Thursday, November 19, 2020

Three local hospitals selected for COVID19 treatment

Three local hospitals have been selected as participants in a new monoclonal antibody therapy for high risk COVID19 patients. The hospitals are to receive a restricted amount of Bamlanivimab, (baam-la-knee-me-vaab), which Governor Kim Reynolds has said to be a therapeutic targeted for adults aged 65 and over or with certain medical conditions and children over the age of 12 who are immunocompromised.


Crawford County Memorial Hospital here in Denison has also received a limited amount of the drug and there is a criteria to meet for usage. CCMH will be closely following the guidelines for administering the drug.


Manning Regional Healthcare Center announced they also were selected as a hospital to receive a limited allocation of the therapeutic. Manning Regional Pharmacist, Jen Morris said in a press release issued by the hospital, that “similar to other treatments that have been introduced for COVID19, such as Remdesevir, the government is releasing a limited supply throughout the areas in greatest need until the therapy is widely available.” Morris stated that they were notified last week they would receive five infusions this week and three infusions next week, and they plan to begin implementing the infusions as early as today. Morris mentioned that the goal is to keep people from becoming hospitalized.


St. Anthony Regional Hospital in Carroll also has a supply. Officials there have told reporters their medical staff will be meeting to determine the most appropriate distribution process.

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