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Thursday, February 22, 2024

Monarch Boys Bowlers Place 7th at State

Monarch Boys Bowlers Place 7th at State

Monarch Boys Bowlers Place 7th at State. See the full results by clicking see more info. below.

Comments from their head coach Brawner. The boys started out alright bowing a 180, 233, 152, 213, and 211. Lane 12 was the toughest for them the first set.
Battling one lane seemed to be a trend throughout the first 15. The next set was where the boys struggled the most.
They threw games of 189, 192, 165, 175, and 148. There was a lot of pin action, but the boys couldn't catch any
breaks. They finished the first 15 with games of 143, 224, 159, 211, and 185. They tried to catch the teams ahead of
them, but ended up placing 8th. They took on Keokuk in the first round of the bracket. Keokuk won 3 games in a
row right away. The boys bowled scores of 167, 182, and 177. They were then bowling against Newton for 7th. The
boys able to shut Newton out in three games bowling games of 167, 208, and 247. Today the kids struggled
overcoming the mental part of the game, but we were really excited to see them go into the last round with a great
attitude. It goes to show how important the mental game is in bowling. Our team is young and they learned a lot
through this experience that they can take with them next year. Jake was a great leader for our young players and
he'll be missed next year


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