Monday, May 24, 2021

May 26th hearing set for pending motions in defamation lawsuit

Judge Duane E. Hoffmeyer set a video hearing for all pending motions filed in the defamation lawsuit involving Denison City Clerk Lisa Koch and City Manager/City Engineer Terry Crawford against former Mayor Jared Beymer and Councilman Corey Curnyn.

A jury voted unanimously on April 20 to award $215,000 to Koch and $125,000 to Crawford.

The damages awarded are based on a February 2018 statement by Beymer that Koch lied about an offer of employment made to Trisha Fink for the position of administrative assistant, Beymer calling a survey that Koch prepared on firefighter salaries from other communities a “bald-faced lie” at an August 2018 non-public meeting, and a statement made by Curnyn that, “We haven’t touched on one percent of what the investigation was about,” after the summary was presented at a January 2019 city council meeting.

The video hearing is schedule for 1 p.m. on this coming Wednesday, May 26th.

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