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2021 Auen Distributing Bud Light/ KDSN Pigskin Pick'em Standings and Picks

2021 Auen Distributing Bud Light/ KDSN Pigskin Pick'em Standings and Picks

2021 Bud Light Auen Distributing KDSN Pigskin Pick'em Standings and Picks

The next show is Thursday, September 23rd.

This week's guest picker is Sherry Meyer from Denison picked from KDSN.  

Pigskin Pickem' is an entertaining insight show of the top NFL and College matchups for each week. Can you outguess our expert panel? You can be a guest picker on Pig Skin Pickem' by signing up to win at Schwarte Accounting, Prime Times, Feller Furniture, Silverline Truck Wash and Mobile Concrete, Hawley Insurance, Western Iowa Tech Community College, Smith's Concrete, and Crawford County Memorial Hospital

Check out the standings and game each week right here. 

Win $20 of J3's money by playing along and sending your picks in and beating the KDSN Staff and having the overall best picks of all people that send them in. Facebook, Twitter or email in the pick to kdsnradiosports@gmail.com 

1 Lock Pick Chosen each week. 
College Games: 
(1-2) Colorado St. @ #5 (3-0) Iowa-2:30pm-Iowa-23pts- on 1530AM
(2-1) #14 Iowa St. @ (3-0) Baylor-2:30-ISU-7pts- on 104.9FM
#7 (3-0) Texas A&M @ #16 (3-0) Arkansas - 2:30pm-TA&M-5-5pts
#12 (3-0) Notre Dame vs. #18 (1-1) Wisconsin at Soldier Field-11am-WISC-6.5pts
(2-2) Nebraska @ #20 (3-0) Michigan st.-6pm-MSU-5pts
Pro Games: 
(1-1) Washington @ (1-1) Bills-Noon-Buf-7.5pts
(1-1) Bears @ (1-1) Browns-Noon-CLE-7pts
(2-0) Buccaneers @ (2-0) Rams-3:25pm-TB-1.5pts
(1-1) Seahawks @ (0-2) Vikings-3:25pm-Sea-1.5pts
(1-1) Packers @ (2-0) 49ers-7:20pm-SF-3.5pts
  2021 Week 2 Standings College Pro Week 2 W-L Total 2021 W-L Points
1.) Hawley Insurance-Jace Hawley 5W-0L 3W-2L  8W-2L 12W-8L 16pts 
2.)  Schwarte Accounting-Clay Schwarte 4W-1L  2W-3L  6W-4L  11W-9L 15pts 
  KDSN-Steven Cutler 4W-1L  3W-2L  7W-3L  11W-9L 15pts 
 4.) Guest Picker-Grant Fineran 4W-1L  1W-4L  5W-5L  10W-10L 14pts 
  Vision Care Clinic-Dr Hoagland 4W-1L  1W-4L  5W-5L  10W-10L  14pts 
6.) HyVee-Bob Townsend 5W-0L  4W-1L  9W-1L  14W-6L 13pts 
7.)  Silverline Mobile Concrete & Truck Wash 5W-0L  2W-3L  7W-3L  13W-7L 12pts 
  Smiths Concrete 4W-1L  2W-3L  6W-4L  13W-7L  12pts 
9.)  Western Iowa Tech Community College 4W-1L  2W-3L  6W-4L  12W-8L 11pts 
10.) CCMH-Nate Nielsen 5W-0L  2W-3L  7W-3L  11W-9L  10pts 
  J3 3W-2L  3W-2L  6W-4L  11W-9L 10pts 
12.)  KDSN-Kempson Cross 5W-0L  1W-4L  6W-4L  9W-11L  8pts 
13.)  Fellers Furniture-Bob Z 3W-2L  0W-5L  3W-7L  7W-13L  6pts 
2020 Final Standings                                                 W  L    Points
1.) Hawley Insurance-Jace-                                          68-51- 87pts
2.) Silverline Mobile Concrete & Truck Wash- Tevor-       67-52-  84pts -3pts
     CCMH Crew                                                           71-48
4.) HyVee Bob Townsend                                             69-50    83pts -4pts
5.) Guest Picker                                                          71-48    80pts -7pts
6.) KDSN Team                                                           69-50    78pts -9pts
7.) KDSN J3                                                                69-50    72pts -15pts
8.) Smith's Concrete                                                    62-57    71pts -16pts
9.) Johnson Propane                                                    68-51    70pts -17pts
Bosses Week Final     W L
1.) KDSN JC Van Ginkel 7-2 9pts
2.) Smith's Concrete      6-3 8pts
3.) HyVee                     5-4 7pts
     Auen Distributing 
     Good To Go
     Hawley Insurance 
---- Splits Steaks this year ---
9.) Johnson Propane    4-5 6pts
     Primetimes              6-3 6pts
Games Picked
Games J3

Guest Picker

Sherry Meyer

Hawley Insurance

Jace Hawley


Bob Townsend

Schwarte Accounting Clay Schwarte

Fellers Furniture

Bob Z


Steven Cutler

Western Iowa Tech Community College Silverline Mobile Concrete & Truck Wash

Vision Care Clinic

Dr. Jon Hoagland

Smith's Concrete


Kempson Cross


Nate Nielsen

Colorado St. @ #5 Iowa  Iowa  Iowa  Iowa  Iowa-Lock Iowa   Iowa Iowa   Iowa  Iowa-Lock Iowa   Iowa Iowa-Lock  Iowa 
#14 Iowa St. @ Baylor  Baylor IA St.  ISU   IA St.  IA St- Lock IA ST.   IA St.  Baylor  Baylor  IA St. IA St.-Lock  IA St.   IA St.
#7 TX A&M @ #16 Arkansas  TX A&M  TX A&M  TX A&M  Arkansas Arkansas   TX A&M TX A&M-Lock  TX A&M   Arkansas Arkansas TX A&M  Arkansas  Arkansas 
#12 Notre Dame vs. #18 Wisconsin Wisconsin   Wisconsin  Wisconsin ND  ND  Wisconsin   Wisconsin  ND ND  ND   ND  Wisconsin ND 
Nebraska @ #20 Michigan St. Mich. St.   Mich St.-Lock  Nebraska  Mich. St.  Nebraska  Mich. St. Nebraska   Mich St.  Mich St.  Mich. St. Nebraska  Michigan St. Mich. St-Lock 
Pro Games 
Washington @ Bills  Bills-Lock  Bills Bills  Bills  Bills Bills-Lock  Bills   Bills Bills  Bills-Lock  Bills Bills  Bills 
Bears @ Browns  Browns Browns   Browns-Lock Browns   Browns Bears  Browns Browns-Lock   Browns  Browns  Bears Browns  Browns 
Buccaneers @ Rams Rams   Rams  Bucs  Rams  Bucs  Rams Rams  Bucs   Bucs Bucs   Rams Bucs   Rams
Seahawks @ Vikings  Seahawks  Seahawks Seahawks  Viks    Seahawks Viks   Seahawks  Seahawks Seahawks Seahawks   Viks  Viks Seahawks 

Packers @ 49ers 

Packers  Packers   49ers 49ers   49ers  Packers  49ers 49ers   Packers  49ers  49ers  49ers  49ers
Tyson Foods
Johnson Propane
Crawford County Memorial Hospital
Tyson Foods
Crawford County Memorial Hospital