Friday, February 12, 2021

Crawford County Public Health COVID Vaccine Numbers Update

Crawford County Public Health has announced that Crawford County will receive 300 doses of the COVID vaccine per week.

The vaccine will be divided into the medical offices and Thrifty White for the population of 65 years and older except for what Crawford County Public Health has already designated to the other priority groups in the tier. This amounts to 50-60 doses given per week. Their hope is that the allocation increases for the month of March. If able to, they hope to add some community clinics that are similar to flu vaccine clinics and provide more vaccines to their partners. Crawford County has 3019 people in the 65 years and older category. Out of this population, 676 people have received the vaccination. This leaves 2343 people to be vaccinated. At the current distribution rate, it will take about 9 weeks for everyone in that population group to be vaccinated.

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