Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Crawford County Supervisors Amend Budgets, Insurance Rates

The Crawford County Board of Supervisors continued their moratorium on wind turbines with a discussion that lasted for about an hour during their weekly meeting on Tuesday.

The conversation mostly revolved around supervisors asking questions of attending representatives from the Silver Queen wind farm project based on concerns from corresponding citizens. The main topics included setback distance requirements and estimating how many residents will be directly affected by more wind turbines in the county. Contract lead agent Michael McGill was one of the representatives speaking on behalf of the wind farm Tuesday. He says anyone who has questions regarding the energy project can call 307-920-1412 to speak directly to him.

The board unanimously approved three separate resolutions. One of them passed after holding a brief public hearing on a budget amendment for the current fiscal year. They resolved to appropriate a total of $740,000 to the following departments: $650,000 to the county engineer, $50,000 to public health, $20,000 to the roadside department, $10,000 to the IT department, and $5,000 each to general services and debt services. The supervisors endorsed an amended resolution setting COBRA rates with an additional 2% administration fee that will apply to the existing county and employee total. They also resolved to transfer $300,000 from the rural basic to the rural supplemental funds.

The board moved to increase the Crawford County Home, Health, and Hospice credit card limit to $25,000 until the end of July to help them take full advantage of funds related to COVID relief. They also endorsed a budget amendment related to the Iowa Department of Transportation and an agreement for the design of a bridge replacement project on County Road L51 crossing the Soldier River.

You can find supervisor meeting agendas and minutes here.

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