Tuesday, March 7, 2023

Ferentz greatly disappointed in settlement over players’ lawsuit

(Radio Iowa) – Hawkeye football coach Kirk Ferentz says he is greatly disappointed the state’s attorney general negotiated a more than four million dollar settlement with a dozen former players. The players accused Ferentz and other coaches of creating a racially hostile culture for black players. In a written statement released, Ferentz said for more than two years the Hawkeye football program had been unfairly maligned by the allegations and the settlement was offered without consulting him or other coaches named in the lawsuit.

Ferentz indicated he’s been told the reason for the settlement was financial, to avoid the possibility of a large jury verdict. Ferentz, in his statement, said the settlement clears the coaches of any wrongdoing — but had hoped a judge would have been given a chance to rule on their motion for a dismissal of the case. According to Ferentz, many former members of the team said things that they later recanted when questioned under oath.

The state Appeal Board approved the settlement Monday afternoon.


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