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Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Majestic Hills Golf Course Ryder Cup Results 5/28/23

Sundays Ryder Cup didn’t disappoint when it comes to the attendance, with having 58 teams participating on a gorgeous day. It was a full field of great competition battling 27 holes to put themselves in position. We had 6 full flights and payed top 5 in every flight and here the list of those who topped off the Championship Flight:
Par = 106 on the 27 holes played
2023 Ryder Cup Champs shot -5, 101
Rollie Wiebers & Willie Baughman
2nd place: -4, 102
Jared Koch & Brett Larson
3rd place: -3, 103
Ryan Donscheski & Keegan Baak
4th Place: -2, 104
Cochran, Petersen
5th place: -2, 104
Joe Cale & Mitchell


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