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Tuesday, April 25, 2023

High School Tennis Results 04/24/2023


St. Albert 6, Denison-Schleswig 3

RANK Denison-Schleswig Score Score Opponent
1 Kiana Schulz (11) 8 3 Landry Miller (12)
2 Abby Gutierrez (11) 8 3 Georgie Bohnet (11)
3 Emma Ahrenholtz (12) 3 8 Lexi Narmi (11)
4 Claire Leinen (11) 4 8 Mari Valdivia (10)
5 Lynnae Johnson (10) 3 8 Lily Barnes (11)
6 Zoey Beery (11) 2 8 Ella Narmi (9)

Total 2 4

Varsity Doubles Line-up

RANK D-S players Score Score Opponents
1 Kiana Schulz (11) / Claire
Leinen (11)

8 5 Georgie Bohnet / Lexi


2 Abby Gutierrez (11)/
Lynnae Johnson (10)

4 8 Landry Miller / Ella Narmi

3 Emma Ahrenholtz (12)/
Zoey Beery (11)

2 8 Mari Valdivia / Lily Barnes

Total 1 2

We knew today was going to be a tough Hawkeye X opponent. They returned almost all
of their team from last year which was a solid team. We played them better this year
and lost 3-6. Their depth was too much for us to handle. There are a few things we
need to work on, but it will have to wait until Wednesday because we have another
match tomorrow against Heelan in Sioux City

Kiana Shulz played the best singles match of her career. She avenged a loss from last
year and made a statement today winning 8-3. She has all of the skills to be a really
great player which showed today.
Abby Gutierrez also played the best singles match of her career beating an opponent
8-3. All of her hits had power and topspin which she has been working on for the last
year. It is starting to all come together now.
Kiana Schulz and Claire Leinen won a big doubles match today. They beat an opponent
who is probably top 3 in our conference. They were down most of the game and still
found a way to win. They are a fun team to watch and will continue to learn from each

Harlan 7, Atlantic 2

Clarinda 9, Creston 0
Kuemper Catholic 7, St. Edmond, Fort Dodge 2
Lewis Central 9, Glenwood 0


Denison-Schleswig 7, St. Albert 2- 

Varsity Singles
1. Carson Seuntjens
2. Braden Curnyn
3. Wyatt Johnson
4. Gavin Hipnar
5. Blaine Brodsky
6. Cole Kastner

1. Cole Pekny
2. Noah Narmi
3. McCoy Daley
4. William Tallman
5. Nolan Smith
6. Jaxson Lehnen

W 8-1
L 2-8
L 7-9
W 8-1
W 8-1
W 8-6

Varsity Singles Score: 4-2

Varsity Doubles
1. Johnson/Seuntjens
2. Curnyn/Hipnar
3. Brodsky/Kastner

1. Pekny/Narmi
2. Narmi/White
3. Arculeo/Hu

W 8-2
W 8-2
W 8-0
Varsity Doubles Score: 3-0
Total Varsity Team Score: 7-2
Varsity Season Record: 6-1

Exhibition Singles
1. Hunter Pieper
2. Ryder Lee

1. Tanner Estell
2. Alex Marsh


Exhibition Doubles
1. Pieper/Lee

1. Estell/Marsh

W 8-2

Location: Denison City Courts Date: Monday, April 24, 2023

Comments and Highlights on next page

Comments: Usually coming off prom weekend, we usually look a little tired on the court. Today the guys looked refreshed and
ready to play. Strong serving, St. Albert has added a couple of promising freshmen to their lineup and made things a
little difficult in singles, but fortunately our doubles play was strong and we escaped with a 7-2 win.

Highlights: Carson Seuntjens continued to shine in the #1 position. Once he found his opponent’s weakness, he exploited it for a

comfortable 8-1 win.
Gavin Hipnar’s groundstrokes are really coming on. He is beginning to rely less on his natural athleticism and look
more and more like a polished tennis player.
Cole Kastner fought from behind through most of his singles match against a big server. He stood up to the test for an
impressive 8-6 win.
Our doubles play is finally improving. We are volleying better and are brave enough to put overheads away. They still
need work but we are moving in the right direction.

Atlantic 8 Harlan 1

Creston 6, Clarinda 3
CB Thomas Jefferson 9, Audubon 0
Glenwood 6, Lewis Central 3
Kuemper Catholic 8, Sioux City North 1


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