Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Details emerge in alleged Pisgah murder

After a fatal hit and run accident that resulted in a Woodbine man being charged with first-degree murder, the Iowa Department of Public Safety has provided the criminal complaint that lists the details that led to the death of 30 year old Caleb Solberg of Moorhead last Thursday as well as arrest and charge against 28 year old Kristofer Erlbacher of Woodbine on Friday, December 18th. According to a report, the complaint states that on Thursday, Erlbacher and Solberg were involved in a physical altercation that took place in Moorhead. Afterward, Erlbacher along with friend Shaun Johnson went to Dave’s Old Home Café in Pisgah where Erlbacher contacted Solberg's half brother, Craig Pryor and informed Pryor about the altercation. A second call to Pryor concluded with Erlbacher threatening the lives of Solberg and Pryor. Pryor then drove to Pisgah and parked near the café where Johnson met with Pryor. A short time later Solberg arrived and talked with Pryor and a short physical altercation took place between Solberg and Johnson. Erlbacher then left the bar and walked to his vehicle. He started his vehicle and exited an alleyway and struck the vehicle occupied by Pryor. Pryor exited his vehicle to look at the damage when Erlbacher struck Pryor’s vehicle again. Pryor was struck by his vehicle with the impact. Erlbacher then left the area. Pryor states that he could hear property damage as Erlbacher was driving recklessly. Pryor left the area in an attempt to return to his residence. At that time he noticed Solberg and Johnson standing near an SUV outside the café. Erlbacher returned and struck Solberg with his vehicle multiple time causing the fatal injuries to Solberg. Erlbacher then left the area and experienced mechanical issues with his vehicle. Erlbacher contacted his father who then took him back to the scene where he was taken into custody. On December 18th, Erlbacher appeared before a judge and bond was denied. A telephone preliminary hearing has been set for 10 am tomorrow.

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