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Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Monarch's Split in High School Soccer Result’s from Monday

Boys Results

Perry 2, Nevada 1
Bondurant-Farrar 2, Ballard 1
Van Meter 1, West Central Valley 0
Denison-Schleswig 6, Harlan Community 1- The Monarchs defeated Harlan tonight 6-1. Harlan struck first but Denison responded
with 4 goals before the end of the first half and 2 goals in the second half. Luke
Wiebers and Richard Gonzalez led the Monarchs with two apiece. Kevin Sanchez and
Osvan Diaz both contributed to the win with one goal. Christopher Magnia had a total of
10 saves with one finding the back of the net. The Monarchs host Storm Lake this
Friday. Listen to the game recap with scores and interviews below. 

St. Albert 4, Tri-Center 1
Treynor 8, Creston 0
Council Bluffs Lincoln 3, LeMars 0
East Sac County 2, Atlantic 1
Greene County 9, Logan-Magnolia 0

Girls Results

Missouri Valley 11, AHSTW 1
Van Meter 3, West Central Valley 0
Nevada 10, Perry 0
East Sac County 3, Atlantic 0
Knoxville 2, Chariton 0
Harlan Community 5, Denison-Schleswig 1- 

Denison falls to 3-6 this season and 1-3 vs. Hawkeye 10 teams

Shots: Harlan 25, Denison 13
Shots on goal: Harlan 23, Denison 8
Saves: Sam Chandler had 18 saves in goal for the Lady Monarchs
Halftime score: Harlan 4, D-S 0
Goal: Hally Escobar scored her 1st goal of the season, assisted by Aremy Santos (1st assist of
the season) on a shot from 11 yards out with 19:13 remaining in the match. Rosy Segoviano
threw the ball in on the left sideline that was deflected by a Harlan defender. Aremy got the
deflection and centered the ball to Hally who hit the shot just inside the left post.
Comments by Coach Eller: “The possession was much more even than the stats and the
scoreboard would indicate. Even when we went into a very strong wind during the 1st half, we
possessed the ball equally with Harlan. The difference in the game was when Harlan countered
our possessions, they would control the ball with accurate passing that led to good shots. When
we countered Harlan’s possessions, we would lose possession with an errant pass or reception
of a pass, pass the ball too far ahead on the turf that we couldn’t catch up to the ball, or we got
off-sides due to not paying attention to their back line. Harlan scored their 1st 3 goals with great
passes to very fast forwards who hit shots - all 3 of them from exactly 18 yards out. Their 1st
goal was a counter ended with a 20 yard pass and a 1 touch shot just under the crossbar. Their
2nd goal was a counter following their keeper’s punt then an accurate 50 yard pass on the
ground to their forward leading to a 1 on 1 shot. Their 3rd goal was a steal following us
misplaying a ball at our feet, then their forward made a play getting by 2 defenders, stopping
and bringing the ball back to her right foot from 18 yards out. Their 4th goal was on a counter
after a long ball 40 yard pass in the air that we should have let go to our keeper. We slowed
down the ball for them allowing their fast forward to get to the ball for a wide open 15 yard shot.
Their 5th goal came on a steal followed by an accurate 20 yard pass leading to a 12 yard shot.
We had them to a 1-0 game with under 9 minutes to go in the 1st half despite going into 20-35
mph winds all half. Then we let the game snowball by giving up 3 goals in the last 8:10 of the
half. We need to quit playing kickball and play soccer - controlled passes to maintain
possession to lead to shots instead of just kicking the ball as far as we can. Doing that will limit
the opponent’s opportunity to counter our possession and it will also allow us to get back and
reset our defense for their possession”.

North Polk 7, Carlisle 0
Des Moines Roosevelt 2, ADM 1


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