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If you would like to place an item on the Trading Post please read the rules below, then submit your item(s).

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Contact: 71226977257122697725
Displayed Until: 1/22/2021

Free Large metal desk. Bring help and haul it away call 712-269-4930

Contact: 712-269-4930712-269-4930
Displayed Until: 1/23/2021

Wanted Good working treadmill. Call 269-8060

Contact: 1712269806017122698060
Displayed Until: 1/24/2021

For sale: Stainless steel sink strainers (5 new) $15 for all,  5 good condition mist humidifiers $10 each or $30 for all, Riccar vacuum cleaner, good condition $30 call 712-265-0273 after 5pm 

Contact: 71226502737122650273
Displayed Until: 1/24/2021


  • To submit an item : type or print neatly (if we cannot read will not be put on the air)
  • Drop it off at KDSN Radio.
  • E-mail it to  Type trading post into the subject box.
  • Use the online submission form

This is a free service for that specific item for 2 days and 2 days only. If you want it on longer or again at another time, it will cost you $1 for another 2 days. In that case, you will need to drop it off at the station with your money or send it to KDSN Radio, P.O. Box
670, 1530 Ridge Road, Denison, Ia 51442

  • No commercial sellers allowed
  • No Real Estate listings
  • Advertising used mattresses is illegal
  • No free pets or animals
  • No Employment ads of any kind
  • Because of time limits, we ask that you only submit no more than 3 items at one time. If you submit more then that, we will pick 3 out for you.

We reserve the right to edit or refuse any ad that is submitted.

(The Trading Post is meant to sell only your unwanted items)

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