Thursday, April 29, 2021

Denison Police Reports Trio of Arrests This Week

The Denison Police Department is reporting three arrests that took place this week.

The most recent public release states that police arrested Michael Reis of Denison at around 3 a.m. Thursday near the 1600 block of 2nd Avenue South. They booked the 36-year-old male on an active Crawford County warrant and cited him for driving while barred.

The other two reports describe events that happened on Wednesday night.

Authorities took Mark Cham of Denison into custody at just before 11 a.m. at Casey's convenience store. They charged the 49-year-old male with public intoxication.

Officers arrested Leonard Weimer of Nemaha at around 11 p.m. near the intersection of Highway 30 and 4th Avenue South. They cited the 45-year-old for driving while barred, failure to maintain registration, and failure to provide proof of financial liability.

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