Monday, May 3, 2021

REAL ID deadline pushed back to May 2023

(Radio Iowa) - The deadline to get your driver's license transitioned to a REAL ID has been pushed back by the pandemic. Iowa DOT Customer Services Bureau director, Darcy Doty says many states had their driver's license offices closed for several months during the height of the outbreak.

"We were able to stay open, we had some limited capacity, but we were able to stay open to continue issuing REAL ID's. Iowa's in pretty good shape overall -- we have about 53% who have a credential with us -- 53% have a REAL I-D," Doty says.

She says Iowa issues some 2.5 million licenses. The REAL ID deadline is now May of 2023. You bring in a series of documents that are checked by the DOT to verify your identity and your license is then converted. Most people get their licenses converted when they are renewed -- but Doty says you can come in before the license expires.

"Do not wait, we don't want a bottleneck on May 3rd 2023 of people waiting to get in to see we just ask customers to plan ahead, schedule that appointment and we'd be glad to take care of you," according to Doty.

She says you can find all you need to know about the REAL ID on the DOT website.

"We've got an information checklist on our website so people can go in and click on the list of the documents that they have and they tell you exactly what you'll need to have with you. That way you can schedule an appointment," Doty says.

The REAL ID has a star surrounded by a gold circle in the upper righthand corner. You will be required to have the REAL ID to fly after the May 2023 deadline.

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