Thursday, January 7, 2021

Denison holds city council meeting on Tuesday, Jan. 5

On Tuesday there was a Denison City Council meeting. The following items were on the agenda: Ordinance amending Chapter 64—Stop & Yield Signs on 6th Ave N at 24th St. Motion to adopt 2nd reading passed.


Ordinance amending Chapter 68 –Parking – Placing a no parking “here to corner” on Bel-Aire Dr. passed ordinance. Motion to approve mileage reimbursement policy for calendar year 2021 passed as mileage reimbursement will decrease from 57.5 cents/mile to 56 cents/mile. Also approved was a quote to purchase a 2021 Ford Pickup or Public Works. There was discussion and possible motion on renewing contract with Carroll Refuse. Consensus was to tell Carroll Refuse that council is willing to renew contract with a 25 cent increase effective on July 1st of this year. They are also looking at the possibility of increasing the $4 landfill fee to households by $1. Council has not passed on the last 3 increases in garbage hauling and landfill fees. A $1.00 increase would be $12 per household per year but would generate approximately $29,000 in revenue for the city.

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