (1st)

126 lbs: Wyatt Reisz, Logan-Magnolia (1st)

132 lbs: Brady Thompson, Logan-Magnolia (2nd)

145 lbs: Eric McIlnay, Missouri Valley (2nd)

152 lbs: Briar Reisz, Logan-Magnolia (1st)

170 lbs: Bryson Freeberg, Tri-Center (1st); Kolby Scott, MVAOCOU 

182 lbs: Nick Haynes, Missouri Valley (1st)

285 lbs: Barret Pitt, Logan-Magnolia (1st); Connor Murray, Missouri Valley (2nd)

Westwood State Qualifiers; Hunter Hanner(2nd), and Jackson Dewald(2nd) 

Iowa Class 1A District 7 at Underwood 

Underwood scored 141.5 points to win the district championship. AHSTW (91), Riverside (62) and Bedford-Lenox (58) were next. Nodaway Valley (39), Treynor (39), Audubon (30), Coon Rapids-Bayard (28), Southwest Valley (23) and St. Albert (16) were 6th through 11th.

state qualifiers below:

 106 lbs: Gable Porter, Underwood (1st); John Schroder, Riverside (2nd)

120 lbs: Stevie Barnes, Underwood (1st); Hayden Fischer, AHSTW (2nd)

132 lbs: Zane Ziegler, Underwood (2nd)

138 lbs: Logan James, Underwood (1st)

145 lbs: Nick Hamilton, Underwood (1st)

152 lbs: Blake Thomsen, Underwood (1st); Jaedan Rasmussen, AHSTW (2nd)

160 lbs: Denver Pauley, AHSTW (2nd)

170 lbs: Cael McLaren, St. Albert (2nd)

182 lbs: Aaron McAlister, Coon Rapids-Bayard (1st)

195 lbs: Gavyn Fischer, AHSTW (1st); Corey Coleman, Treynor (2nd)

220 lbs: Luke Mosinski, Audubon (1st)

285 lbs: Brock Fox, Treynor (2nd)

Iowa Class 2A District 2 at Atlantic

Red Oak won the team title with 98 points while Atlantic-CAM was third with 75. Creston/Orient-Macksburg had 50.5, Harlan finished with 49, Glenwood scored 44, Clarinda had 41, Kuemper had 33.

state qualifiers below:

106 lbs: Easton O’Brien, Atlantic-CAM (2nd)

113 lbs: Aybren Moore, Atlantic-CAM (1st)

120 lbs: Johnathon Erp, Red Oak (1st); Benjamin Schmitz, Kuemper Catholic (2nd)

126 lbs: Joe Weaver, Atlantic-CAM (1st); Ethan Lemon, Harlan (2nd)

132 lbs: Kale Downey, Clarinda (2nd)

138 lbs: Shea Parkis, Kuemper Catholic (2nd)

160 lbs: Justin McCunn, Red Oak (1st)

170 lbs: Carter Bendorf, Harlan (1st); Bruce Lukehart, Red Oak (2nd)

182 lbs: Jackson Kinsella, Creston/O-M (1st); Mitch Mayberry, Glenwood (2nd)

195 lbs: Carter Maynes, Red Oak (1st); Sam Chapman, Creston/O-M (2nd)

220 lbs: Crew Howard, Clarinda (1st); Jesse Schwery, Harlan (2nd)

285 lbs: Cale Roller, Atlantic-CAM (2nd)

Iowa Class 3A District 7 at Johnston 

Lewis Central finished in third with 184 points while Abraham Lincoln had 111 in fifth and Thomas Jefferson scored 30 to finish eighth.

state qualifiers below:

120 lbs: Tanner Wink, Lewis Central (1st)

132 lbs: Aiden Keller, Abraham Lincoln (2nd)

145 lbs: Tanner Higgins, Lewis Central (1st)

State Wrestling First Round Match ups 

State Wrestling 1st Round Matches

Class 1A 113

Kevin King of South Central Calhoun vs Cael Bridgewater of North Linn

Class 1A 132

Nate Thomsen of East Sac Vs Gunnar Larsen of AC-GC

Class 1A 138

Jordan Khommayvong of South Central Calhoun Vs Damon Schmid of KIPI

Class 1A 160

Blake McAlister of South Central Calhoun Vs Aidan Udell of RIC

Class 1A 182

Aaron McAlister of Coon Rapids Bayard Vs BCD

Class 1A 220

Luke Mosinski of Audubon Vs Gideon Rollene of Northwood Kenssett

Brian King of South Central Calhoun Vs Joel Mendoza of Eagle Grove

Class 2A 120

Ben Schmitz of Kuemper Vs Nick Fox of Osage

Class 2A 138

Shae Parkis of Kuemper Vs Micheal Macias of Davenport Assumption

Class 3A 126

Jaxson Kuhlmann of Carroll Vs Thomas Edwards of Johnston

Class 3A 145

Abraham Dirkx of Carroll Vs Tanner Higgens of Lewis Central


Thursday, February 20

Session 1 | Class 3A, 1st Round | 9 a.m.

Session 2 | Class 2A, 1st Round | 1:30 p.m.

Session 3 | Class 1A, 1st Round | 6 p.m.

Friday, February 21

Session 4 | Class 3A & 2A, Quarterfinals | 9 a.m.

Session 5 | Class 1A, Quarterfinals & Class 3A, Semifinals| 2:30 p.m.

Session 6 | Class 2A & 1A, Semfinals | 7:30 p.m.


Saturday, February 22

Session 7 | All Classes, Consolation Semifinals & Finals | 10 a.m.

Session 8 | All Classes, Finals | 6 p.m.



Tournament Girls Basketball Games tonight 

Class 2A Regional First Round
OABCIG @ Cherokee 5:00 p.m.on KDSN 104.9FM
Region 8
Tri-Center @ Missouri Valley 5:00 p.m.
MVAOCOU @ Underwood 7:00 p.m.on KDSN 104.9FM
Class 3A Regional Quarterfinals
Region 8
Shenandoah @ Red Oak 5:00 p.m.
Clarinda @ Atlantic 7:30 p.m.
Nevada @ West Marshall 5:00 p.m.
Clarke @ Creston 5:00 p.m.


Basketball Brackets for boys Class 3A and 4A

The Iowa High School Athletic Association released the playoff brackets for boys Class 3A and 4A basketball on Friday. Substate Quarterfinals are set to be played on Monday, February 24th. Semifinals will be on Friday, February 28th. Finals played on Tuesday, March 3rd.
Here is a look at the area quarterfinal match-ups.
Class 3A
Substate 8
Denison-Schleswig vs. Creston 6:30 pm.- KDSN 104.9FM 
Clarke vs. Winterset 8:00 p.m.
Atlantic vs. Harlan 6:30 p.m.
Greene County vs. Glenwood 8:00 p.m.
Substate 1
Spencer vs. Sergeant Bluff-Luton 6:30 p.m.
Estherville Lincoln Central vs. Carroll 8:00 p.m.
@ MOC-Floyd Valley
Storm Lake vs. MOC-Floyd Valley 6:30 p.m.
Bishop Heelan Catholic vs. LeMars 8:00 p.m.
Class 4A
Substate 8
CB Abraham Lincoln BYE
Des Moines Hoover @ Urbandale 7:00 p.m.
Dowling Catholic BYE
CB Thomas Jefferson @ Lewis Central 7:00 p.m.


High School Basketball Results from 2-14-20



Hawkeye Ten Conference


Glenwood 74, Denison-Schleswig 46
Lewis Central 53, CB Abraham Lincoln 38


Other Scores


ADM 56, Boone 45
Ballard 43, Winterset 28
Carlisle 51, Carroll 44




Hawkeye Ten Conference


Atlantic 69, St. Albert 49
CB Abraham Lincoln 55, Lewis Central 44
Glenwood 68, Denison-Schleswig 55
Harlan 76, Creston 73


Rolling Valley Conference


CAM 59, Nodaway Valley 58
Exira/EH-K 55, Woodward Academy 49


Other Scores


ADM, Adel 67, Boone 39
Sergeant Bluff-Luton 74, CB Thomas Jefferson 36
Westwood, Sloan 63, Akron-Westfield 34
Winterset 70, Ballard 62

East Sac County, 74 Storm Lake St. Mary's 44

Boyer Valley, 72 LoMa 35


District Wrestling going on today across the state

District Wrestling competition will take place across the state today in all classes. The top two wrestlers at each weight class advance on to the State Tournament next Thursday-Saturday in Des Moines.
Competition at all district sites gets underway at noon today
Many of the area Class 1A wrestlers will be competing at Underwood. Wrestlers from AC/GC, AHSTW, Audubon, Bedford-Lenox, Coon Rapids-Bayard, Griswold, Nodaway Valley, Riverside, St. Albert, Treynor, Underwood, and West Central Valley will all be at that site.
Here’s a look at all the district sites. Follow the links to see brackets and other details.
    1. Bettendorf
    2. Dallas Center-Grimes
    3. Des Moines, East
    4. Epworth, Western Dubuque
    5. Fort Dodge
    6. Iowa City, West
    7. Johnston
    8. Marshalltown
    1.  Algona
    2. Atlantic
    3. Ballard, Huxley
    4. Center Point-Urbana
    5. Knoxville
    6. New Hampton
    7. Sheldon
    8. Washington
    1. Denver
    2. English Valleys, North English
    3. MVAOCOU
    4. Pleasantville
    5. Sioux Central
    6. Starmont
    7. Underwood
    8. Wilton


High School Basetkbal Results from 2-13-20

Maryville, Mo. 58, Atlantic 46
East Mills 43, Southwest Valley 29
IKM-Manning 58, Boyer Valley, Dunlap 43
Lewis Central 70, Clarinda 16
Class 1A Region 6 – First Round
Lamoni 50, East Union 45
Martensdale-St. Marys 66, Murray 32
Class 1A Region 7 -First Round
Audubon 77, Orient-Macksburg 37
East Mills 43, Southwest Valley 29
Lenox 51, Bedford 50
Sidney 53, Fremont Mills 36
St. Albert, Council Bluffs 92, Essex 27
Stanton 73, Diagonal 30
Class 1A Region 8 – First Round
CAM 74, Griswold 20
Glidden-Ralston 65, Ar-We-Va 32
Paton-Churdan 67, Coon Rapids-Bayard 56
Riverside 55, Heartland Christian 52
Westwood 93, West Harrison 37
Woodbine 58, Boyer Valley 56
Woodbury Central 86, Whiting 34


Girls Class 4A and 5A Regional basketball pairings released

The Iowa Girls High School Athletic Union released the Regional pairings for Class 4A and 5A basketball on Wednesday.  First round games will be played on February 19th, the Semifinals on February 22nd, and Regional Finals on February 25th. Here is a look at the area match-ups.
Class 4A
Region 1
First Round
Denison-Schleswig @ Harlan- on KDSN 104.9FM 
LeMars @ Sergeant Bluff-Luton
Glenwood vs. Denison/Harlan winner
Carroll vs. Sergeant Bluff-Luton/LeMars winner
Region 8
First Round
Norwalk @ Carlisle
Winterset @ Dallas Center-Grimes
Lewis Central vs. Carlisle/Norwalk winner
ADM vs. Winterset/DC-G winner
Class 4A Pairings
Class 5A
Region 2
First Round
CB Thomas Jefferson @ Des Moines Roosevelt
Des Moines Lincoln @ Dowling Catholic
Sioux City East vs. DM Roosevelt/CB TJ winner
Region 3
First Round
Des Moines North @ Ankeny
Marshalltown @ Johnston
CB Abraham Lincoln vs. Ankeny/DM North winner


IGHSAU Girls Basketball Rankings 02/12/2022
2020 11th Iowa Girls High School Basketball Rankings
Compiled by the Iowa Girls High School Athletic Union
February 12, 2020
Class 1A
School Record LW
1 Newell-Fonda 21-0 1
2 Marquette Catholic 20-1 2
3 North Mahaska 18-2 3
4 Algona Bishop Garrigan 20-1 4
5 Montezuma 20-1 5
6 MMCRU 20-0 6
7 Saint Ansgar 18-2 7
8 Exira-EHK 19-1 8
9 Kingsley-Pierson 17-4 9
10 Springville 17-4 10
11 Burlington Notre Dame 17-4 11
12 Central Decatur 17-3 14
13 Central Elkader 18-3 15
14 AGWSR 16-5 NR
15 Clarksville 18-3 NR
Dropped Out: Woodbury Central (12), Colo-Nesco (13)
Class 2A
School Record LW
1 Cascade 21-0 1
2 West Hancock 21-1 2
3 North Linn 19-1 3
4 MFL-MarMac 18-2 4
5 Osage 19-2 5
6 West Branch 18-3 6
7 Mediapolis 20-1 7
8 Western Christian 14-7 8
9 Van Buren 19-3 10
10 Maquoketa Valley 17-4 10
11 Nodaway Valley 19-2 15
12 Logan-Magnolia 18-3 11
13 AHSTW 18-3 12
14 Emmetsburg 15-5 14
15 Panorama 18-3 13
Dropped Out: None
Class 3A
School Record LW
1 Dike-New Hartford 19-1 1
2 Clear Lake 19-2 4
3 Bishop Heelan 16-4 2
4 Red Oak 18-3 7
5 North Polk 16-5 8
6 Roland-Story 17-3 3
7 Okoboji 20-1 9
8 Crestwood 17-4 5
9 Des Moines Christian 19-2 6
10 Davenport Assumption 12-7 10
11 Cherokee 15-5 13
12 Monticello 16-5 12
13 West Marshall 17-2 14
14 West Liberty 17-4 11
15 Unity Christian 15-6 NR
Dropped Out: Hampton-Dumont-CAL (15)
Class 4A
School Record LW
1 North Scott 19-0 1
2 Marion 19-0 2
3 Glenwood 21-0 3
4 Center Point-Urbana 19-1 4
5 Ballard 18-1 5
6 Waverly-Shell Rock 17-2 6
7 Lewis Central 15-5 7
8 Gilbert 17-3 8
9 Cedar Rapids Xavier 14-6 9
10 Central DeWitt 17-2 10
11 Keokuk 16-3 14
12 Grinnell 14-5 11
13 Mason City 10-10 13
14 ADM 14-5 NR
15 Maquoketa 16-5 NR
Dropped Out: Clear Creek-Amana (12), Knoxville (15)
Class 5A
School Record LW
1 Iowa City High 19-0 1
2 Dowling Catholic 17-3 2
3 Johnston 18-2 3
4 Waukee 17-2 4
5 Cedar Falls 16-4 7
6 Southeast Polk 17-3 5
7 Waterloo West 16-4 8
8 Davenport North 16-2 10
9 Cedar Rapids Prairie 17-3 6
10 Urbandale 14-6 9
11 West Des Moines Valley 13-7 11
12 Ankeny Centennial 11-9 12
13 Ames 10-10 13
14 Council Bluffs Abraham Lincoln 15-5 14
15 Sioux City East 14-6 15
Dropped Out: None


Whats going on in the area for sports tonight
High School Wrestling Schedule

Class 1A Regional Duals
AT LOGAN-MAGNOLIA: Logan-Magnolia vs. Interstate 35 & Missouri Valley vs. Bedford/Lenox On KMA 960, 6:00 PM
AT AHSTW: AHSTW vs. Woodbury Central & Underwood vs. Mount Ayr
AT WEST SIOUX: West Sioux vs. Western Christian & Manson Northwest Webster vs. Westwood, Sloan

Class 2A Regional Duals

AT ATLANTIC: Atlantic-CAM vs. Red Oak & Humboldt vs. Van Meter On KMA-FM 99.1, 6:00 PM
AT SB-LUTON: Sergeant Bluff-Luton vs. MOC-Floyd Valley & Central Lyon vs. West Lyon

Hawkeye Ten Conference
Glenwood at Shenandoah (G)
Western Iowa Conference
IKM-Manning at Audubon (G/B)
AHSTW at Tri-Center (G/B)
Treynor at Underwood (G/B)
Missouri River Conference 
Bishop Heelan Catholic at Abraham Lincoln (G/B)
Non-Conference (Iowa)
Skutt Catholic at Lewis Central (G)
Glenwood at Skutt Catholic (B)
Logan-Magnolia at St. Albert (G)
Fremont-Mills at Woodbine (G/B)
West Harrison at River Valley (G/B)



AP High School Boys Basketball Poll 2-10-20

The Top Ten teams in the Associated Press Iowa high school basketball poll with first-place votes in parentheses 
Class 4A

1. Ankeny Centennial (8)
2. Cedar Falls (1)
3. Waterloo, West (1)
4. Iowa City, West
5. North Scott, Eldridge
6. Waukee
7. Dubuque, Senior
   (tie) Council Bluffs, Abraham Lincoln

9. Valley, West Des Moines
10. Dubuque, Hempstead

Others receiving votes: Ankeny 5. Dowling Catholic, West Des Moines 1. Davenport, North 1. Prairie, Cedar Rapids 1.
Class 3A

1. Carroll (9)
2. Norwalk
3. Assumption, Davenport (1)
4. Mount Vernon (1)
5. Marion
6. Pella
7. Glenwood
8. Clear Lake
9. Winterset
10(tie) MOC-Floyd Valley
Others receiving votes: Central Clinton, De Witt 10. Algona 5. Clear Creek-Amana 5. Keokuk 2. Ballard 1.
Class 2A

1. Treynor (5)
2. North Linn, Troy Mills (4)
3. Van Meter (2)
4. West Sioux, Hawarden
5. Camanche
6. Boyden-Hull
7. Beckman Catholic, Dyersville
8. Monticello
9. Western Christian, Hull
10(tie) Aplington-Parkersburg

Others receiving votes: Albia 11. Osage 10. West Branch 5. Woodward-Granger 5. Tri-Center, Neola 2. A-H-S-TW, Avoca 2. Des Moines Christian 2. Pella Christian 1.
Class 1A

1. Easton Valley (7)
2. WACO, Wayland
3. West Fork, Sheffield (1)
4. South O’Brien, Paullina
6(tie) Bishop Garrigan, Algona (1)
6. Montezuma
7. St. Mary’s, Remsen
8. Lake Mills
9. Martensdale-St. Marys 
10. Notre Dame, Burlington 
Others receiving votes: Boyer Valley, Dunlap 12. Mount Ayr 6. Grand View Christian 2. Meskwaki Settlement School 2. Springville 1. Stanton 1. Newell-Fonda 1. Keota 1.


High School Basketball Results from 2-10-20

Hawkeye Ten Conference
Harlan 73, Atlantic 51
Creston 80, Clarinda 21
Denison-Schleswig 63, Spencer 60
Red Oak 72, Southwest Valley 31
Shenandoah 63, Missouri Valley 36
Western Iowa Conference
IKM-Manning 70, MVAOCOU 31
Logan-Magnolia 63, Riverside 30
Rolling Valley Conference
CAM 51, Paton-Churdan 34
Exira-EHK 61, Boyer Valley 40
Glidden-Ralston 64, West Harrison 44
Woodbine 48, Coon Rapids-Bayard 38
Other Scores
West Monona 55 West Sioux 50
Hawkeye Ten Conference
Harlan 71, Atlantic 41
Creston 64, Clarinda 57
Red Oak 72, Southwest Valley 47
Spencer 53, Denison-Schleswig 39
Western Iowa Conference
IKM-Manning 61, MVAOCOU 38
Logan-Magnolia 64, Riverside 35
Missouri Valley 56, Shenandoah 48
Rolling Valley Conference
Boyer Valley 54, Exira-EHK 33- Dylan Berens with 22pts
West Harrison 81, Glidden Ralston 50
Woodbine 37, Coon Rapids-Bayard 35
OABCIG 67, Cherokee 54

JV Scores

Girls: Spencer 52, Denison-Schleswig 41

Boys: Deniosn-Schleswig 74, Spencer 69



Regional Dual Team Wrestling match-ups set
The top two wrestling teams from each Sectional site in Classes 1A and 2A move on to the Regional Team Duals on Tuesday. Here’s a look at the assignments and sites for that action.
The two winners of the first round duals wrestle in the in the final. The winner of the final advances to State Duals.
At Atlantic
#10 Atlantic vs. #26 Red Oak
#9 Humboldt vs. #25 Van Meter
At Independence
#2 Independence vs. #57 Mount Vernon
#12 Charles City vs. #17t Gilbert
At Osage
#4 Osage vs. NR Forest City
#11 Crestwood, Cresco vs. #13t Emmetsburg
At Sergeant Bluff-Luton
#5 Sergeant Bluff-Luton vs. NR MOC-Floyd Valley
#13t Central Lyon, Rock Rapids vs. #29 West Lyon, Inwood
At Union, LaPorte City
#6 Union, LaPorte City vs. #42 South Tama County, Tama
#8 Assumption, Davenport vs. #31 Iowa Falls-Alden
At West Delaware, Manchester
#1 West Delaware, Manchester vs. NR Anamosa
#17t Solon vs. #30 Camanche
At Williamsburg
#3 Williamsburg vs. NR Mount Pleasant
#16 Bondurant-Farrar vs. #48 North Polk, Alleman
At Winterset
#7 Winterset vs. NR Knoxville
#21 Harlan vs. #23 Eddyville-Blakesburg-Fremont
The two winners of the first round duals wrestle in the in the final. The winner of the final advances to State Duals.
At AHSTW, Avoca
#13 AHSTW, Avoca vs. #8 Woodbury Central, Moville
#7 Underwood vs. NR Mount Ayr
At Clarion-Goldfield-Dows
#9 Clarion-Goldfield-Dows vs. NR ACGC
#11 Nashua-Plainfield vs. #47 Martensdale-St. Marys
At Denver
#6 Denver vs. #26 Beckman Catholic, Dyersville
#12 New London vs. #21 Colfax-Mingo
At Don Bosco, Gilbertville
#2 Don Bosco, Gilbertville vs. NR Highland, Riverside
#18 Wilton vs. #38 Alburnett
At Lake Mills
#5 Lake Mills vs. #38 Wapsie Valley, Fairbank
#10 West Hancock, Britt vs. #24 South Winneshiek, Calmar
At Lisbon
#1 Lisbon vs. NR Wapello
#20 Iowa Valley, Marengo vs. #23 Bellevue Plaine
At Logan-Magnolia
#4 Logan-Magnolia vs. #38 Interstate 35, Truro#
14 Missouri Valley vs. #27 Bedford/Lenox
At West Sioux, Hawarden
#3 West Sioux, Hawarden vs. NR Western Christian, Hull
#15 Manson Northwest Webster vs. #22 Westwood, Sloan


High School Wrestling Sectional Results from 2-08-20

East Sac and South Central Calhoun At Woodbury Central- Class 1A Sectional 6
South Central Calhoun and East Sac combined for seven Sectional Champs on Saturday with the Titans having four and the Raiders finishing with three. Kevin King at 113, Jordan Khommanyvong at 138, Blake McAlister at 160 and Brian King at 220 all won their weight classes for South Central Calhoun. All four wrestlers went 2-0 with both Kevin and Brian King winning both of their matches by fall. McAlister had a win by fall and a major decision 13-5 and Khommayvong added a win by fall and a major decision 14-3. For East Sac Kipp Corbin at 285, Sterling Rodman at 170 and Nathan Thomsen at 132 all were Sectional champs with Corbin and Thomsen going 2-0. Corbin had two wins by fall and Thomsen had a tech fall win of 20-4. Rodman went 3-0 and won all three of his matches by fall. The Titans nearly sent two more guys with Landon Schleisman at 170 and Hunter Voith at 182 both taking home 3rd.

Team Scores
    1. Woodbury Central 217
    2. Westwood 186
    3. South Central Calhoun 162
    4. Alta Aurelia 134
    5. Hinton 132.5
    6. East Sac 128.5
    7. Akron Westfield 106.5
    8. Lawton Bronston 50

Audubon and Coon Rapids Bayard At AC-GC- Class 1A Sectional 13
Audubon advanced two of their six wrestlers to Districts next week in Underwood while Coon Rapids Bayard had both Aaron McAlister and Kale Pevestorf advance making the Crusaders two for two on the day. Luke Mosinski made quick work of his opponents for the Wheelers at 220. Winning both of his matches by fall to claim a sectional title. Javyn Bladt went 1-1  at 160 and took runner-up and didn’t have to wrestle back. He victory was by fall. Audubon nearly sent a 3rd but Cooper Nielsen at 182 lost in the Consolation Final for 2nd to Aaron McAlister of Coon Rapids Bayard. McAlister went 2-1 with a win by fall and a tech fall win of 16-0. He took runner-up at the sectional and advances while Nielsen finished in 3rd. Kale Pevestorf at 195 will join his teammate as a sectional runner-up going 1-1 on the day and didn’t have to wrestle back.
Team Standings
    1. AC-GC 162
    2. Bedford Lenox 154
    3. West Central Valley 153
    4. Nodaway Valley 135
    5. SW Valley 131
    6. Audubon 80
    7. Griswold 39
    8. Coon Rapids Bayard 35.5
Kuemper At ADM- Class 2A Sectional 3
Kuemper had three wrestlers advance to the district meet on Saturday, February 15th at Atlantic. Ben Schmitz and Cal Wanninger are Sectional Champs with both wrestlers going 2-0 on the day. Wanninger did have a win by fall. Schmitz wrestled at 120 and Wanninger at 220. Shae Parkis also advanced with a 2nd place finish at 138 and went 3-1 on the day with a win by fall. Collin Wiederin finished the season just short of districts taking home 3rd at 160.
Team Standings
    1. Winterset 214
    2. Atlantic 206.5
    3. Creston 170.5
    4. Greene County 146
    5. Panorama 120
    6. Kuemper 110
    7. ADM 104

1A Section 5 @ Missouri Valley 2/08/2020 

Logan-Magnolia won the sectional with 278 points while Missouri Valley had 213 to advance to regional duals
Team Scores
1 Logan-Magnolia  278.0
2 Missouri Valley  213.0
3 West Monona - Onawa  211.0
4 Tri-Center - Neola  110.0
5 MVAOCOU  92.0
6 Woodbine  90.0
7 West Harrison - Mondamin  26.0

Class 2A Sectional 4 at Glenwood
Harlan and Red Oak are both moving to regional duals after scoring 218 and 211 points, respectively, to finish in the top two spots.

Class 2A Sectional 13 at Sergeant Bluff-Luton
Sergeant Bluff-Luton had 254.5 points to win the sectional and advance to regional duals along with runner-up MOC-Floyd Valley.


Boys District Swimming Results Saturday 2-08-20
Carroll At Fort Dodge
Carroll had a great day qualifying four events to the State Swim Meet and having Trevor Danner named the District Swimmer of the Year.  Danner is a part of all four events that are headed to State and broke two school records on Saturday. He broke the record in the 50 Free with his time of 21.39 and then broke the record in the 100 Free with a 47.73. Danner qualified 6th in the 50 and 7th in the 100. He won’t be alone there as the Tigers are sending both the 200 and 400 Free Relays. The 200 Free Relay features Jonathan Dose, Ben Englin, Phillip Fohrenbach and Danner while the 400 Free Relay has Jonathan Dose, Ben Englin, Phillip Fohrenbach and Danner. Carroll came out sharp and had time drops all meet long.
Team Standings
    1. Waukee 480
    2. Ames 432
    3. Sioux City Metro 301
    4. Carroll 199
    5. Spencer 190
    6. Boone 176
    7. Fort Dodge 104
    8. Storm Lake 44


Denison-Schleswig Monarch Bowling Results from 2-08-20

 Girls Results
Both the girls Varsity and JV teams won their matches against Creston. Cassidy Bradley had the high series of 376 for the Varsity with games
of 177 and 199. Natalie Castillo was close behind her with a series of 364. She had games of 159 and 205. Other high games were Julia Nollen with a
165 and Payton Mathies with a 168. Their total for round 1 was 1670. Abby Gehlsen had the high series of 272 on JV with games of 136 and 136.
Other high games for JV were Kelsey Jorgensen with a 124, Kailee Jorgensen with a 136, Ashely Rivas with a 127, and Bobbi Jepsen with a 122.
Their total for round 1 was 1309.
The varsity girls went into their baker games with a 182 pin lead over Creston. They bowled baker games of 138, 144, 149, 162, and 131 for a
total of 724. Their final score was 2394 beating Creston by 154 pins. The JV girls went into bakers ahead by only 85 pins. After a low baker game of
73 that lead dropped to 12 pins. They managed to keep it close, bowling games of 132, 92, and 135. Abby Gehlsen threw a turkey in the 10th frame
of their last baker game to finish with a 139. Their final score was 1724 beating Creston by 35 pins.
Boys Results
Both the boys Varsity and JV teams won their matches against Creston. Blake Polzin had the high series of 419 for the Varsity with games of
267 and 152. Blake threw a total of 9 strikes and two spares during his first game. Other high games were Lucas Segebart with 182 and 182, Patrick
Purdy with 211, and Kyle Segebart with 243. Their total for round 1 was 1848. Christian Schmadeke had the high series of 362 on JV with games of
216 and 146. Other high games for JV were Conner Collins with a 152, Derek Scheuring with a 175, Josh Holm with a 155, and Devin Fink with a
162. Their total for round 1 was 1563.
The varsity boys went into their baker games with a 183 pin lead over Creston. They bowled baker games of 174, 210, 217, 171, and 183 for a
total of 955. Their final score was 2803 beating Creston by 378 pins. The JV boys bowled great baker games of 123, 176, 165, 174, and 148. Their
total for round 2 was 786. They ended up beating Creston with a final score of 2349.



High School Basketball Scores from Saturday 2-08-20

Bishop Heelan 70, Kuemper 27
Carroll 77, Greene County 9
Lewis Central 47, Norwalk 25
Red Oak 80, St. Albert, 76, OT
Riverside, Oakland 39, Heartland Christian 36
Bishop Heelan 53, Kuemper 52
Carroll 81, Greene County 52
Riverside, Oakland 49, Heartland Christian 20
St. Albert, Council Bluffs 61, Red Oak 36
OABCIG 79, Siouxland Christian 65- WVC Tournament Champs-Falcons where lead by Cooper DeJean with 43points.



High School Basketball Results from 2-07-20


Hawkeye Ten Conference

Denison-Schleswig 67, Atlantic 55

Creston 82, Red Oak 40

Glenwood 60, St. Albert, Council Bluffs 59 (OT)

Kuemper Catholic 77, Shenandoah 43

Lewis Central 72, Harlan 62 (LC now in 1st place in Hawkeye Ten)


Western Iowa Conference

IKM-Manning 47, Logan-Magnolia 42

Treynor 75, AHSTW 46

Tri-Center 68, Riverside 34

Underwood 71, Missouri Valley 54


Rolling Valley Conference

CAM, Anita 73, Exira/EH-K 53

Glidden-Ralston 62, Coon Rapids-Bayard 49


Other Scores

Carroll 71, Boone 60

CB Abraham Lincoln 63, SC East 45

Winterset 59, Carlisle 43



Hawkeye Ten Conference

Denison-Schleswig 46, Atlantic 40

Glenwood 79, St. Albert 57

Kuemper Catholic 59, Shenandoah 42

Lewis Central 54, Harlan 47

Red Oak 55, Creston 35


Western Iowa Conference

AHSTW 39, Treynor 33 (AHSTW clinches share of WIC title)

IKM-Manning 37, Logan-Magnolia 28

Tri-Center 66, Riverside 45

Underwood 78, Missouri Valley 19


Rolling Valley Conference

Boyer Valley 66, West Harrison 50

Coon Rapids-Bayard 25, Glidden-Ralston 20 (OT)

Exira-EHK vs CAM (Cancelled due to Exira-EHK illnesses)


Other Scores

Carroll 49, Boone 24

Sioux City East 48, CB Abraham Lincoln 42

Winterset 53, Carlisle 36



IHSAA releases 2020 football districts, playoffs to stay the same 

The Iowa High School Athletic Association has released the football district assignments for the upcoming 2020 season. The Association also announced that the playoff format for the 2020 season will remain unchanged with 16 qualifiers in each class. There had been some rumblings and discussion of possibly increasing the number of postseason qualifiers once again but that will not happen at this time. Full schedules for teams are expected to be released in March.

The 2020 season is schedule to begin with a Week 1 date of August 27th-28th. The 2020 postseason will begin on Friday, October 30th for all classes. The IHSAA RPI will continue to be used for ranking at-large qualifiers for the postseason. Schedules are set to be released on just a one-year cycle.

Class 4A will have a different setup this season using a success model schedule. 

Here is a look at districts featuring area teams. Follow the links below for the full district listings for each class.

Class 8-Player

District 1: GTRA, Harris-Lake Park, Kingsley-Pierson, Newell-Fonda, River Valley, Siouxland Christian/Whiting, St. Mary's Remsen, West Bend-Mallard

District 8: Ar-We-Va, Audubon, Boyer Valley, Coon Rapids-Bayard, Exira-EHK, Glidden-Ralston, West Harrison, Woodbine.

Class A

District 9: AHSTW, Riverside, Sidney, Southwest Valley, St. Albert, Tri-Center.

District 10: IKM-Manning, Logan-Magnolia, Ridge View, West Monona, Westwood, Woodbury Central.

Class 1A

District 2: Belmon-Klemme, Clarion-Goldfield-Dows, Eagle Grove, Pocahontas Area, South Central Calhoun, Southeast Valley,Gowrie

District 8: AC/GC, Kuemper Catholic, Panorama, Van Meter, West Central Valley, Woodward-Granger.

District 9: East Sac County, Missouri Valley, MVAOCOU, OABCIG, Treynor, Underwood.

Class 2A

District 9: Atlantic, Clarinda, Des Moines Christian, Greene County, Red Oak, Shenandoah.

Class 3A

District 9: Carroll, Creston/O-M, Denison-Schleswig, Glenwood, Harlan, Lewis Central.

District 1: Bishop Heelan, Boyden-Hull/Rock Valley, LeMars, Sergeant Bluff-Luton, Spencer, Storm Lake

Class 4A

Group 1: Dowling Catholic, Urbandale, Fort Dodge, Des Moines Roosevelt, CB Abraham Lincoln, Sioux City North.

Group 3: WDM Valley, Ankeny, Indianola, Sioux City East, CB Thomas Jefferson, Sioux City West.



Basketball Results from Thursday 2-6-20


Hawkeye Ten Conference

Clarinda 53, West Nodaway 39


Western Iowa Conference

Audubon 53, CAM 45

IKM-Manning 67, Boyer Valley 29

Underwood 53, Fremont-Mills 32


Rolling Valley Conference

Ar-We-Va 54, West Harrison 53-Rockets-Smith 17pts, Schurke 12pts



Western Iowa Conference

Tri-Center 58, CB Thomas Jefferson 46


Rolling Valley Conference

CAM 52, Audubon 48

Madrid 95, Glidden-Ralston 57

West Harrison 70, Ar-We-Va 47-Rockets Will Ragaller with 16pts


9th Grade Results 

9th grade boys Denison-Schleswig fell to CB AL 51-28

9th grade girls CB AL over Denison-Schleswig 53-18


Middle School Results 

8th Grade Girls Denison-Schleswig vs. Harlan

A Game Harlan 27-20

B Game Harlan 33-6


7th Grade Girls Denison-Schleswig vs. Harlan

A Game Harlan 50-30

B Game Harlan 19-10


Denison-Schleswig Splits in Wrestling at Home Last Night 

Match #1 Council Bluffs - AL

Final Score 52-30 Denison-Schleswig

Weight Denison Opponent Result

106 Kaiden Krajicek Connor Hytrek Winner by fall (1:51)

113 Hugo Medina OPEN Winner by forfeit

120 OPEN Jose Avalos Loss by forfeit

126 Carlos Alvarenga Seth Frush Loss by fall (2:22)

132 Manny Garcia-Paz Aiden Keller Loss by fall (3:11)

138 Luis Mendoza Taylor Owens Winner by fall (1:49)

145 Colton Johnson Austin Mattice Winner by fall (1:21)

152 Jordan Von Tersch Cam Erickson Loss by fall (3:03)

160 Leo Araujo Jude Ryan Loss by fall (3:03)

170 Jaxson Hildebrand Kent Hyde Winner by fall (1:14)

182 Treyton Fender River Petry Winner by fall (1:55)

195 Danny Alcaraz Warren Summers Winner by fall (1:36)

220 Max Rodriguez Gabriel Daniels Winner by MD 12-4

285 Eric Turcios OPEN Winner by forfeit

Match #2 Storm Lake

Final Score 48-30 Storm Lake

Weight Denison Opponent Result

106 Kaiden Krajicek Biruk Zemene Winner by fall (1:28)

113 Hugo Medina Andrew Kutz Loss by fall (1:58)

120 OPEN Danney John Loss by forfeit

126 Carlos Alvarenga Edwin Vasquez Loss by fall (1:24)

132 Manny Garcia-Paz Julian Cortes Winner by decision (9-6)

138 Luis Mendoza Eh Tha Dah Htoo Loss by fall (3:00)

145 Colton Johnson Tate Mattson Loss by fall (3:28)

152 Jordan Von Tersch Nick Oleson Loss by fall (0:58)

160 Leo Araujo Tegan Mattson Winner by fall (0:48)

170 Jaxson Hildebrand Kole Wiegert Winner by fall (5:29)

182 Treyton Fender Brendon Todd Winner by fall (2:36)

195 Danny Alcaraz Colton Dreith Loss by fall (1:27)

220 Max Rodriguez Gabe Barnett Loss by fall (1:56)

285 Eric Turcios Deshawn Amida Winner by decision (3-2)

Comments from the Coaching Staff

The Monarchs probably wrestled their best duals of the season and went 1-1 on senior night in

Denison. It is great to see kids' hard work pay off by having success. Kaiden Krajicek, Jaxson

Hildebrand, and Treyton Fender all went 2-0 on the night with all six wins coming by way of fall.

Our kids beat the kids they were supposed to beat and competed their way into contention or wins

when they may have been overmatched. The energy of the gym was fantastic and it was great to

see the kids and fans support not only the seniors, but the entire team. We will most definitely use

this momentum as a builing block and look to carry it into districts on February 15th at Dallas Center Grimes. 



Denison-Schleswig Bowling Results from 2-06-20

Girls Results

Both the girls varsity and JV teams won their matches against Sioux City East. Cassidy Bradley had the high series of 427 for the Varsity with

games of 233 and 194. Her first game she started off with 4 strikes in a row and later threw a turkey for a total of 7 strikes that game. Other high

games for the Varsity were Amber Irwin with a 182, Kaitlyn Pieper with a 179, Payton Mathies with a 191, and Natalie Castillo with a 187. Their

total for round 1 was 1777. Abby Gehlsen had the high series of 304 on JV with games of 138 and 166. Other high games for JV were Bobbi Jepsen

with a 141, Gracie Schurke with a 136, and Emma Schurke with a 140. Their total for round 1 was 1307.

The varsity girls went into their baker games with a 502 pin lead over Sioux City East. They bowled baker games of 143, 135, 156, and 153.

They finished their final baker game with a great score of 188. Their total for round 1 was 775. Their final score was 2552 beating Sioux City East by

693 pins. This is the Varsity’s highest match score of the season. The JV girls went into bakers with a 297 pin lead over Sioux City East. They

bowled baker games of 108, 138, 115, and 109. Their final baker game was an outstanding score of 171. Their total for round 2 was 641. Their final

score was 1948 beating Sioux City East by 402 pins.

Boys Results 

Both the boys Varsity and JV teams won their matches against Sioux City East. Trey Brotherton had the high series of 468 for Varsity with

games of 255 and 213. Trey started his first game with 5 strikes in a row and ended with 5 strikes in a row for a total of 10 strikes that game. Other

high games for the Varsity were Blake Polzin with a 198, Lucas Segebart with a 210, Jacob Miller with a 233, Patrick Purdy with a 240, and Kyle

Segebart with a 224. As a team, they bowled a total of 37 strikes the first game and a total of 40 strikes the second. Their total for round 1 was 2115.

Harrison Dahm had the high series of 387 for the JV with games of 164 and 223. Other high games for the JV were Derek Scheuring with a 172,

Devin Fink with a 169, and Parker Bekkerus with a 209. Their total for round 1 was 1617.

The varsity boys were ahead by 449 pins going into bakers. The baker games were 165, 214, 163, 192, and 161. Their total for round 2 was

895. They ended up beating Sioux City East by 437 pins. Their final score was 3010. The JV boys went into bakers ahead 86 pins. They bowled

games of 126, 116, 222, 153, and 200. In their third game, the boys bowled 7 strikes in a row to help them achieve their 222 game. They ended up

beating Sioux City East by 145 pins. Their final score was 2434.



Class 1A-Region 8 

Class 1A - Region 8

Westwood Community School

Westwood vs. West Harrison


7:00 PM


Paton-Churdan Community School

Paton-Churdan vs. Coon RapidsBayard


7:00 PM

Glidden-Ralston High School

Glidden-Ralston vs. Ar-We-Va


7:00 PM


Woodbury Central Community School

Woodbury Central vs. Whiting


7:00 PM


Boyer Valley Middle/High School

Boyer Valley vs. Woodbine


7:00 PM


CAM High School

CAM vs. Griswold


7:00 PM


Newell-Fonda Community School

Newell-Fonda vs. winner of Westwood/West Harrison 2/18 7:00 PM

Class 1A - Region 7

Audubon High School

Audubon vs. OrientMacksburg


7:00 PM


St. Albert Catholic Schools

St. Albert vs. Essex


7:00 PM


Exira-EHK High School

Exira-EHK plays winner of Sidney/Fremont Mills 2/18 7:00 PM


Class 2A - Region 1

West Monona High School

West Monona vs. winner of Lawton-Bronson/Hinton 2/18

7:00 PM


Class 2A - Region 8

Missouri Valley High School

Missouri Valleyvs.Tri-Center


5:00 PM


Underwood High School

Underwood vs.MVAOCOU


7:00 PM


Nodaway Valley High School

Nodaway Valley vs. Treynor


7:00 PM


Logan Magnolia Community Schools

Logan-Magnolia vs. winner of Missori Valley/Tri-Center 2/18

7:00 PM

Class 3A - Region 1

Bishop Heelan Catholic High School

Bishop Heelan vs. Sheldon


5:00 PM


Cherokee Washington High School

Cherokee vs. OABCIG


5:00 PM

Class 3A - Region 3

Roland-Story High School

Roland-Story vs. Kuemper Catholic


5:00 PM


Class 3A - Region 8

Red Oak Jr.-Sr. High School

Red Oak vs. Shenandoah


5:00 PM

Atlantic High School

Atlantic vs. Clarinda


7:30 PM


Creston High School

Creston vs. Clarke


5:00 PM



Iowa Girls High School Basketball Rankings 

2020 10th Iowa Girls High School Basketball Rankings

Compiled by the Iowa Girls High School Athletic Union

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – February 5, 2020

Class 1A

School Record LW

1 Newell-Fonda 18-0 1

2 Marquette Catholic 17-1 2

3 North Mahaska 15-2 3

4 Algona Bishop Garrigan 18-1 4

5 Montezuma 17-1 5

6 MMCRU 18-0 6

7 Saint Ansgar 16-2 7

8 Exira-EHK 18-1 8

9 Kingsley-Pierson 16-3 13

10 Springville 16-3 15

11 Burlington Notre Dame 16-3 9

12 Woodbury Central 14-4 10

13 Colo-Nesco 15-3 NR

14 Central Decatur 14-3 NR

15 Central Elkader 17-3 14

Dropped Out: East Buchanan (11), Council Bluffs St. Albert (12)

Class 2A

School Record LW

1 Cascade 18-0 1

2 West Hancock 21-0 2

3 North Linn 17-1 3

4 MFL-MarMac 18-2 5

5 Osage 16-2 4

6 West Branch 16-3 9

7 Mediapolis 18-1 10

8 Western Christian 12-7 7

9 Maquoketa Valley 16-3 12

10 Van Buren 18-3 6

11 Logan-Magnolia 16-2 14

12 AHST 16-2 8

13 Panorama 15-2 13

14 Emmetsburg 14-4 15

15 Nodaway Valley 17-2 NR

Dropped Out: Mount Ayr (11)

Class 3A

School Record LW

1 Dike-New Hartford 17-1 1

2 Bishop Heelan 14-3 3

3 Roland-Story 15-2 5

4 Clear Lake 16-2 4

5 Crestwood 15-3 2

6 Des Moines Christian 17-1 7

7 Red Oak 15-3 8

8 North Polk 13-5 6

9 Okoboji 18-1 9

10 Davenport Assumption 12-5 12

11 West Liberty 16-3 11

12 Monticello 14-4 15

13 Cherokee 14-5 NR

14 West Marshall 15-2 13

15 Hampton-Dumont-CAL 16-2 NR

Dropped Out: West Burlington (10), Jesup (14)

Class 4A

School Record LW

1 North Scott 17-0 1

2 Marion 17-0 2

3 Glenwood 18-0 4

4 Center Point-Urbana 17-1 3

5 Ballard 16-1 5

6 Waverly-Shell Rock 15-2 9

7 Lewis Central 12-5 7

8 Gilbert 15-3 8

9 Cedar Rapids Xavier 12-6 6

10 Central DeWitt 15-1 10

11 Grinnell 13-3 11

12 Clear Creek-Amana 14-3 13

13 Mason City 9-9 12

14 Keokuk 14-3 15

15 Knoxville 17-1 NR

Dropped Out: Bondurant-Farrar (14)

Class 5A

School Record LW

1 Iowa City High 16-0 1

2 Dowling Catholic 16-3 2

3 Johnston 16-2 4

4 Waukee 15-2 5

5 Southeast Polk 17-1 6

6 Cedar Rapids Prairie 16-1 3

7 Cedar Falls 13-4 7

8 Waterloo West 14-4 8

9 Urbandale 13-5 9

10 Davenport North 13-2 10

11 West Des Moines Valley 11-7 11

12 Ankeny Centennial 9-9 13

13 Ames 9-9 12

14 Council Bluffs Abraham Lincoln 14-4 14

15 Sioux City East 13-5 15

Dropped Out: None



2020 College Decision for OABCIG Player 

On Tuesday OABCIG's Senior Sam Devitt announced on this twitter page he will play football next season at the University of Sioux Falls. 



Bowlling Results from 2-04-20

OABCIG beats Sioux Center by 633pins with a score of 2,363- top bowler was Darian Hannel with a 393

JV Boys OABCIG won by 493 pins with a score of 2,010. 


High School Basketball Results from 2-04-20


Hawkeye Ten Conference

Red Oak 66, Atlantic 31

Denison-Schleswig 61, Creston 44- on KDSN

Glenwood 70, Shenandoah 36

Harlan 63, Kuemper Catholic 28

WDM Valley 68, Lewis Central 57


Western Iowa Conference

AHSTW 62, St. Albert 51 (Kinsey Scheffler reaches 1,000 career points)

IKM-Manning 54, Missouri Valley 20

Logan-Magnolia 38, Audubon 23

Treynor 66, Riverside 29


Rolling Valley Conference

Exira-EHK 70, Ar-We-Va 30

Paton-Churdan 62, Boyer Valley 40

Woodbine 61, CAM 58


Other Scores

ADM 68, Carroll 53

Bishop Heelan 63, Council Bluffs Thomas Jefferson 38

Council Bluffs Abraham Lincoln 55, Sioux City West 46

Pocahontas Area 50, East Sac County 43



Hawkeye Ten Conference

Atlantic 63, Red Oak 40

Denison-Schleswig 63, Creston 46-on KDSN

Elkhorn, NE 40, St. Albert 26

Glenwood 81, Clarinda 59

Harlan 73, Kuemper Catholic 66


Western Iowa Conference

IKM-Manning 67, Missouri Valley 47

Logan-Magnolia 68, Audubon 48

Treynor 76, Riverside 53

Tri-Center 57, Underwood 41


Rolling Valley Conference

CAM 44, Woodbine 38

Exira-EHK 65, Ar-We-Va 59 OT

Boyer Valley 61, Paton-Churdan 35


Other Scores

Carroll 65, ADM 61

CB Abraham Linconl 67, Sioux City West 66

Pocashontas Area 70, East Sac County 68

Ridge View 51 Woodbury Central 50

Westwood 54 MVAOCOU 48

OABCIG 48 Kingsley-Pierson 40


AP Boys High School Basketball Poll 2-03-20

The Top Ten teams in the Associated Press Iowa high school basketball poll with first-place votes in parentheses and won-loss record, total points and position last week at right:


Class 4A

Record Pts Prv

1. Iowa City, West (8) 13-1 106 1

2. Ankeny Centennial (2) 15-1 95 4

3. Dubuque, Senior (1) 13-1 83 5

4. Waterloo, West 13-2 71 7

5. North Scott, Eldridge 14-1 57 6

6. Cedar Falls 11-2 56 2

7. Council Bluffs, Abraham Lincoln 16-1 47 8

8. Waukee 11-2 46 3

9. Dubuque, Hempstead 12-3 14 9

10. Valley, West Des Moines 11-5 11 NR

Others receiving votes: Ankeny 7. Indianola 5. Davenport, Central 4. Sioux City, East 3.


Class 3A

Record Pts Prv

1. Marion (7) 15-1 103 2

2. Carroll (1) 13-1 91 4

(tie) Assumption, Davenport (3) 12-2 91 3

4. Norwalk 12-3 74 1

5. Mount Vernon 14-2 64 6

6. Pella 12-4 45 5

7. Glenwood 12-3 38 8

8. Clear Lake 14-2 35 10

9. MOC-Floyd Valley 14-3 27 7

10. Winterset 12-3 12 9

Others receiving votes: Center Point-Urbana 6. Algona 5. Clear Creek-Amana 5. Keokuk 4. Central Clinton, De Witt 3. Ballard 1. Le Mars 1.


Class 2A

Record Pts Prv

1. West Sioux, Hawarden (8) 17-0 107 1

2. Treynor 16-1 89 2

3. North Linn, Troy Mills (2) 16-0 86 3

4. Van Meter (1) 17-0 81 5

5. Camanche 14-2 64 4

6. Boyden-Hull 15-2 48 7

7. Beckman Catholic, Dyersville 14-3 36 6

8. Aplington-Parkersburg 14-1 25 10

9. West Branch 14-1 24 8

10. Western Christian, Hull 13-3 20 9

Others receiving votes: Monticello 9. Des Moines Christian 4. A-H-S-TW, Avoca 4. Albia 3. Osage 2. Pella Christian 2. South Central Calhoun 1.


Class 1A

Record Pts Prv

1. Easton Valley (6) 15-0 102 1

2. WACO, Wayland (3) 17-0 92 2

3. West Fork, Sheffield (1) 17-1 86 3

4. Lake Mills 16-1 77 4

5. Bishop Garrigan, Algona (1) 15-2 56 6

6. South O’Brien, Paullina 15-2 50 9

7. St. Mary’s, Remsen 14-2 40 7

8. Montezuma 14-2 23 5

9. Martensdale-St. Marys 15-2 22 8

10. Boyer Valley, Dunlap 15-1 11 NR

Others receiving votes: Don Bosco, Gilbertville 8. Notre Dame, Burlington 7. Springville 7. Highland, Riverside 6. Lamoni 5. Mount Ayr 4. Newell-Fonda 2. Pekin 2. Belle Plaine 2. Madrid 1. Siouxland Community Christian 1. Meskwaki Settlement School 1.



High School Basketball Scores from Monday 2-3-20


Glenwood 72, Shenandoah 39


Creston 62, Martensdale-St. Marys 60

East Mills 58, West Harrison 26

Exira-EHK 47, Audubon 46

Glenwood 57, Treynor 16

Grandview Christian, Mo. 57, Coon Rapids-Bayard 27

Harlan 64, Atlantic 46

Mount Ayr 72, Clarinda 41

Westwood, Sloan 64, OABCIG 47


Sac City-native part of Superbowl flyover

(Radio Iowa) — A Sac City-native and U-S Marine Corps Major, Adam Wellington, will be behind the controls of one of the jets in the military flyover at the Super Bowl in Miami on Sunday. The 37-year-old pilot graduated from Sac Community Schools in 2001 and joined the Marines after graduating from the University of Iowa in 2005. Wellington says he was lucky to be chosen to be one of four pilots be involved in the flyover.

Major Adam Wellington

“Basically these things get source to higher headquarters…and they trickle down. Eventually the squadron that I’m in — which is VMF-AT-501 out of Beaufort, South Carolina — that squadron got tasked by the Marine Corps to support with an aircraft,” Wellington says, “and I just happened to be lucky enough to be the guy that the squadron chose to go down and fly.”

Wellington started flying the F-35-B in 2015. Prior to that, he flew the F-18 Hornet, including deployments to the Middle East in 2012 and 2014 and two, three-year deployments stationed in Japan. Wellington’s mother Annette Wellington of Sac City, says her son has dreamed of becoming a pilot since elementary school, and everybody in the Wellington family is thrilled to see him fly on national television.

Annette says the toughest part is her late husband and Adam’s father, Don, won’t be with them to watch the flyover. “I lost my husband in 2018. And he would have been so proud to watch him on T-V flying that jet. That’s one of the sad things — buy you know he’s watching him from heaven,” she says. Sunday’s flyover will occur prior to kickoff. Wellington and the other pilots will then land at a nearby airfield and head back to Hard Rock Stadium to hopefully catch the halftime show and second half of the game.

He says being a part of the spectacle of the Super Bowl just adds the great career he has. “It’s always been a lifelong dream of mine to fly. The Marine Corps gave ma an opportunity and it worked out and it’s been great ever since,” Wellington says. Wellington currently lives in South Carolina with his wife, Leslie, and their three children, six-year-old Evan, four-year-old Adeline and two-year-old Vincent.

Pregame coverage begins at 1 p-m. Sunday, February 2nd on Fox with kickoff scheduled for 5:30 p-m Central Time.


High School Basketball Results from 1-31-20


Hawkeye Ten Conference

St. Albert 59, Atlantic 40

Denison-Schleswig 58, Shenandoah 41- on KDSN

Harlan 48, Creston 45

Lewis Central 69, Kuemper Catholic 38

Red Oak 74, Clarinda 31


Western Iowa Conference

Audubon 56, Underwood 44

IKM-Manning 50, Treynor 42

Logan-Magnolia 54, AHSTW 41

Missouri Valley 52, Tri-Center 42


Rolling Valley Conference

Paton-Churdan 44, Woodbine 33

Glidden-Ralston 45, ArWeVa 43


Other Scores

LeMars 44, Council Bluffs Jefferson 32

Sergeant Bluff-Luton 53, Council Bluffs Lincoln 39

Winterset 67, Carroll 54



Hawkeye Ten Conference

Denison-Schleswig 76, Shenandoah 36- on KDSN

Harlan 68, Creston 60 (Harlan coach Mitch Osborn reaches 700 career wins)

Lewis Central 70, Kuemper Catholic 51

Red Oak 57, Clarinda 56


Western Iowa Conference

AHSTW 61, Logan-Magnolia 48(AHSTW coach GG Harris reaches 100 career wins)

Treynor 75, IKM-Manning 49

Tri-Center 69, Missouri Valley 32

Underwood 65, Audubon 39


Rolling Valley Conference

Boyer Valley 35, Coon Rapids-Bayard 25

Exira-EHK 53, West Harrison 45

Paton-Churdan 53, Woodbine 51


Other Scores

Carroll 50, Winterset 44

DM Christian 80, West Central Valley 28

Sioux Central 73, East Sac County 69

Lawton Bronson 79, West Monona 60


Westwood 55, Woodbury Central 51



Substate assignments released for Class 3A and 4A boys Basketball

The IHSAA released the substate basketball assignments for Class 3A and 4A boys on Friday. The official pairings will be released at a later date. Postseason play for those classes will begin on Monday, February 24th.

Denison-Schleswig is in Class 3A Substate 8 along with Clarke, Creston, Atlantic, Glenwood, Greene County, Harlan, and Winterset.



IHSBCA awards for 2019 season

The Iowa High School Baseball Coaches Association held it’s 52nd annual awards banquet on Saturday, January 18th in Cedar Rapids and awards were handed out for the 2019 season.

Locally three coaches received District Coach of the Year Honors. The Class 1A Southwest District award was given to John Waddle of Coon Rapids-Bayard. In 2A the Southwest District honoree was Andy VanFossan of Underwood. In 4A Lee Toole of Lewis Central was honored.


Jon Heydon of Coon Rapids-Bayard was named the West District Assistant Coach of the Year.


College Coach of the year for 2 year College Coach went to Marc Rardin from Iowa Western CC. 


Hall of Fame Inductee's for this year was:

Joel Holst- Waverly

Scott Belger- Des Moines

Ron Anderson- Carlisle

Kory DeHaan- Pella

Sherry Freese- Davenport

Mike Botts- Davenport

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